AMP Research BedStep

The AMP Research BedStep makes your truck or SUV safer and more convenient to use. The BedStep opens smoothly with the tap of your foot, even if your rear door is opened. Wondrously, the AMP Research BedStep disappears underneath your bumper after it serves its purpose, leaving your hitch accessible to supplementary accessories, including trailers. The BedStep is level, smart, and indispensable to anyone with a heavy-duty vehicle. Moreover, the AMP Research BedStep should be a prerequisite for every truck or SUV manufactured. Those who install the BedStep find it economical and indispensable. The steady cast-aluminum hinges are placed on precise bearing-pins to supply a superior mechanism that grants firm support and years of maintenance free service.


Regardless of the reason for using your heavy-duty vehicle, whether you work in construction, a jack-of-all-trades, or transport a group of kids every day, the AMP Research BedStep is a sensible and useful addition to your vehicle. Even if your truck or SUV is only used now and then, there’s no reason not to install the AMP Research Bed Step regardless of how much you use it. It’s just seems like a natural extension for certain types of vehicles, and despite how seldom you use it, it’s comforting knowing that it’s there!

AMP Research designed a simplistic but well-built mechanism that can withstand the most extreme climate conditions. Not only that, the linkage-system is manufactured from die-cast aluminum and the BedStep itself can carry up to 300 lbs without giving in. The retraction-pivot points are built from stainless steel-pins that oscillates up or down flawlessly, while bestowing solid support.

The AMP Research BedStep is a natural "step up” for truck and SUV owners who require more functionality from their vehicles. What’s so amazing is that even though it looks fashionable and sleek, it’s made for actual rugged use. The AMP Research BedStep requires no pampering. It only requires installment and will commence to doing what it was designed to do, help truck and SUV owners gain easy accessibility to their vehicles, in addition to complementing the vehicle’s overall appearance. The AMP Research BedStep is more than a "pretty face.” It requires no special nighttime regimes or maintenance, its duty is to serve and it does so without resistance.


The AMP Research BedStep executes smoothly no matter what climate conditions you may find yourself in. With all the right elements and components such as Teflon and black-anodized powder finish for the finest oxidization protection, the BedStep is ready to give-its-all, right out of the box. With a trustworthy, robust veneer, the AMP Research BedStep is guaranteed to give BedStep owners many years of unproblematic service. The grooved, slip resistant surface is formed from sturdy glass-hardened resin for safe footing, even in the most slippery conditions.

The design of the AMP Research BedStep is assembled to hide beneath the rear-bumper while your vehicle is in motion, for improved aerodynamics and ground clearance. Later, when you require the services of your BedStep, it juts out with a tap of your foot to secure your footing as if you were stepping out to a red carpet event!

Features of the AMP Research BedStep:

  • Slip resilient-composite step pad
  • Teflon covered aluminum-alloy arm
  • Stays from of ground clearance
  • Locks directly in back of your cab, on either-side of your vehicle
  • Stainless-steel pivot points for undisturbed action
  • Self-lubing bushings
  • Easier to access tools
  • Holds up to 300 lbs
  • Produced in the USA
  • 3-year warranty

The AMP Research BedStep is a lightweight mechanism with plenty to offer. With so many fine features, it’s no surprise that the AMP Research BedStep is at the top of its category in the automotive industry.


The AMP Research BedStep is straightforward. It’s easy, maybe even languid. It has nothing else to do but obey your commands. However, that’s not a bad thing. Whenever the AMP Research BedStep is called into action, it is a ready, willing, and able. The BedStep does not disappoint.

Unsurprisingly, because of AMP Research’s innovativeness and attention to detail, the AMP Research Bed Step is a longtime favorite of truck and SUV owners. Utilizing the best materials with outstanding production with a maintenance free design, the AMP Research BedStep exemplifies perfection at its best. How is it possible to be better than perfect? Ask AMP Research, they’ve perfected perfection!

If getting up into and down out of the bed your truck is more of a struggle than you like, an AMP Research Bedstep is just the thing you need. Here at ElectricStep we offer an amazing truck step that you can operate with a nudge of your foot. This truck step is made in the manner of stylish running boards. Once installed, the step looks as if it was OEM equipment that came with your truck when it was brand new. No matter who you are, your life will be simplified by the easy addition of an AMP Research Bedstep to your truck, van or other high clearance vehicle. You may begin to wonder how you or anyone else was able to get in and out of your truck without the assistance of the amazing AMP bed step. If you need easy access for the passenger cab of your truck or van, do consider PowerSteps, also made by AMP Research.

If you're interested in the AMP Research Bedstep, you have come to the right place. We are all about providing people with excellent, American-made AMP Research truck and van accessories. We are a fully authorized in-stock dealer and we operate our business out of beautiful Irvine, California. You are welcomed to come see our R and D, administration and manufacturing facility at 400 West Cypress Avenue. If you would like to take a guided tour and see how AMP boards AMP are made, please give us a call before you come. We will work together to schedule a time for your tour. Our number during west coast business hours is 323.276.2999.

AMP Research Bedstep too has it's function for your truck. We have all struggled with getting in and out of the truck bed using the tailgate as a seat and then standing up, or trying to make the hip cramp lunge for the rear bumper to get in the bed of the truck, that is a thing of the past for 95% or better of the newer model trucks out there. With the Bedstep you merely flip the step down "Hands Free" to a human height and "Step" right up to the tailgate of the truck and when your done just step down and nuge it back to it's folded position, the step will not deploy on it's own or while the vehicle is in motion, it can only be deployed by the human foot at just the right angle, while the spring loaded retracting Bedstep will easily return to it's original position when finished being used. By having the Bedstep mounted to the rear corner of the truck, a trailer or fifth wheel is still accessable as the Bedstep comes "Down" and "Out" from the rear of the truck, as the Powerstep more "Ergonomic" for the human body.


The Bedstep has a lot in common with the Powerstep when it comes to linkages and function, other than the Bedstep is "Human" powered. The Bedstep is made from high pressure die cast using 413 HP (High Purity) aluminum chosen for it's strength and durability. The linkage arms as well as the upper mount of the Bedstep are Black Anodized and then coated with Teflon to lock in the "Black" of the linkages and help deter both fading and enhance the durability in general and heavy usage. The Bedstep has been put through the same testing that all other AMP products must endure to meet the qualifications of ISO certification and OEM criteria for quality parts, passing with flying colors. The 303 stainless steel centerless ground pivot pins used in conjunction with space age uglide bearings (bushings) give you a smooth trouble free working Bedstep, all you have to do is wash it when you wash your truck and your done, virtually maintenance free.

The Bedstep is spring loaded with a spring made right here in California, then they are coated with an automotive coating to prevent rust or any other corrosion from compromising the integrity of the spring itself. The Bedstep is straight forward, pretty much "Plug and Play" as they say about simple installs. This truely is a "Bolt On" and go item, you first attach the linkage assembly to the upper mounting bracket with two bolts, then you remove either two bolts or two nuts (depending on the vehicle), install the upper mount and linkage asembly and retighten the fasteners to specified torque, bolt the durable low skid injection molded step pad to the linkage assembly adjust and tighten to specified torque, you are now ready to get in and out of the bed of your truck with ease and safety, tailgate open or not, once again "Ergonomics" in real life applications. The Bedstep is manufactured in Irvine CA. using 100% local vendors so once again another American Product offering convenience, durability, simplicity, and good looks. Witht the Bedstep retracted it is tucked up underneath the rear bumper but not in contact with anything as to cause wear and tear, it can be removed without any indication it was ever installed on the vehicle.