AMP Research by ElectricStep

AMP Research by ElectricStep, If you're looking for the best in heavy-duty truck accessories, there's only one place to turn to: ElectricStep. The company is an official retail and wholesale seller of AMP-Research, the top brand known for designing and producing the best truck accessories in the automotive industry today. When a company is serious about offering quality to their customers that really means something. AMP-Research by ElectricStep is a guaranteed product that continues to innovate and NEVER slacks on quality and craftsmanship.

Who is ElectricStep?

ElectricStep is a wholesaler/retailer of AMP-Research products that includes patented products like the AMP-Research Bed Step/Bed Step 2, Bed Extender HD Sport, Bed Extender HD Moto, Bed Extender HD Max, AMP-Research Replacement Parts, Running Boards, and more.

The ElectricStep company is located in Los Angeles California, the same state that ignited the AMP-Research fire. In addition, ElectricStep offers other retailers the opportunity to carry "authentic" AMP-Research products as well. It's a great opportunity for qualified automotive retailers to carry superior automotive accessories like those from AMP-Research. There's no need to worry about whether the products are genuine, whether they will "hold-up,"or whether the price and guarantee are there purely for cosmetic reasons. AMP-Research is a company that takes their products seriously. With over 40 patents, you can see why!

Dealers can become a part of the ElectricStep Team. If an automotive dealership is interested in carrying the best automotive accessory products on the market, it is certainly worth the investment. AMP-Research by ElectricStep gives dealers superior products, discounts and superb customer service. Dealers are meticulously selected. Only the most experienced, trustworthy retailers and installers dedicated to supporting the complete AMP-Research product line and providing the best in customer service are selected. More information can be found right on the website.

Why AMP-Research?

The better question may be "why not" AMP-Research! The company is currently owned by Lund International, but maintains the prestigious AMP-Research name. The same team that created the innovative products that the company manufactured has not changed. It's still all about great products with great quality. The company is the pioneer and manufacturer of the original PowerStep, BedStep, and Bed Extender.

AMP-Research by ElectricStep is a US auto accessory company that designs, produces, and market products to improve the functionality of pickups, light-trucks, and SUVs. The words "Innovation in Motion" are what constitute the AMP-Research persona. Since 1980, the company has not disappointed its many customers in ground-breaking designs combined with reasonable prices. Vehicles that utilize AMP-Research accessories include Suzuki, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubish, Subaru, Mazda, Kia, Nissan, Hyundai, Ford, Chrysler, and GM. AMP-Research’s stylish automotive accessory design enhances a vehicle's appearance as well. They have to be, a brand name like Mercedes Benz does not accept tawdry, inferior products!

It doesn't stop there. AMP-Research has upped the ante when it comes to heavy-duty vehicle accessories. It’s no surprise that the company has become the well respected volume selling business that it is today. Even with the change to Lund International, the distinctive automotive design has remained reputable for excellence and inventiveness.

There's a lot to a name, and the aforementioned companies know that using AMP-Research by ElectricStep products means quality. Features you will find incorporated into AMP-Research products include aluminum-alloy mounting brackets, textured step-pads for safety on Running Boards and BedStep products, extend and withdraw capabilities, functionality when the tailgate of a truck is open, Teflon finish, and more! Another great benefit of the AMP-Research products is that they are all made in the United States.

The painstaking standard that AMP-Research promises is not restricted to quality accessories. Great looking design is a part of the whole idea of the AMP-Research success. Assembling sensible style with detailed technical design drives the complete concept of AMP-Research home. The company merges elegance with roughness, while their products remain sleek and hard-wearing. It's not easy to create products that are designed for toughness and remain appealing at the same time. For example, a pickup owner can really "use" the BedStep the way it is intended without worrying about wear-and-tear.

It's a Win-Win Situation

The inventive products manufactured by AMP-Research are uncomplicated. This is probably why they are so much in demand. A company that manufactures quality sensible products and reasonable prices will always have a market. ElectricStep spotted the exceptionality of AMP-Research, and by becoming a wholesaler/retailer of AMP-Research products, it’s a win-win situation. Both are superb companies that know how to maintain a standard of excellence that is missing so much in businesses today.

AMP-Research Makes a Realty TV Appearance

AMP-Research made an appearance on the reality show "Shipping Wars." The stars of the show required additional help with their trucks. One of the members of the cast was a bit "height-challenged" and at times had difficulty entering and exiting the cab in a "delicate fashion." After being called by the show, AMP-Research remedied the situation by introducing a pair of PowerStep Running-Boards to the show. This gave the cast member the much needed boost she needed in order to stylishly enter and exit her high-riding truck. It's a testimony to the dependability of AMP-Research products. Of course, the show could have asked for the assistance from a number of companies, many would love the publicity! However, they asked for AMP-Research for a very good reason. They're the best!

It Keeps Getting Better

It's amazing that AMP-Research made such a world of difference in the automotive industry, and it keeps getting better! Sure, the designs are simple, but that's what makes them so unique. They are simple automotive accessory designs designed like never before. If you read a little history about the company, you will find that its founder, Horst Leitner, was an off-road motorcycle champion. He began improving the suspension-mechanics of the motorcycles he competed with and AMP-Research became an offshoot from those early endeavors.

AMP-Research by ElectricStep is a great combination. With the expertise of the staff at ElecricStep merged with the quality products of AMP-Research, you have an unbeatable team offering the best in heavy-duty truck, SUV, and pickup accessory mechanisms.

With unmatched quality, fortitude, and economical soundness, AMP-Research has reached the height of success that so many companies reach for regardless of their industry. Whenever you want to outfit your truck with superior quality and groundbreaking, durable accessories, look to the AMP-Research by ElectricStep combo. AMP-Research is a company that has made the life of many truck drivers easier by making their vehicle more functional and stylish. It seems that ElectricStep is "in step" with what is deemed as quality when it comes to the automotive world. That's why they offer the best! Contact ElectricStep for more information.