The Amp Research Bed X-Tender

The AMP Research Bed X-Tender HD was developed from personal need by Horst Leitner, being an advid motorcycle rider and past European medal winner he was tired of trying to get two motorcycles and all his gear packed in the truck every weekend and making sure it was all there when he arrived, we have all seen the half up tailgate with rope around it and we usually change lanes to avoid anything that may decide to fall out of the bed of a truck doing 70+ miles an hour on the freeway. Having access to a full Research and Development shop including tube benders lead to the idea of what is today the AMP Research Bed X-Tender used and loved my many. He figured "If I had some sort of simple retaining device for the bed that would allow me to stow my gear safely, I would have it made" the key word for him being "Made".

Horst grabbed some bicycle tubing that was lying around and set off bending it to the depth needed to accomodate gear on the tailgate, freeing up the entire interior of his truck (1998 Ford F-150 X-Tra Cab at the time) it was a fairly crude design as you can imagine, but off he went to the track. No sooner did he pull in and he was surrounded by other motorcycle enthusiasts asking him where he got that cool cage. " I made it at the shop yesterday " was his reply, they all immediately asked him to make them one, and being Horst he did for his close long time friends. He then set out to make actual drawings to start producing the Bed X-Tender, and not only for full size trucks but almost every truck on the market available that day, and to this day it is still made to the original designs, allthough materials were improved as well as the appearance for obvious reasons.

History of Parts

The Amp Research Bed X-Tender, width adjustabilty there is no need for a million part numbers, there are exactly four of them and they will fit 99.9% of the trucks on the road today, and will generally outlast the ownership of every truck that has one, yes you take this from one make to another with very little changes provided they are of the same size vehicle to begin with. Made from 6061-T6 aluminum tubing, glass reinforced uprights, and a durable powdercoat finish, it is one product that is built to last a lifetime. The bonus(s) of the design includes the fact that it can be rotated into the bed of the truck so you always have it available, as well as making a smaller compartment in the back for: groceries and any other small items that would normally slide all around the bed without fail resting just out of reach at your destination. The X-Tender when removed doubles as a bench seat as well, due to the design it is very rigid when assembled and will support your weight as you work on something on your tailgate (stock height trucks) so you always have seating available, talk about tailgating! The Bed X-Tender is defenitely a " Why didn't I think of that " idea and will be for years to come.

The X-Tender is built in Irvine California, as are all AMP products, good ol' USA workmanship and materials. While the "Idea" has been copied (very poorly) what sets the Bed X-Tender apart from the rest is the patented pivot design which allows one hand install and removal of the 6061-T6 aluminum powdercoated Bed X-Tender, not to mention the multiple brackets available to suit "Your" needs and the way "You" use your truck. You will find the Bed X-Tender at just about every truck dealer in the United States, with exception of Ford, while it is a licensed design they decided to make changes to the X-Tender; material wise and make it specifically for their trucks, Nissan, Toyota, Dodge, and GM felt the design was " Good as it was " and other than specific brackets and color changes, the OEM X-Tenders use the same parts and materials that the aftermarket do, making it very easy to get replacement parts if needed. And of course you will find the aftermarket Bed X-Tender in 4 wheel shops as well as on-line retailers, just be sure it says " AMP Research " and your satisfaction is guaranteed, any other brand just can't make that promise, nor can they back it up with superior customer service due to the knowledge of their employees in ensuring you get the correct application the first time around.