AMP Power Step

No matter how big and strong you are, there will be a time when climbing up into your high profile truck will be a chore. After a hard day on a construction site, the last thing you want to do is struggle to get into your truck so you can get out of there and go home. An AMP power step will give you an ergonomic step up into and down out of your elevated truck cab every time you need one. Not only does is present a non-slip step when and where you need it, the AMP power step does it all automatically. During installation, the step is connected to the power source of your truck and activators in your doors. When a door is opened, the step quietly presents itself at the ideal height for stepping up into or down out of the truck cab. When the same door is closed, the step moves out of sight and stows itself in an aerodynamically correct position.

An AMP power step will make your life easier and safer, too. Add an LED light kit to illuminate the step for ease of night entry into your truck. LED lights will also make your truck more visible after dark or on overcast days. If you are handy with a few basic tools, you can install your truck step without help. We provide easy-to-understand installation instructions with every AMP Research truck step we sell. If you would like to take a look the installation manual prior to purchasing a truck step, you will find a downloadable PDF guide elsewhere on this website. Call 323.276.2999 for further information.