AMP BedStep

The Bedstep is a strong, rugged and non slip, retractable bumper-step which quickly flips-down with a nudge of the foot providing a much safer, faster and easier way of loading or unloading your pick-up’s cargo. It supports up-to 300 lbs. It has frame mounts, under your rear bumper which means it works even-with an open tailgate and/or when towing. Bedstep is engineered, designed exclusively manufactured-by AMP Research in Tustin-California.


The AMP Bedstep is basically designed to perform perfectly and flawlessly in ice, snow, dirt, dust and mud. This light weight, yet rock solid bumper step-assist employs a strong and rugged die cast aluminum alloy linkage-assembly that's crafted in USA. It's black anodized Teflon powder coated for maximum corrosion-protection. The precision, stainless steel hinge points press fit bushings ensure trouble free action reliable, maintenance free operation for many decades. The die cast-aluminum alloy-linkage components the precision machined pivot-points give the AMP BedStep a rock solid stability, the PTFE powder coating ensures you will have decades of trouble free, corrosion proof operation. The ridged, non slip bedstep is molded-of strong glass reinforced resin, which provides for safe footing-even in ice, mud and snow.


  • Frame mounted tailgate-access step
  • It has been designed to support up-to 300 lbs
  • High strength aluminum-alloy components
  • Precision stainless steel pivot pins for rock solid stability
  • Maintenance free, self-lubricating bushings for all weather performance
  • Military spec,corrosion resistant, anodized PTFE coated finish
  • Non slip, glass reinforced composite-step pad which is big enough for 2 large boots
  • Easy bolt on installation

The AMP Bedstep, is an ingenious way of accessing the pickup truck-bed safely, securely conveniently, no-matter what you a?re hauling. It's ingenious bumper-mounting, at corner of the pick up bed, provides you with easy access even-when you? have got a trailer and/or other accessories hooked up. AMP Bedstep is designed-to hide under the rear-bumper when you are driving, for more improved aerodynamics ground clearance. When you require it, it basically flips-down with a simple and easy push from the foot, extending out back to offer you a solid and secure step. The Bedstep makes your pick-up safer, much more useful, convenient. You can step right-up? whether the tailgate is closed or open. AMP Bedstep deploys quickly and easily, with flick of the foot. It then almost disappears under your bumper when you a?re done, leaving the hitch free-for a trailer and other accessories. The Bedstep? is rigid, cast aluminum hinges which articulate on precision bearing-pins to deliver a smooth operation, great solid support and decades of maintenance free operation.


AMP Research is the American design technology company which makes AMP Bedsteps. The company is located in Tustin-California. It invents, builds markets products which have been designed to improve/enhance the function utility of cars, SUVs and light trucks. The company’s motto, is ”Innovation In-Motion” which captures the eclectic-mix of many breakthrough products which AMP Research has brought-to the market ever since it was founded in the year 1980.

In the year 2011, AMP-Research moved its' headquarters from Irvine-California to a 55,000 square foot-design, engineering, manufacturing facility that's in Tustin, California. October 4th, 2013; Lund International-Holding Company, the portfolio company-of Highlander Partners, LP, acquired all of-the operating assets of the AMP Research. AMP is the leading-provider of automatic power-articulating running boards, bedsteps, bed extenders related products. Lund uses trademarked, Bedstep, Bedstep2™, Bedextender™ product names which are included in the AMP’s Innovation-in-Motion product lines.

AMP Research is the original equipment supplier-of unique car and truck accessories for Ford, Chrysler, GM, Honda, Mazda, Hyundai, Mercedes Benz, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Nissan, Subaru and Suzuki. Automotive accessory-products designed, manufactured and marketed by the AMP Research company include the PowerStep running boards, the BedStep, the BedStep2 truck bed-access steps, the BedXTender HD cargo-cage for pick up trucks and the AMP Research alloy-fuel doors.

The AMP Research holds-over 45 US and International patents-for automotive and transportation related products.

From the industry leading 1980s four stroke ATK motocross and off road motorcycles which presaged today’s dominant four stroke machines, to unique AMP Research and Mercedes Benz full suspension bicycles-of the 1990s, to today’s pick-up trucks and SUV accessories, each and every AMP Research-product has been well conceived, engineered developed by Horst-Leitner, who is the company’s visionary-founder and owner. He was born in a small-town near Salzburg-Austria in the year 1942. He became a top rank off road motorcycle racer, he competed in the FIM Motocross World-Championships in Europe and he won 4 gold medals in-the grueling International 6 Days Enduro, and also captured the Austrian National-Motocross Championships. After he completed his engineering studies-in Graz Austria, Horst Leitner tackled challenge of improving suspension functions of the motorbikes he raced. Horst's efforts resulted-in the A Trak AMP Link chain torque eliminators, inventions which greatly improved ride-quality, handling performance of on and off road motorcycles later, ATVs. Horst Leitner moved his family-to Southern California, center of motorcycle industry, and he lived in a motor-home in California whilst he built his company, ATK-Motorcycles. The ATK machines had huge impact on designs of off road motorcycles of that time with unique combination of four stroke power, smooth chain torque free suspension electric starting. The ATK dominated 4 stroke moto-cross through the 1990s and an ATK-machine won the legendary Barstow to Vegas off road desert-race, competing against various giants which included Yamaha, Honda, and Husqvarna. A Trak equipped Honda-CB750F street bike won 1979-Austrian F.I.M Formula 750 Road-Race, competing against far lighter and more powerful purpose built two stroke race bikes. Since the race was held-in pouring-rain, the added traction control afforded-by the A Trak system allowed its' rider to out-run usual front runners.

In order to make climbing in to the bed-of a pickup much easier, Horst Leitner invented AMP BedStep, which is basically a clever-retractable truck step which is mounted to the frame/bumper attachments at the rear-corner of the car or vehicle which can be easily extended down by a simple flip of a toe or foot so as to facilitate climbing-up or climbing down from a pickup bed, and it retracts under the-rear bumper, almost out-of sight, after use. In Mid 2011, the AMP Research company started shipping BedStep2, which are new side access steps for the pick up truck beds and they mount on either-side, just behind your cab. They provide an easier, faster and much safer route of accessing the toolboxes, the equipment and the cargo in your bed.