AMP Research Replacement Parts

AMP Research Replacement Parts

AMP Research Replacement Parts and Power Step Running Boards Accessories

These are just some of the AMP Replacement parts available online. These are the most common parts looked for on the web and are available here for immediate shipping. For further parts not listed here contact 888.983.2204

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If you have this motor please call Technical Support at 888.983.2206, 949.221.0023, prior to ordering a replacement.

Price $66.70
Led Replacement Individual LED lights.
Price $85.00
Open any door and four ultra bright white LEDs light the surface of the automatically deployed Power Step.
Price $23.05
End Cap Complete Kit for New Style Boards
Price $72.99
The Amp Research Power Step Extension Kit for extra tall trucks.
Price $11.60
Quick Mount Mounting Bracket Kit. This kit is included with all Bed XTenders.

Price $12.55
AMP Research BedXTender Strap Latch Kit, Frontier & Large.
Price $12.00
AMP Research BedXTender Strap Latch Kit for Chevy and GMC:
Price $29.00
AMP Research 74601-01A BedXTender Compact Large Bracket Kit.

Price $47.00
AMP Research 74602-01A BedXTender No-Drill Bracket for Ford.
Price $17.50
AMP Research BedXTender Strap Latch Kit for Tundra.
Price $9.50
Standard Mounting Bracket Kit. Available for all Models.
Price $24.00
For use with Tonneau Covers or Shells.
Price $27.00
AMP Research 74606.01A BedXTender GMT 900 Bracket Kit.
Price $164.00
Price $224.00
PowerStep Wall Mounted Display
Price $26.91
AMP Research Mounting Bracket Spacer Kit
Price $100.00
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