Amp Research PowerStep XTREME

Amp Research PowerStep XTREME

The PowerStep XTreme lives up to its name.

It is designed for extreme conditions, and a must have for heavy-duty vehicle owners who live and work in demanding climates. Its no surprise that AMP Research would create such a dynamic product that focuses on the basic needs of truck and SUV owners with such innovativeness and style. The AMP Research PowerStep XTreme is the perfect accompaniment for below-zero winters and various types of extreme climates. It is a practical accessory for truck owners who have to frequently deal with such challenging environments.

Let us Start With the Basics

The standard AMP Research PowerStep is a mechanized powered step board that conveniently extends when needed and withdraws after use. What is more, this dynamic aftermarket contraption not only withdraws, it completely disappears and maintains the sleek design of any truck it is attached to. In addition, LED lights illuminate the boards when deployed, which is a fantastic cautionary set-up. The PowerStep XTreme has the identical properties, but with the added rugged climate resistant factors.

Extreme Weather Can Become a Big Issue for Heavy-Duty Vehicle Owners

For many truck and SUV owners, their vehicle is a necessity. It is the way they make their living, or at least the best means to get from point A to point B. For these individuals, extreme weather can have a strong impact with extensive consequences. This not only about extremely cold weather but exceedingly hot temperatures as well, which can be extremely detrimental to a vehicles power base.

As a truck owner, you need eternal vigilance when protecting your vehicle and yourself while driving in inclement weather. Because extreme weather can occur at anytime and anywhere, it is imperative to always be prepared. If you take good care of your vehicle, it will take good care of you. Therefore, when purchasing your heavy-duty vehicle, especially if you will be using it regularly, be sure to keep it in top-notch condition. This includes making certain that your truck is equipped with the proper accessories as well. The AMP Research PowerStep XTreme is the ideal truck accessory to help you through rough weather. Paying a bit more to make sure you have everything you need will be to your benefit.

Prior to heading out on your journey, be sure to check that windows and mirrors are clean, wipers, wiper motor, all lights, washer fluid, defroster and heater, and all brakes are functioning correctly before setting-out.

Why the Innovative PowerStep XTreme Came About

Horst Leitner, the inventor of the PowerStep Running Boards, carried out ergonomic research, which included studying various measurements of various groups of people to determine the ideal height and extension for the ideal running board. According to Leitners research, the running boards were usually mounted too high or too near the vehicle to allow people to step out naturally and then, AMP Research comes up with a superb product: the PowerStep.

The PowerStep concept was incorporated into a brilliant engineered system that utilized heavy-duty motors to deploy the mechanism in under a second whenever a door is opened. The steps withdraw completely beneath the vehicle once the door is closed. The result is a sleek and refined running board that maintains the look of the vehicle while being fully functional.

AMP Research PowerStep XTreme Features

Designed from heavy-duty superior strength die cast aluminum-alloy elements, the PowerStep XTreme is designed to endure. Constructed with stainless steel pivot pins, extended aluminum internal ribs, and a military-spec veneer to thwart deterioration, it will be difficult to find any other running board to compete. In a nutshell the AMP Research PowerStep XTreme features include:

  • Electric Power
  • Full Strength Die Cast Aluminum
  • Corrosion Resistant Finish
  • Delivers Substantial Power When Deploying and Withdrawing
  • All Weather Functioning
  • Hard Working Construction For Superb Traction
  • Twin Motors Drive Running Board
  • OEM Quality Construction
  • LED Illumination When Boards Are Deployed
  • 5-Year/60,000 Mile Warranty

The PowerStep Xtreme kit incorporates some decent components like connecting wires, cable ties, and butt-connectors.

The Innovation of AMP Research Continues

AMP Research is consistently developing newer and better products to heighten trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles to another level. It is all about new types of functionality and flexibility. The AMP Research PowerStep Xtreme is making it more convenient not to only get in and out of your vehicle, but to deal with extreme weather conditions without any disruption.

The PowerStep is a great focal point and makes you feel proud that you have made such a clever choice to enhance your vehicle. When it comes down to equipping your truck with top-notch and progressive durable accessories, AMP Research is the company that will give you your money worth by making your vehicle more serviceable, stylish, and usable on a daily basis.

If you are interested in more great AMP Research products, take a look through our extensive catalog. You will find plenty of aftermarket accessories to give your heavy-duty vehicle the boost you have been looking for!

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