AMP BedStep

An AMP BedStep will simplify your life the way few other truck accessories can. With an AMP BedStep, it's so much easier to load cargo into and out of your truck bed. When not in active use, the step is tucked away under the truck. In the stowed position, it contributes no drag to your vehicle in motion. These days, nobody wants to waste fuel by driving a truck with non-aerodynamic running boards and steps. This stow-away capability is only one of the fine features that you enjoy with a great bed step. For one thing, when you need to use it, there are few things easier than an AMP Research truck step. This truck step is made in the manner of stylish running boards. It's a simple thing, really, but once you have one, you will wonder how in the world you ever managed to get along without one.

Do you drive a Toyota, Ford, Dodge, GMC, or Chevrolet? We have an AMP BedStep for your truck. Actually, there is probably not a truck today for which we cannot provide an excellent truck step. If you would like easy access to the cab of your tall truck, please consider PowerSteps by AMP Research.Once installed, the Power Step truck step will look as if it is factory original equipment that came with your truck when it was brand new.