AMP Research Commodities Products

Families and kids benefit from AMP Research outdoor recreation designs. This can be attributed to the ATK Motorcycles that evolved into a huge company. The originator of AMP-Research, Horst Leitner, began to shape an interest in launching an additional company that would focus on development and research. AMP Research was created and shortly afterwards launched the AMP Research-link chain torque-eliminator, including a new transmission and braking system for Polaris-snowmobiles. One of their most successful innovations, prior to the company's complete focus on OE products and automotive aftermarket, was a one-sided, link free suspension produced for KTM of Austria. This product evolved into the forerunner of all KTM link-free, rear-suspension bikes that are sold around the world.

These two products, snowmobiles and mountain bikes, resonate the benefit that AMP-Research developments have on families and kids. In winter, families with snowmobiles treasure the moment when they can enjoy outside winter activities. Polaris has an unsullied reputation for snowmobile design. Establishing themselves as a pioneering force in the United States snowmobile industry, they have earned an impeccable reputation for quality and innovation. Besides snowmobiling, riding mountain bikes is a fun outdoor family activity. Mountain bikes are built for outdoor ruggedness. They are perfect for family recreational activities and children can easily handle mountain bikes on rough terrain.

During the 1990s, the creator of AMP-Research, focused on bicycles, producing the original and most affluent full-suspension creation for mountain-bikes. Horst developed a low-weight, innovative looking multiple link front-fork that permitted better steering and enhanced rigidity while absorbing jolts along the trail. A back wheel suspension system, which was patented by Horst, was labeled the "Horst Link." This invention was eventually purchased by Specialized-Bicycles; enhancing the bike's braking efficiencies and pedaling, which are two very important concerns for parents when their children are riding two-wheeled contraptions like mountain bikes. The increased safety for mountain bikes developed by AMP Research gave parents a sigh of relief since riding on rugged terrain takes a certain amount of skill; however, one does not have to be a professional training for the Tour de France!

In addition, AMP Research produced the first-hydraulic, cable-actuated disc-brake system for mountain-bikes. Presently, disc-brakes have become the standard equipment on the majority of these types of bikes! Attracting the attention of one of the most respected car manufacturers in the world, Mercedes-Benz, was a fantastic triumph. Horst was invited to design the company's elite line of mountain-bikes that were available for purchase at Mercedes-Benz showrooms.

AMP Research Believes in Family and Community

AMP-Research has initiated a number of competitions for everyday Americans to partake in. Everyday Americans are about family and children. When vehicles are in the picture, families want the best for the whole clan concerning safety and reliability. However, at times not everyone can afford the best vehicle or accessories for their truck or SUV.

AMP-Research introduced the AMP Research Great-American Giveaway! The prize package included AMP Research PowerStep running-boards and BED X-Tender HD cargo cage. The winning couple was ecstatic. The couple's win was based on their non-profit named "Jacked Up for a Cause." In 1995, the couple experienced hardships, and were on the threshold of losing everything. Their community united and helped them survive. Due to the kindness of the community "Jacked Up for a Cause," was born.

The winning couple held car and truck shows and organized car washes to assist families in need by backing food pantries and Toys for Tots. In addition, they are making an effort to bring more awareness to the devastation of bullying. Managing a non-profit organization requires hauling a great mount of equipment and supplies. The AMP Research PowerStep running-boards has helped enormously, and has made it easier for them to get in and out of their truck. The AMP-Research Bed X-Tender is a great help with securing cargo when they travel for "Jacked Up for a Cause" events.

It's giveaways like this that makes AMP-Research a very important element in family's lives. Children automatically benefit because parents are able to get around under more convenient conditions, which gives them peace of mind. As we all know, children love to play. While camping or taking a road trip, with the addition of the AMP-Research Bed X-Tender, families are able to bring along their children's favorite recreational gadgets like bicycles, scooters, and any other equipment too large for the trunk of a standard automobile.

AMP Research Creates Products for Convenience

One satisfied customer of the AMP-Research PowerStep stated, " I own a horseback riding academy and I am in and out of my vehicle many times each day between loading up supplies, hauling brood mares, checking the herd, and getting my kids to and from school. Getting in and out of my truck was a real problem. Now with the AMP Research running-boards that automatically pops-out and withdraws, I am more comfortable getting in and out of my truck, and so is my whole family!"

This type of gratitude bestowed upon AMP Research products is not unusual, especially by customers with children. Families want smart, alternative ways to make having access to their trucks and SUVs easier for their little ones as well. Not only that, hauling extras around, especially when taking long rides, additional comfort items for children need to be carried too. The AMP-Research Bed X-Tender is the perfect addition. Of course, such products are developed for transporting quite a number of differing items. Nonetheless, families are especially appreciative. Think about it, hauling a dirt bike or motor bike, mountain bike, scooter, and other outdoor equipment can take up a lot of space. That's why the Bed X-Tender is a benefit for families.

Since AMP Research equipment fits a number of trucks and SUVs, families are not limited to the benefits of AMP Research products. Once more, AMP Research products are affordable. Most families would be able to afford the convenience and benefit they would receive by purchasing an AMP Research product.

With an eye for quality, excellence, and practicality, AMP Research has become a name that not only those on the go can identify with, but also families with children have taken to the AMP Research appeal. AMP Research produces affordable, practical, sleek looking products. AMP Research unites two different worlds in coincidentally. Parents need the convenience that AMP Research products offer, and because of this, their children benefit as well!