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"Hello. I'm not really sure how to leave a review but I wanted to contact someone to just say thank you. I just ordered my second set of steps since I just bought a new Dodge Mega Cab. Here's why. Aside from being really neat and functional, I bought a set of steps not too long ago for my 2005 Hummer SUT which I just traded for a 2010 Mega Cab Dodge. The reason I purchaced those for the Hummer was because my dad LOVED the Hummer but had had a stroke and struggled to get in and out of it. I stopped driving it to see him and he would always ask why. I didn't want to say that I hated to see him struggle.

Anyway, once I added the steps he could get in and out MUCH easier and I could once again take him out in the Hummer. He loved it. I kept the truck until he passed away at the end of August. Now it's time to move, on but I would be remiss if I didn't thank you and your company for helping me give him that joy not to mention the joy of being able to take my dad out in the truck before he passed. I am extremely grateful.


~ Wesley McGill,

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