AMP PowerSteps for Trucks

The AMP PowerSteps for trucks are automatic, electrically charged running boards that instantly extend when you open your door, and withdraws out of sight when your truck, SUV, or heavy-duty vehicle door closes. PowerSteps provide better ground clearance, aerodynamics, and complements the appearance of your vehicle. In fact, your vehicle becomes more efficient as you get more out of it by installing PowerSteps. The AMP design is sleek and constructed from quality materials and build to withstand all types of weather. In fact, AMP Research has set the industry standard when it comes to automotive accessories.

AMP PowerSteps are ideal for high-riding, lifted trucks. The material, extruded aluminum with a textured, powder coat veneer, makes sure that the steps are secure and durable. With the capacity to hold 600-pounds each side, the PowerSteps are definitely worth the small investment that will last you as long as you have your vehicle and longer!

The linkage-arms are made from superior strength, die-cast aluminum, anodized and Teflon finished to withstand oxidization. The pivot pins are maintenance free, stainless steel, and precision designed for excellence. In addition, the motor is weatherproof OEM-quality that incorporates a wiring harness and sealed connectors. The structure includes pressure-sensitive, pinch-proof technology counting a built-in LED light kit for additional safety.

Rundown Of PowerStep Features:

  • 60,000 Mile/5-Year Warranty
  • Automatic Power Extending Running Boards
  • Low-Visibility Integrated Led-Light System
  • High-Powered, Die-Cast, Aluminum-Alloy Mechanics
  • Anodized, Teflon-Coated, Meticulously Detailed Veneer for Corrosion Resistance
  • Faultless Stainless Steel Pivot-Pins for Unwavering Stability
  • Upkeep Free, Self-Lubricating Bushings
  • All Weather Performance High-Quality Materials Extending
  • Aluminum Steps with Total Length Internal-Ribs for Sturdy Firmness, Inflexibility
  • Backed with a High-Texture Powder Veneer for the Utmost
  • Durability and Grip
  • 600 LB Capacity
  • Weather-Resistant, OEM Superior Electric-Motors, Drive
  • System and Wiring Harness
  • Pressure Responsive, Pinch-Resistant, Safety Technology
  • Designed and Manufactured in USA


Supported by a team of innovative thinkers, the AMP Research group creates automotive accessories that make it easier to get in and out of your truck, SUV, or heavy-duty vehicle. The PowerStep collection is available for many of the well-known trucks from various manufacturers like Toyota, Nissan, and Ford. The AMP PowerSteps have been designed and produced in the United States and tested in various weather conditions to prove their durability. The PowerStep design includes solid running, lightweight, solid running board that holds a heavy load capacity and aircraft-quality aluminum for superior performance.

If you are a truck owner, and not aware of the power of PowerSteps, you are really missing out on getting the maximum use out of your truck, SUV, or heavy-duty vehicle. The AMP PowerStep is the authentic automated running board with a flexible soundly performing textured power-coat finish for exceptional strength and staying power. What’s more, PowerSteps are constructed with die-cast, super powered, aluminum alloy machination with Teflon and metal encrusted oxide reinforced finish to stay fully functioning through the lifetime of your vehicle and beyond. This makes AMP PowerSteps the most refined, automated, electronic vehicle accessory on the market today. Together with a generous warranty that includes five-years and 60,000 miles, you have a complete package.


Automatic PowerSteps for trucks are powered by a heavy-duty electric motor that requires no maintenance. The installation involves using your vehicle’s current wiring harness and will function depending on the way your doors operate. As mentioned earlier, when your doors are closed the PowerStep will stay hidden beneath your vehicle. Open the door and like magic the AMP PowerStep will appear without running into any kind of clearance disturbance, and don’t forget about the LED lights that further substantiates safety and security when entering and exiting your vehicle.

Some AMP PowerStep models incorporate a "Plug-and-Play” feature that simplifies installation with a factory created, wired pigtail. The Plug-and-Play wiring will plug right into your OBD-II port to link the PowerStep controls to your vehicle’s computer. The PowerStep has demonstrated the ability to better fuel efficiency and increase gas milage due to its groundbreaking aerodynamic design. The PowerStep weight is characteristically 30% less than conventional tubular running boards and will enhance the quality of your driving and riding experience.

Instinctively, the AMP PowerStep expands to a comfortable stepping height in a matter of seconds, after you open your vehicle’s door. Afterwards, the PowerStep withdraws from view like a dutiful servant. In addition, the PowerStep can extend further down and outward, superior than the usual nerf bar, side-step, or running board. Due to this advantage alone, the AMP PowerStep is the most appropriate for high-clearance trucks, Jeeps, and SUVs. Built from OEM quality materials, the system includes a low-profile fitted LED light display, easy upkeep, oxidation resistance, and automatic lubricating bushings for any climate conditions and the best possible performance.


Nissan PowerSteps

Nissan PowerSteps are offered for the Armada and Titan from 2004-2015. In addition, model #75110-01A is also available for the Infiniti QX56. Nissan PowerSteps provided the option to attach a two-inch extension arm kit or a stainless steel trim to the borders of the running boards for a more stylish appearance.

Jeep PowerSteps

Jeep PowerSteps are available for wrangler with a choice of a two or four-door setup. The heavy-duty electric motor will work by design whenever a door is opened or closed and requires zero maintenance.

Hummer PowerSteps

AMP PowerSteps supply running boards for the Hummer H2 and H3. The PowerSteps are the perfect size to fit comfortably in the hummer’s current wiring harness and is strong enough to withstand hundreds of pounds.

Ford PowerSteps

Lincoln and Ford PowerSteps are provided for trucks with conventional cabs, crew cabs, and super cabs. The robust electric motor will function instantly whenever you enter or exit your vehicle. Zero maintenance is needed. Ford PowerSteps offer the choice of adding a two-inch extension arm kit for individuals who have previously lifted their truck and require additional clearance when entering and exiting the vehicle. Plug-and-Play kits are also provided for specific models if you prefer to substitute the original.

Dodge/RAM PowerSteps

Dodge PowerSteps are available for the Ram 1500, 2500, and 3500 from 2002-2015. Vehicle types will vary depending upon the size of the cab. The PowerStep incorporates the Plug-And-Play feature as well. RAM PowerSteps offer the choice to add on a two-inch extension arm kit if you have already lifted your truck and require additional clearance when entering and exiting your vehicle.

Chevy/GMC PowerSteps

Chevy/GMC PowerSteps are available for Yukon and Suburban, Tahoe, Sierra, and Silverado from 1999-2015. Vehicle numbers will vary depending upon which type of engine is in the vehicle, the size of the cab, and if the PowerStep has the Plug-and-Play feature. Sierra and Silverado PowerSteps offer the choice of adding a two-inch extension arm kit if you have already lifted your truck and require some additional clearance when exiting and entering your vehicle.