AMP Electric Automatic Running Boards

AMP Electric Automatic Running Boards AMP Research has a fascinating story. The company was established by Horst Leitner, a successful motorcycle racer and the creator of the Horst-Link Suspension. The Horst-Link Suspension pioneered mountain biking and afforded Leitner the monies and guts to start AMP Research. Presently, AMP Research is owned by Lund International Inc, but still holds on to the AMP Research name and its ingenuity. AMP Research is a leader in a variety of automotive components and one of those is the "AMP" Electric Automotive Running-Boards.

The "AMP" Electric Automatic Running-Boards are just what the automotive world would expect from such a high-powered company like AMP Research. The Electric Automatic Running-Boards are precisely made, tough, sophisticated, and simple. Lightweight, impressive, and easy to attach to any truck or SUV, this style of running-boards are a hit and it's easy to see why. For example, the surface of the running-boards are textured so that no one slips when getting in-and-out of their vehicle. In fact, the AMP Running-Boards can support as much as 600 pounds, and that's on each side! Bearing in mind just how lightweight the running-boards are, it's absolutely amazing!

"AMP" Electric Automatic Running boards does it again!

AMP Research fashioned PowerStep, an automatic, electrically powered running-board that immediately expands when a door is opened and then vanishes completely from sight when the door is closed for ameliorated ground-clearance, aerodynamics and appearance, these steps are easily purchase through,. It's handsomely designed, and tough against any weather performance with renowned dependability that has been a leader in setting theindustry standard.

The first AMP-Research PowerStep Electric Steps have proven their muscle by performing in the worst driving situations and is supported by a complete 5-year, 60,000-mile warranty. The "AMP" Electric Automatic Running-Boards enhance fuel productivity by decreasing the aerodynamic drag beneath the base of the vehicle. AMP Research's patented-technology on the PowerStep Electric-Steps are extruded aluminum-steps with complete length-internal ribs and a high-texture veneer that makes the power electric running-boards tops in the automotive industry. One of the latest attributes of the AMP Research Running-Boards are the 5-second pause to keep the steps extended just in case the door may have been closed by accident and to keep unnecessary wear-and-tear on the individual's SUV or truck.

The AMP Research Plug-and-Play Phenomena.

AMP Research has emerged with a plug-and-play option for PowerSteps that complement the 2014 1500-Light Duty trucks which take a series of 75154-01A steps and attaches the 76400-01A plug-and-play harness. The concept is fantastic and makes it easier to install the "AMP" Electric Automatic Running-Boards into trucks and SUVs. It's no surprise the AMP Research would come up with such an innovative technical idea for heavy-duty vehicles. The plug-and-play feature cuts down installation time by perhaps one-hour or more. Designed and manufactured exclusively in the United States, the authentic AMP Research PowerStep effortlessly elongates when any door is opened, offering a solid, secure, and convenient step-up into any truck cab.

The "AMP" Electric Automatic Running Boards is proven to preform.

The "AMP" Electric Automatic Running-Boards have been tried and verified time and again that they are built to last. Real testing conditions in various terrains proved that the running-boards are designed to perform flawlessly through dirt, mud, dust, ice, and snow. The lightweight, yet firm running-board and tough die-cast linkage mechanisms are built in the United States of aircraft-quality aluminum, black-anodized, Teflon coated for the best decay protection on the market today.

Precision, stainless-steel hinge-points and bearings guarantee un-problematic action. In addition, the running-boards robust electric- motor is developed and tested to offer dependable, maintenance free operation for many years.

"AMP" Electric Automatic Running-Boards Features.

  • Integrated LED Light-System
  • High powered, die-cast aluminum alloy-linkage-arms, Teflon and anodized-veneered to fight corrosion
  • Precision, maintenance-free, stainless steel pivot-pins
  • Extruded aluminum-steps with a textured-powder covering for maximum hold and sturdiness
  • 600 pound load capacity on each side
  • Weather resilient, OEM-quality electric-motors and wiring-harness with sealed weather protected connectors
  • AMP created electronic-controller uses pressure sensitive, pinch-proof secure technology
  • 5-year, 60,000-mile warranty
  • Made in the United States

"AMP" Research Electric Automatic Running-Boards are what simplicity and brilliance in the automotive industry is all about. With the above mentioned features, these running-boards are at the top of their class. Not only that, they are economical as they have a great price and built to last a lifetime. No other running-board, tube step, nerf-bar can match the ease of functionality as the AMP Research Running-Boards. The workings of the "AMP" Electric Automatic Running-Boards are simple, neat, and flawless. It's easy to see why such a simple automotive accessory design has become so successful. It's something that truck drivers and SUV owners have needed for some time. And now that it's been designed to function and install even easier, no wonder these running-boards have been flying off the shelves!

It's all about keeping up.

As heavy-duty vehicles get larger and larger, getting in-and-out of them has become a tumultuous task. That’s all been rectified now by genius of the "AMP" Electric Automatic Running-Boards. With the unique design of these running-boards, AMP Research has made a "step" in the right direction to accommodate everyone who has a truck or SUV.

The "AMP" Electric Automatic Running-Boards step drops to a much more convenient height than conventional running-boards. They're just more comfortable to utilize and operate. The step actually lowers-down away from the cab of the SUV or truck into the ideal spot to assist those getting in-and-out of the vehicle. All of this by way of a simple step that effortlessly can handle 600-pounds!

Here's a recap of what you get:

  1. Automatic Supremacy: Steps comes out when needed and withdraws automatically
  2. Conveniently Designed Step: Drops down and away from the vehicle
  3. Surface that Lights Up: The dark is not a deterrent for these well-designed running-boards
  4. Low Profile: Now you see them, now you don't. The operation is as simple as one, two, three!
  5. Built to Last: These automatic running-boards are built to withstand 600-pounds
  6. Protected and Sturdy: 5-year, 60,000-mile warranty
  7. Manufactured in the United States

"AMP" Electric Running boards keep getting better.

The "AMP" Electric Automatic Running-Boards are an added convenience that every heavy-duty vehicle should have. It hooks-up to an existing wiring-harness so that each time your door opens, and as if by magic, they appear. Sure, this point has been emphasized over and over, but it's just that important. These running-boards are sleek and complementary to any heavy-duty vehicle. Yet, they are made to hide when not in use. Not only that, they are made to last as well! It's no surprise that the "AMP" Electric Automatic Running-Boards are a solid automotive accessory that offers years of solid use. They're a great investment!