AMP Bed X-Tender

Is your kayak a foot too long to fit easily in the back of your truck? Are you planning a move and wish you had more cargo space? These are just two of the many good reasons you might be interested in the AMP Bed X-Tender. It's easy to install and gives you the additional cargo space you desire.

If you own a work truck and find yourself transporting a lot of cargo, you should certainly consider adding more room to your truck bed. How? An AMP Bed X-Tender can add several more square feet of load capacity. The Bed X-Tender is a unique invention from AMP Research. It provides extra cargo space when the tailgate is in the open position. It extends the cargo area of the bed over the folded down tailgate, allowing you to fully utilize the extra space created. The AMP Bed-X Tender is a sturdy insert that can easily be removed for carrying larger items should the situation arise. The Bed X-Tender may be used in other ways, too. Flip it forward to create separate tool and cargo compartments when the gate is in the upright position. Many people tell us that it is as usable and handy for keeping tools and hardware organized as it is when providing extra space in the extended position.

In addition to the sleek and durable AMP Bed X-Tender, we offer a complete line of safety accessories and cargo add-ons for your truck. If you enjoy tricking out your truck, you are going to love the things that you find in our online catalog. Our automotive line is designed, manufactured and marketed directly to our customers. The AMP Research product line includes the AMP Research PowerStep, AMP Research truck bed extender and electric automatic deployable running boards.