AMP Research Bed Extenders

The AMP Research Bed Extenders by is so sensibly designed and practical, it's surprising this much desired system is not an automatic prerequisite for every truck manufactured! The expression, genius is knowing what to overlook, fits the BedXTender design perfectly. AMP Research managed to bypass complexities and obstacles to go directly to the core of excellence in design. The Bed Extender is a mechanism that is intended for actual usage, not merely for decorative aspirations. Nonetheless, the makeup of the BedXTender is sleek and up to the minute, essentially upgrading the most basic truck into, super truck status. Using the Bed Extender gets to the bottom of the age old problem of not having enough truck box when you need additional space. Current pickup trucks are awesome when it comes to convenience and performance, on the other hand, today with elongated cabs, a good number of pickup trucks include a short box that is inadequate to accommodate extended items when the tailgate is up. Any load longer than the box causes a dilemma. Thankfully, AMP Research picked up on the problem of truck owners everywhere, and came up with the Bed Extender. Not only will this tailgate extension provide additional space, it conveniently flips over into your box allowing you to close your truck's tailgate while granting an additional two foot freight management configuration. This inverse handiness holds smaller items, like tools or groceries, in place while you drive. Even if there is no need for you to extend your tailgate, the Bed Extender is worth it just for the freight organization feature itself.

Custom Designed for your Truck

Regardless of the type of truck you drive, AMP Research has it all worked out. There is a Bed Extender version exclusively made to suit your particular truck. In other words, the Bed Extender is not manufactured collectively leaving you no other choice but to redesign, it. It is structured for whichever truck model you need it for. For example, compact trucks with huge, four-door cabs are on the rise in popularity. These slightly smaller trucks usually have short beds. If the truck owner has a motorcycle, for instance, the back wheel will more than likely extend onto the open tailgate so far, that the regular Bed Extender will not work. AMP Research came up with a solution for transporting ATVs and motorcycles securely, for this type of truck, without aggravation. The exclusive sloped back design of the Bed Extender HD Moto supplies the much needed additional space to permit truck owners to transport full sized motorcycles in a compact, short bed pickup.

Bed Extender Material and Features

Dissimilar to inferior tailgate extenders, the AMP Bed Extenders is equipped with superior technology that is built to take immense loads, in accordance with the outstanding mechanism it is meant to be. This tenacious, truck bed tailgate extender incorporates rounded rectangle T6 aluminum alloy formation and composite uprights; sylphlike, it weights only 9.5 pounds, and durable enough to withstand large and heavy loads even with everyday usage. The patented rounded rectangle tubes are extremely resilient and will not dingle and dimple like inferior knock offs.

Features include:

An additional 2 feet to your bed's volume Nylon straps locks the Bed Extender to the truck bed Custom construction for your particular truck model, Constructed from rounded rectangle T6 aluminum alloy tubes and Torque resistant composite uprights, capable of dealing with any heavy duty cargo, Can be cast into the truck bed, acting as a freight container with secure design, Available in a long lasting silver powder or black coated veneer, Comes with hardware for easy installation, Backed by a 3 year warranty

Different Types of AMP Bed Extenders

Bed Extenders Max This U shaped design is perfect for full cargo capacity, and flips to the inside of your truck bed to hold smaller cargo such as tools and groceries. Bed Extender HD Sport Provides the additional space needed when utilized with certain backseat compartment cover rails. Dual bend construction for a more contemporary, sturdy appearance. Bed Extender HD Moto Allows smaller trucks the additional enclosed space required to hold full sized objects such as motorbikes or any extraordinarily long cargo. Perfect for Frontier's, Tacoma's, S10's Colorado's/Canyon's.


Designed to fit your truck bed's particular measurements, the BedXTender comes with all the necessary hardware components required for a no fuss installment onto your vehicle. Minor drilling is required but minimal. The Bed Extender includes an attachment kit with mounting brackets and all other significant parts to complete the installation so that it looks fitting and ready for use. Items you will need for your installation includes: Drill Philips screwdriver Torx T25 screwdriver, Center punch 9/64 drill bit masking tape The AMP Research Bed Extender is a breeze for DIY enthusiasts. Most reviews state the recommended time for installation is around 30 minutes including a bit of drilling. AMP Research cleverly included all the necessary mounting hardware to make your installation clear cut and easy. Most individuals without any prior automotive expertise can effectively complete the installation beginning in the morning and finish well before noon!


AMP Research Bed Extender is a part of today's pickup trucks new found transformation. The AMP Bed Extender was launched back in 1998. Starting from scratch, AMP Research engineered the most hard hitting, versatile, truck extender on the market today. Totally renewed from the inside out, the Bed Extender is meticulously crafted and spilling over with advanced technology, such as patented rounded rectangular tubes, in addition to torque resilient composite uprights. New products and developments by AMP Research are frequently common sense effects that are sorely needed in the automotive trade. They structure their products with an amalgamation of practicality, technology, and innovativeness. Professional engineers at AMP Research are skilled at observing the everyday nuisances of driving and invent ways to fix them. Moreover, they have managed to do this so well, that AMP has become a leader in the marketplace of design and excellence in the world of automotive expediency. Therefore, the production of the Bed Extender was no surprise coming from this company. AMP Research built this much needed quality product even better, by engendering ways to suit various trucks and staying within a reasonable price. Stationed in Irvine, California, AMP Research manufactures their products in a 40,000 square foot capacity building.

The atmosphere generates a pioneering mind set that results in products like the Bed Extender as well as other quality products found on cars and trucks from Chrysler, GM, Dodge, Nissan, Honda, and more. AMP Research holds forty five international and US patents on developments for automobiles, bicycles, motorcycles, trucks, and other applications. It is without amazement that under such amiable conditions along with forward thinking individuals the Bed Extender came to formation.