AMP Research Bed Step Spring Step

The AMP Research Bed Step Spring Step takes you Higher than Before. Go ahead and step-up on the AMP Research Bed-Step Spring Step. It's simple, strong and rugged with a non-slip surface, retractable-bumper step that flips down quickly with the tap of your foot. Frame mounts beneath the back bumper so it's functional even when your tailgate is open or when towing. Never mind how much easier the Bed Step Spring Step is on your knees and back. It's an easier and safer way to load and unload your truck's cargo and can hold up to 300-lbs, and it includes a spring-load cam as well.

The AMP Research Bed-Step Spring Step is right there whenever it is needed, but hidden so it doesn't interfere with your pickup’s overall style. Because it's created for hands-free maneuvering, this Bed Step is made not only for convenience and comfort but for style and discretion as well. The Bed Step Spring Step apparatus works with all hauling and hitch-mounted accessories.

With exceptional features like heavy-duty cast aluminum-alloy mounting-brackets and glass toughened nylon step-pad, the Bed Step Spring Step is designed for quick installation. In fact, you can have your Bed Step installed in under 10 minutes utilizing your pickup's current bumper-and-frame mounting points without any drilling!


  • Superior and fortified die-cast aluminum alloy mounting-brackets
  • Glass strengthened nylon step-pad
  • Spring constructed step permits easy out and in functioning
  • Stays completely hidden beneath the rear bumper
  • Receiver hitch is free for use with towing or hitching mounted-accessories
  • Functions perfectly with the tailgate-opened or closed
  • Quick installation, no drilling, bolt-on installation in 10 minutes or less
  • A simple, secure alternative to inching across tailgates
  • Ideally positioned at the corner of truck beds for easy access
  • Folds beneath rear-bumper
  • Has no affect on ground clearance
  • Slip resistant composite step-pad
  • Teflon finished aluminum-alloy arm
  • Backed by a 3/year warranty
  • Made in USA

Remember, one of the best features of the AMP Research Bed-Step Spring Step is how easy it is to extend and withdraw back into place. When it's not being used, it folds obediently back in place beneath the rear-bumper. This Bed Step is a fantastic upgrade for any pickup or heavy-duty truck.


AMP Research is a top-rated heavy-duty vehicle accessory company, currently owned by Lund International. It has been on the market for decades and still holds the high-standards the company started with in the beginning, though currently under new ownership. The company is an innovator who has given the accessory market for trucks plenty to brag about. The AMP Research accessories include:

The AMP Research Power-Step is one of the best foot-step accessories on the market for trucks today. Available for full-size Toyota, Nissan, Dodge, Chevy, and Ford trucks, the Power-Step is a full-length running board that extends and withdraws automatically within little more than a second, offering a perfect step each time the door is opened. When the door is closed, the Power-Step vanishes behind the rocker-panel quickly. The Power-Step is manufactured from aircraft grade extruded-aluminum and powder-coated with a hard-wearing non-slip finish. Even under heavy use, the Power-Step provides superior service.

The AMP Research Bed-Step offers a safe, comfortable way to climb in-and-out of your truck bed. If the tailgate is down it's no problem, the BedStep still performs beautifully. The Bed-Step can be installed in a matter of minutes utilizing existing bumper-mounting points placing it where the hitch is available for towing and other uses. The BedStep is produced from superior strength aluminum-alloy with a black-anodized, and Teflon coated finish. The BedStep makes it easy for users, deploys from beneath the bumper with a tap of the foot, and grants a generous 300lb anti-slip surface for easy access to the truck bed. After loading and unloading is completed, the spring-loaded cam style permits the BedStep to withdraw with a bit of foot action for a sleek look and safe storage.

The AMP Research Bed-XTender is another powerful, innovative, truck accessory coming from the great minds that created the other AMP Research heavy-duty truck accessories. AMP fashioned the first truck-bed extender and their expertise shines in the materials, skill, and practicality used in the creation of the Bed Xtender. Constructed from 6063-T-6 aluminum tubing with glass strengthened nylon-composite uprights and a powder coated finish, the Bed Xtender enlarges the truck bed capacity and adjustability when the tailgate is opened and offers practical storage space for small objects when the tailgate is closed. After installation, the patented Bed Xtender offers effortless removal and exchange at any angle without using any tools, making it perfect for carrying a broad range of large cargo.


The Bed Step Spring Step is a simple device that does quite a lot! Rave reviews prove this point, for example, one satisfied customer wrote, "I am so pleased I bought the Bed Step Spring Step. Now, I can get in and out of the truck-bed with ease and safety. I had a number of orthopedic surgeries and it was difficult getting in and out of the truck-bed before installing the AMP Research Step. By simply pressing on the spring-loaded step with my foot, the Step comes down without a fuss and with a nudge, it goes back up. This add-on is definitely worth every penny and it makes reaching over the side of my truck unnecessary. It looks stylish, but what is most important is that it provides extraordinary function! If you are restricted by age, medical-condition, bad back, arthritis, or any other host of difficulties that makes it hard to manage physically, the Spring Step is a must have."

You make your pickup safer when you add the AMP Research Bed-Step Spring Step. Not only does your truck become safer, it becomes more useful as well! The rigid, cast aluminum-hinges enunciate on accurate bearing-pins to deliver a smooth operation, with surefire support and year of maintenance free usability.

The Bed Step Spring Step is designed to work flawlessly in dirt, mud, dust, ice, or snow. It is lightweight, yet firm bumper-step offers a rugged die-cast aluminum-alloy linkage assembly that is made right in the USA. For a reasonable price, you receive maximum corrosion protection. You can't get much better than this. In fact, YOU CAN'T get much better unless you are purchasing another AMP Research quality product that gives good service for years and years. It's well worth the investment!