AMP Power Step

The AMP Research Power Step has a very practical purpose; helping passengers enter and exit their lifted-truck, Jeep, or SUV while also retaining ground clearance. If a heavy-duty vehicle owner really wants to do their vehicle justice, and inevitably most truck owners do, then the AMP Research Power Step is the ultimate convenience for getting in and out of their raised vehicle. To top it off, it looks stylish as well!

The variety of choices for off-roaders looking for the means to gain access to their lifted vehicle has driven the AMP Research Power Step to the top in running boards for high vehicles. Power Step alternatives in the aftermarket industry for trucks, SUVS and Jeeps, have rightly so made AMP Research Power Steps a leader in the aftermarket industry. The sheer quality, workmanship, and reasonable price for a product that lasts a lifetime are what put AMP Research Power Step above its competitors.

AMP Research Power Step is built for Greatness

AMP Research’s story is intriguing. Company founder Horst Leitner was a successful off-road motorcycle racer, entrepreneur, and inventor of the Horst-link suspension. The Horst-link suspension turned the mountain bike industry upside-down by revolutionizing mountain biking. This gave Leitner the financial backing and trustworthiness to launch AMP Research. Now owned by Lund International, AMP Research still designs and produces a variety of components for various auto manufacturers.

The Power Step from AMP Research is what one would expect from an Austrian engineer. The mechanisms are meticulously engineered, strong, sophisticated, and uncomplicated. The Power Step is ingenuously impressive, extremely lightweight, but able to take the weight of even some of the heaviest passengers. The top-surface of the Power Step is textured to keep passenger’s feet steady when entering and exiting their vehicle. The AMP Research Power Step can sustain considerable weights which is an accomplishment seeing how lightweight they are coupled with supreme OEM quality.

The Power Step Kit

The AMP Research Power Step is not extremely complex. The kit includes mainly the essentials like wiring harness, hinges, boards, and so on, with a few miscellaneous parts to make sure the Power Step is put together properly and work flawlessly.

Installation is a breeze; however, additional help may be required if installation is a DIY job, due to the wiring. Bolting on the hinges and running-boards will require only a few minutes; however, affixing the controller and snaking the wiring-harness down either side of the motor will demand additional time. Having someone with additional know-how about connecting these types of things will make the task a bit easier. It will take a bit of gymnastics to get everything in place and someone who knows the ropes may require less bending, stooping, and handling altogether. For example, running the harness across the engine-compartment and securing it the brake lines will require extra know-how. However, a DIY enthusiast who knows the ropes will have no problem. It only becomes complicated if the installer has little experience.

AMP Research Power Step Description

The support and convenience granted by a sturdy pair of Power Steps should not be underestimated. Trucks, and all other heavy-duty vehicles are usually large, massive, moving machines and hopping into the driver’s seat can frequently be a chore in itself. This type of situation greatly enhances the possibility of a misstep, trip, or fall when getting in and out of the vehicle. Anyone looking for a remedy to this type of predicament should look no further than the AMP Research Power Step. They are without question the way to go and definitely worth the money.

Completely powered and illuminated, the AMP Research Power Step withdraws underneath the underside of your heavy-duty vehicle and extends automatically when needed. The system keeps the Power Step hidden so that the vehicle maintains its sleek appearance and comes into view without interrupting the vehicle’s style. In addition, the Power Steps are completely lit up with an integrated LED lighting system. This way, individuals getting in and out of the vehicle can see where they place their feet regardless of the nighttime hour. This feature will undoubtedly be something that will come in handy when its pitch dark whether at home, work, or the off-beaten path. Safety and sure footedness is guaranteed when stepping in and out of a vehicle with AMP Research Power Step installed. It certainly beats falling face first to the ground due to not having such a small, but important safety feature.

The Power Step is built right in the United States from superior quality materials to make certain that they are robust, sturdy, durable, and designed to last no matter how often a vehicle is used and regardless of the weather or terrain. What’ more, the AMP Research Power Step is weather resistant. Therefore, there is no need to be concerned about electrical workings becoming damaged by severe weather situations. In addition, the Power Step is equipped to withstand heavy load capacities, ensuring that once the Power Step is installed on any heavy-duty vehicle, they won’t be going any where any time soon!

The AMP Research Power Step is so reliable; they are backed by a generous warranty that includes 5-years/60,000 miles that are guaranteed by the manufacturer. This is a guarantee that the Power Steps will give the service promised. The Power Step is designed to work effortlessly and it does so with aplomb. The supremely constructed, hardy produced, heavy-duty truck Power Steps are the top in their category on the market today, and they are certainly worth the investment. Their surefooted functionality, high-tech sleek design and appearance, and remarkable ease of use make the AMP Research Power Step an all-around winner and fantastic deal.


  • Superior integrated light system
  • Quality strength, anodized and Teflon, die-cast aluminum alloy linkage-arms, coated to deter decay
  • Accurate, maintenance free, stainless-steel pivot pins
  • Extending aluminum steps with a specially designed textured powder coat-finish for optimum grip and resilience
  • Weather resistant, OEM-quality electric-motors with sealed weather wiring harness connectors
  • AMP Research constructed electronic controller uses pressure triggered, pinch resistant safety technology
  • Comes with a 5-year/60,000 Mile guarantee
  • The AMP Research Power Step is exclusively designed, engineered, and produced in the United States

A Great Accessory for any Heavy-Duty Vehicle

The AMP Research Power Step is the best tool for convenience when stepping in or out of a vehicle. It’s an appealing, sleek looking accessory for those who want the best in automotive running boards. Heavy-duty vehicle owners, who are serious about getting the best out of their vehicle, won’t think twice about adding the AMP Research Power Step for ultimate vehicle performance.