Amp Research Bed Steps

Making your pickup safer, more functional, and convenient is possible with the AMP Research Bed Steps. Even if your tailgate is open or closed, the Bed Steps opens effortlessly with the touch of your foot. As if by magic, it practically vanishes beneath the bumper when you are done, leaving your hitch available for a trailer or additional accessories. The Bed Steps is sleek, stylish, and essential for anyone who owns a truck. In fact, it's amazing that Bed Steps are not automatically included in every truck manufactured! The firm, cast-aluminum hinges rests on accurate bearing pins to provide a quality mechanism that offers solid support and years of maintenance free functionality.

Ingenious Design Coupled with Practicality

The AMP Research Bed Steps is a skillfully designed, heavy-duty truck step that will fit most trucks. It is an obvious "step" in the right direction since those who utilize their truck often will find it impossible to do without it. Moreover, what's so ingenious is that the Bed Steps is manufactured to retract as soon as it is no longer needed. No bending, pulling back and forth, or getting your hands dirty. It's all about the foot with the AMP Research Bed Steps. This concept is great for those who use their trucks for labor. It makes things go faster and more efficiently. What's more, the price is right as well!

The Bed Steps is Practical

Whether you are a builder trying to grab out of reach tools, a family with kids who love to play in your truck bed or just a person who loves to drive their truck, the Bed Steps is a great addition. Even if you use it infrequently, it's a comfort just knowing it is there in case you do need it. It is somewhat like having a fire extinguisher in your home. You may never need it, but it's reassuring knowing that it is there. The Bed Steps is simplistic but sturdy. The linkage system is created from die-cast aluminum and the Bed Steps itself holds up to 300 lbs! The retraction pivot points are created from stainless steel pins that swing up or down smoothly, while offering firm support. The Bed Steps is a natural progression for truck owners who desire to make their truck more functional. It not only looks good as a truck accessory, the AMP Bed Steps is actually fit for real usage. It is not a system that requires gentle application in order for it to continue to perform properly. It wants to be used and well-worn. That's what it's made for. And just like a loyal pet, it won't let you down. At such a reasonable price, truck owners have another good reason to add such a reliable, essential accessory to their vehicle.

Bed Steps Features and Utility

Pickup beds are becoming higher and higher. It's no wonder that truck owners are not tempted to install gymnastic equipment in order to reach their pickup bed safely! Fortunately, the AMP Research Bed Steps makes such a move unnecessary. The AMP Bed Steps offers a safe and secure way to access your pickup bed no matter what you are transporting. The many unique features of the Bed Steps gives you easy access even when there is a trailer or other accessory hooked up to your vehicle. This is because the Bed Step is bumper mounted at the corner of your pickup bed. The AMP Research Bed Steps performs flawlessly regardless of the environment. With a tough die-cast aluminum alloy linkage-assembly produced in the USA together with Teflon and a black-anodized powder veneer for optimal corrosion protection, the Bed Steps is more than equipped to do what it is designed to do. Rock solid stability and rugged finish guarantees Bed Steps owners' years of trouble-free operation. The ridged, slip-free step is molded from strong glass toughened resin, for secure footing even in ice, snow, or mud. Bed Steps is designed to bury under the rear bumper of your truck while you drive, for enhanced aerodynamics and ground-clearance. Afterward, when you call for duty, the Bed Step flips down like a faithful servant with a slight nudge from your foot, protruding out and back to give you a firm, secure step.

Bed Steps Features include:

  • Produced from tough aluminum alloy
  • Teflon and black anodized coated to withstand corrosion
  • Strong stepping apparatus that supports up to 300 pounds of weight -Easy five-minute installation
  • Die cast aluminum-linkage arm
  • Non-slip complex stepping surface
  • Generous traction
  • Retractable construction
  • Measurement varies from 11" to 12" W x 6.5"
  • Patented design -3-year/36,000 mile restricted warranty
  • Manufactured in the USA The AMP Bed Steps is a small mechanism with much to offer. With so many features for one device, it is understandable why the Bed Steps is so popular with truck owners and why it is the best selling Bed Step on the market. The Bed Steps is created to perform successfully in any environment. Whether the weather is calm and sunny, raining, snowing, or conditions are muddy, dusty, or icy. Due to the way the Bed Step operates by hiding under the bumper, it is hidden from many elements that otherwise ruin lesser quality Bed Steps. However, it does not matter whether the Bed Step is exposed to harsh weather conditions or not, it functions beautifully, just the way it is supposed to.


    Needless to say, due to the innovativeness and meticulousness of AMP Research, only quality materials and exceptional production can offer such a maintenance free product that is made to impart a life-time of service. It can be complex finding a product that actually stands on its own, but the Bed Steps is unsurprisingly qualified. Natural beauty is something we all admire, and the Bed Steps is naturally created to perform beautifully without gimmicks, side tricks, or artificial marketing.

    The Bed Steps is uncomplicated. It's as easy as to use as flicking the switch to turn on your light. You don't think about it because you expect it to work! That's the kind of attitude that AMP Research instills in their many customers. They know that they can rely on the AMP Research product, and the Bed Steps does not disappoint. A company that manages to create a product so faultless always keeps its customers on edge for their next innovation. It is better than waiting for the sequel to a favorite movie! This is why, in many ways, the Bed Steps by AMP Research has managed to establish trust from consumers in a market that has left them disillusioned, they never disappoint! The Bed Steps is just the next "step" in the many ground-breaking designs that Amp Research produces time and time again. The Bed Steps is another must-have that truck owners can add to their AMP Research collection of practical, reasonably priced, highly developed products.