AMP Research Bed Step

Your pickup truck can become safer and more useful with an AMP Research Bed Step. It's the perfect tool for putting things in and taking things out of the back of your truck. Not only is the Bed Step practical and serve a useful purpose, it has a sleek design that leaves your vehicle looking the way you want it without having something "odd" attached to it like a "fifth-wheel," so to speak. The AMP Research Bed Step is ergonomically styled. It's a simple mechanism that gives more than its money's worth. With one flick of your foot, the Bed Step is your willing servant. The Bed Step easily goes back into hiding with the same method you used to deploy it. The AMP Research Bed Step expediently disappears under your truck's bumper, permitting space for a trailer and additional accessories. The retraction pivot-points are produced from stainless-steel pins that swerve up or down flawlessly, while maintaining heavy-duty backup.

The AMP Research Bed Step is for Everyone

Simply put, the AMP Research Bed Step is really a simple step tool. Nonetheless, it is smartly designed for heavy-duty truck use and fits most pickups in the truck industry. Such a smart tool for pickups is something no truck owner should be without. In fact, there is no reason why this clever tool should not be an "automatic" installment on all trucks!

Regardless of what you use your truck for or whether your job is one of a painter, carpenter, and plumber, or you live on a farm and the family enjoys riding around in their pickup, the AMP Research Bed Step is a must have. It's so sensible, there is no basis for not purchasing it! Besides, the Bed Step will have you bemused at it's simplicity and overall efficacy. You will discover various uses for this straightforward tool simply because it is so handy! In actual fact, due to the Bed Step, you will be inspired to find many more uses for your truck.

The AMP Research Bed Step is an "all and sundry useful device." It works just as well for women and men. In today's world, women work in a variety of occupations that may require truck driving. Or, they may drive a truck as the main vehicle for the family. Actually, the Bed Step is so uncomplicated, even a child can easily operate it. There are no sharp edges, it is sturdy, and the Bed Step can take a beating as well. However, it is not advised that children should use the Bed Step as their latest toy! They should be under an adult's supervision whenever and if they are using the Bed Step for getting in and out of the bed of the truck.


The Bed Step is manufactured to discharge perfectly in any climate conditions like snow, ice, dust, dirt, and mud. The AMP Research superbly designed slender Bed Step is a firm bumper step that utilizes a formidable die-cast aluminum alloy-linkage chassis, along with Teflon powder and black-anodized hard coating for enhanced caustic protection. Top-quality materials and exceptional production guarantees owners of the AMP Research Bed Step years and years of maintenance free operation. Furthermore, the ridged, non-slide step is molded from burly glass reinforced resin, for a safe step, even in mud, rain, ice, or snow.

AMP Research Bed Step Feature Include:

  • Manufacturing in the United States
  • Patented design
  • Accommodating measurements
  • Retractable manipulation
  • Liberal traction
  • Non-sliding sophisticated step surface
  • Die Cast aluminum-linkage
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Powerful step mechanism holds up to 300 pounds
  • Teflon and black-anodized encrusted to prevent corrosion
  • Manufactured from hard-line aluminum-alloy
  • 3-year/36,000 mile limited warranty

Ergonomically Sufficient

Creating a safer pickup is what the AMP Research Bed Step is all about. As if it has a mind of its own, the Bed Step disappears under the bumper when you are finished and is conveniently positioned for easy access. With such low maintenance the Bed Step becomes a truck owner's best friend while out and about. In addition, it permits better usage of a truck's bed because you are able to reach further to store your bits and pieces.

Nifty Design Integrated with Expediency

The AMP Research Bed Step is a dexterously designed step for heavy-duty pickups, and made to be easily installed on most truck types. Obviously, AMP Research had every truck owner in mind since the Bed Step so easily integrates with the majority of truck models. AMP Research has made the Bed Step an irreplaceable mechanism. Once is it installed and used, there's no turning back! The Bed Step is wonderfully accommodating for the body as well. No back and forth movements, bending, or walking away with dirty hands. You never have to touch it! It's all about the foot action with the AMP Research Bed Step. The Bed Step idea is just an amazing piece of equipment that stands on its own. The apparent usefulness of the Bed Step is obvious from first glance. Moreover, for a lifetime of use, the AMP Research Bed Step price is just right.

AMP Research Bed Step Convenience

Pickup beds are constructed higher from the ground these days; therefore, it is little surprise that the AMP Research Bed Step is so popular. Truck owners need the convenience of a step that will hold their weight with no trouble and one that holds-up under any weather conditions, and the AMP Research Bed Step does just that. Fortunately, the AMP Research Bed Step is way ahead of their competitors! Their designs look fantastic, work fast, last long, and are well priced.

Another advantage is the Bed Step permits access whether there is another accessory or trailer hooked up to your truck. This is because the AMP Research Bed Step is bumper-mounted at the bend of the pickup truck. Completely out of the way of other necessities you might need to perform throughout your day. The convenience of the Bed Step is in its practicality and design.


The AMP Research Bed Step is a conveniently designed apparatus with plenty to offer. For such a simple device, it offers so much! It is explicable why the Bed Step is so much in demand with truck owners and why the AMP Research Bed Step is the most sought after and best selling Bed Step on the market!