AMP Research BedStep, the Future

AMP Research is a dynamic automotive accessory company currently under the proprietorship of Lund International Holding Company. However, AMP Research maintains its well-known trademark and continues to maintain the quality and outstanding products their customers have become accustomed to. Great design and innovative simplicity has kept the company at the top of the automotive game.

The company’s prestige is founded upon creating comfortable additions for heavy-duty vehicles like SUVs and trucks with the aim to make the utilization of vehicles more accessible for drivers and passengers. AMP Research creates sleek, leading-edge automotive accessory designs incorporated with practical applications. One such innovative automotive aftermarket product is the AMP Research BedStep.

The automotive aftermarket industry is primarily a secondary market in the automotive monopoly dealing primarily with the production, dispersion, selling, and installation of various vehicle parts including accessories like the AMP Research BedStep. In most instances, the automotive accessories are added following the sale of the vehicle by the OEM or "original equipment manufacturer.” 

The AMP Research BedStep Phenomena

If anything, the AMP Research BedStep is more like a personal computer and much more than a step for heavy-duty vehicles. The design is sleek, modern, and practical. Buyers of the AMP Research Bed Step have praised its functionality and how it complements their vehicle.

This urbane self-propelled gadget makes it more comfortable to get in and out of a pick-up. The BedStep is an adroit well designed retractable step that’s the ultimate in automotive aftermarket design. The device mounts onto bumper-frame attachments in the rear corner of the vehicle. The BedStep can be extended downward with the tap of a foot, which makes it easier to climb up or down from the pick-up bed. True to its ingenious design, the Bed Step withdraws automatically after use.  

A spin-off of the BedStep is the BedStep 2, another brilliant piece of instrumentation that AMP Research pioneered. This side-step for pick-ups attaches to either side directly in back of the cab. It offers a faster, simpler, and safer means of gaining entry to whatever rests in the cab like toolboxes, articles of furniture, and other objects.

Additional functions for the AMP Research Bed Step include a flip-down bumper-step that makes it more comfortable and fail-safe for heavy-duty vehicle owners to access their truck bed. Some newer Bed Step versions are especially designed to suit certain vehicles with a dual-exhaust. However, the hands-free design is prevalent in all Bed Step designs. The convenience of a minor tap of the foot signals the Bed Step to hideaway and not to extend until needed. In fact, this is about more than simple convenience. Because the Bed Step is out of view when it’s not in operation, the design of the vehicle is not hampered in any way. A stylish SUV, truck, or other heavy duty vehicle will retain its sleek appeal as the step is out of sight when not in use.

Extraordinary features include:


  • High traction composite step-pad
  • Broad sized step for secure footing
  • Superior strength aluminum-alloy design strong enough to support 300- pounds
  • Anodized/Teflon coated finish that resists deterioration
  • Leaves the hitch-receiver free in case of towing
  • Simple latch on installation
  • Generous warranty


It’s A Success Few Can Match In The Automotive Aftermarket Industry

With a hoard of companies utilizing AMP Research merchandise such as Nissan, GM, Honda and more, there is little surprise why the Bed Step is such a success! Top vehicle manufacturers want the best accessories for their automobiles, so there is little surprise why the AMP Research Bed Step is the top choice. In addition to other automotive accessories, the company has no less than 45 international patents for various automotive accessory designs, the Horsts Link four bar linkage suspension for mountain bikes, various certifications, and more. If anything, the company has proven their staying power.

The AMP Research new owner, Lund International Holding Company, is a progressive design manufacturer and marketer of branded automotive replacement part accessories. An entire range of light trucks, passenger cars, and heavy-duty vehicles all benefit from what the company has to offer. With the clever purchase of AMP Research and creation of "Innovative In Design” for the many existing products like the AMP Research Bed Step and newer ones on the way, vehicle owners can look forward to many more groundbreaking creations that will help to make using their vehicle even more pleasurable.