Amp Research Comments

Amp Research Comments, For over 10 years ElectricStep has been the leader in AMP Research Power Step sales in the United States. Our warehouse is located at 400 Cypress Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90065. Our startigic location puts us dead center of the city Los Angeles, with Fed Ex and UPS Hubs located within 2 miles. ElectricStep has the experience and knwoledge of the AMP Research powerstep that other dealers can not match. Our product awareness has lead us to become part of the solutions that AMP Research has become famous for.

ElectricStep was the original idea maker for tha AMP Research LED Light Kit. As a promtional item, ElectricStep lead the way for a lighted running board that would add utility and usability to an already awesome product. ElectricStep has been referred to as the company with excellent customer service and most importantly the company that can answer question regarding the AMP Research Power Step.

Official AMP Research Authorized Shipping Center

ElectricStep is now the Authorized Shipping Center for all AMP Research products. We continue to add value to your internet shopping experience with complete technical help and full product awareness. From Amp Research PowerStep to Bedsteps to the all new Bed X-Tenders. ElectricStep is here for you! For further questions call us at 323-276-2999.