AMP Research Deployable Running Boards

AMP-Research Deployable Running Boards are fully extended, powerful deployable running boards that expediently vanishes under your SUV or truck when not in use. When your vehicle doors are shut, there is nothing to show that the AMP-Research Deployable Running Boards are installed on your vehicle! While not in use, these deployable running boards stay put out of sight so that your vehicle still looks sleek and uncluttered.

Additionally, for those who endeavor off-road, there is zero ground clearance concerns. Dissimilar to immobile running boards, the AMP-Research Deployable Running Boards do not gather grime, debris, or mud. However, similar to a magic act, once the doors to your vehicle are opened the deployable running boards appear like obedient servants out of the blue. Ergonomically designed, the AMP-Research Deployable Running Boards make a smooth transition at the right time to make sure you have comfortable means to enter and exit your vehicle.

The AMP-Research Deployable Running Boards are available for many late-model SUVs and full-sized pickups, domestic and imported. Well-known vehicles types that utilize the AMP-Research designed running boards include Chevy Silverardos, Chevy Avalanche, GMC Sierra, 2000-2006 Ford Excursion, Cadillac Escalade, Nissan Titan, and many more. Moreover, AMP-Research designs, innovates, and builds pioneering products for the automotive industry, and is a provider to Toyota, Subaru, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Honda, GM, Ford, and Daimler-Chrysler.


  • Full strength extruded-aluminum boards with die cast produced aluminum-linkage assemblies
  • Light weight and sturdy
  • Quick to extrude once the vehicle door is opened
  • Hinges are manufactured from stainless steel
  • Height and width is designed for comfortable use once deployed
  • The motor of the AMP-Research Deployable Running Boards halts functioning in case of unfamiliar objects getting trapped when the running boards are closing due to the anti-pinch feature
  • Door sensors makes the AMP-Research Deployable Running Boards run smoothly
  • The running boards can hold considerable weight and work flawlessly in a mixture of climatic conditions
  • Every kit comes with left and right side running-boards assemblies, OEM quality wiring-harness, mounting hardware, control module, and thorough installation guide.


The AMP-Research Deployable Running Boards technology has been tried and verified in harsh environmental driving conditions. The result was a flawless performance in dirt, mud, dust, ice, and snow. The very light, yet sturdy AMP-Research Running boards are build with hardy, die-cast linkage machinery and crafted in the United States of aircraft quality-aluminum, coated with a black oxide and Teflon finish for total oxidization protection. Top performing stainless steel hinge-points and bearings guarantee unproblematic functioning. Furthermore, the sturdy electric-motor is manufactured and tested to supply dependable, maintenance free performance for years to come.


There are not too many topics more widespread and seriously discussed than out of control gas prices, and the influence these prices have on owners of SUVs and trucks. Because aerodynamics pull and weight are two important factors that influence fuel efficiency, large vehicle owners today are searching for ways to decrease variables. The AMP-Research Deployable Running Boards can do both, while consistently permitting you to sustain the expediency and safety of full-length deployable running boards that mechanically function for the most favorable entrance and exit.

The AMP-Research Deployable Running Boards are lightweight. Due to this aspect alone, the running boards by no means affects gas mileage. In fact, the AMP-Research's running boards made from high-strength aluminum are 10-20 percent less than standard OEM running-boards or aftermarket steel-tube steps.

AMP-Research Deployable Running Boards work perfectly while improving safety and comfort. The running board area is designed to come into motion by the vehicle's door sensors and protrude within a matter of seconds when the door is opened. The running boards automatically withdraw once the door closes, eradicating the drag generated by conventional stationary running-boards. AMP-Research Deployable Running Boards are aerodynamically superior coupled with flawless execution.


During the last several years, automakers have desired a running-board that would give owners of trucks and SUVs easier access to their vehicles. With the peak of light-trucks, particularly pickup trucks and SUVs, rising in the 1990s and 2000s, revision buffs desired a running-board that would provide consumers an option outside of the "factory looking" running-boards. Previous tries at developing a retractable running-board were unsuccessful with meeting price, design purpose, and weight.

The AMP-Research Deployable Running Board was created in the millennium, with the purpose of supplying aesthetically aware end-users with a diverse and technologically progressive option. Nonetheless, in the early 2000s was when commercial-production of the AMP-Research Deployable Running Board materialized. The initial OEM application of AMP Researcher's running-board technology was the 2003 Dodge-Ram pickup truck.

Dissimilar to previous pickup trucks that were utilized primarily for construction and agricultural purposes, today, at least 25% of end-users purchase pickup trucks mostly for business. Likewise, SUVs before were utilized generally for work; however, a movement is altering, as countless consumers purchase SUVs for larger families, road trips, and business. Baby Boomers are an increasing proportion of the population in the United States, in the vein of over 70 million people with the general buying power of roughly $40 billion.

Baby-Boomers with children symbolize a possible objective for the AMP-Research Deployable Running Board, since safety is of the utmost importance to this age group. Due to the functionality of the running-boards, children have an easier time getting in and out of trucks and SUVs. This helps parents feel more secure about their children loading into high vehicles when they have AMP-Research Deployable Running Boards installed on their vehicle.

Moreover, women feel more secure as well due to the construction of the AMP-Research Running Boards. Women today can be seen driving trucks and SUVs as well, especially, since more women are running their own businesses and use their larger vehicles for transporting supplies to customers. The AMP-Research Deployable Running Board fits feminine taste perfectly. It's sleek, modern, with easy functionality.


AMP-Research has shown that distinction in advancement in the running-board industry can be a flawless execution built around astute engineers with innovative ideas who know how to implement them. The AMP-Research Deployable Running Board is a winner because AMP Research is a company that knows what consumers want for their vehicles. AMP Research provides consumers needs by creating exceptional products; thereby, setting new industry standards. AMP-Research Deployable Running Boards has proved that AMP Research knows how to conceive, design, and produce what the public needs, even before they know they need it!