AMP Research Power Step Running Boards

The AMP Research Power Step running board is a full length deploying automatic powered running boards that are triggered by the vehicles existing door latching system on your truck or SUV. The board is constructed of high grade aircraft aluminum and has a textured non skip surface specifically designed to prevent any mishaps when entering or exiting the vehicle. The Power Step utilizes weatherproof motors from the top industry manufactures. Its durable construction handles just about anything the steps will encounter.

AMP Research Bed Step and AMP Research Bed Step 2

AMP Research Bed Step is a step with a high stress spring that folds up neatly under the rear bumper when not being used. Because it does not have a motor, it deploys manually with a touch of your foot. The Bed Step is perfect for entering the rear of your truck bed. It's textured, non skip surface provides added control, durability and safety step. The Bed Step Line up is perfect for those that need to load or unload tools and equipment. The New Bed Step 2 is also a great asset when loading and unloading tools from the side of your vehicle.

AMP Research BedXTenders HD

Getting more usable length from your pickup's cargo bed has always been the dream of the working class men and women who use their everyday trucks for recreation and work. Now the AMP Research BedXTender Max, BedXTender Moto and BedXTender Sport, have answered our prayers. All BedXTenders HD are made of the highest aluminum material on the market. Its strength and durability has lasted over the years and continues to be the leader in automotive technology. The AMP BedXTender continues to be used by numerous automotive manufactures and are offered directly to customers at the dealer level.

AMP Research

Then and Now. What makes AMP Research so phenomenal? It is their ability to create practical, innovative, simplistic automotive parts that demonstrates their capacity to intuitively comprehend what is needed in the automotive industry. Though the company has recently been sold to Lund International, the same quality and workmanship that has so meticulously shaped this company will not be compromised. All products will be incorporated under the new Lund International collection called Innovation in Design. Nonetheless, prior to reaching this point of sale, AMP products have a very distinct and unique history. A history that clarifies why the company has such an outstanding reputation.


Austrian engineer and motocross champion Horst Leitner has always been a revolutionary with new ideas. His motor sports company, ATK, produced innumerable advancements in motorcycle suspension, braking, and transmission in the 1980s. However, through the 1970s, Leitner put his engineering brilliance to the test and went to work for Mercedes Benz and other European automotive and motorcycle corporations.

Working in product development, Horst, helped to innovate motorcycle design. He came up with suspension developments that permitted bikes to go faster and father through tough terrain with improved control and safety. Currently, motocross racing bikes are still benefiting from the innovative genius of Leitner's suspension designs. Leitner relocated his family to Southern California, the hub of mountain biking during the 1990's, and decided to take his knowledge of motocross and use it to solve engineering challenges presented by this fresh two wheeled sport. This was the genesis of AMP Research.

Within a short period, they produced a large number of new products. The Power Step was the first electric step deploying running board made is the USA. The Bed Step was an easy to use step to enter and exit the rear of your truck located underneath the rear bumper. The first hydraulic cable actuated disc brake, a linkage front fork, and the well known Horst Link, or Four Bar Linkage, a spectacularly unique rear suspension design.


Producer of modern, qualitative, sleek designs for SUV s and trucks. AMP Research automotive creations have also been used on Ford, GM, Hyundai, Kia, Chrysler, Fiat, Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Suzuki, and Mercedes Benz. one great example is the Amp research Bed Extender that has evolved over the years. Many people have seen these cargo cages but never could imagine that they were invented by the same US company. In addition, AMP is owner of an astonishing international and US patents for bicycle, motorcycle, automotive, and various other devices.

The concept is straightforward and simple. They create a product, refine it, finish it, and distribute it. It may sound easy, but these phases are dealt with in a meticulous manner and each product is built to perfection. Complex automotive issues preferably include unambiguous solutions. This is where AMP Research takes the lead. The automotive products designs are simple, but have their own uniqueness combined with practical application. Common, yes, but there is no other automotive company in the industry that creates practical products for trucks, cars, and SUV's so well!

The ground breaking products offered to the automotive industry are simply another part of a huge market. Though some of these products are already available, AMP Research manages to put their spin on the design giving them their own touch and uniqueness. They are always ahead of the pack. Producing practical commodities while never sacrificing function and quality. Every piece of merchandise is produced to resist all types of weather conditions. They look beautiful, but are made to be used everyday without relinquishing a bit of their good looks.

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