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Chapter 3

It is no surprise that AMP Research reached the pinnacle of success in the creation and design of automotive industry. Hort Leitner, eing the perfectionist that he is, realized a dream that made AMP Research a pioneer in the automotive and bike industry. Prior to AMP Research, his first endeavor, ATK Motorcycles, invoked a massive affect on the blueprint of off-road motorcycles with a distinguishing arrangement of four-stroke muscle, electric jump, and level chain-torque liberated suspension. ATK was the pioneer in four-stroke motocross in the 1990s, with an ATK device winning substantial races against well-known motorcycle brands.

During this time, Leitner came up with and engineered transmission and braking-systems for Polaris snowmobiles, together with a far-reaching 125cc motocross motorcycle-prototype for KTM. This introduced the current link liberated rear-suspension on the present KTMs. Moreover, Leitner invented the EZ-Pull clutch device for Harley Davidson motorcycles lessening the need for agitation with clutch movement by half by utilizing a simple latch-on unit.

After reading the product inventions of Horst Leitner (AMP Research), many will comprehend the uniqueness in their simplicity and practicality. It’s amazing how uncomplicated devices can have such an impact on an industry. It is somewhat ingenious to be honest. However, it's not as easy as it seems. It takes additional know-how outside of being creative with the means to create the actual idea. AMP Research incorporated a passionate sum of refinement into every product. The simplicity of every product that arose from AMP Research proved that practicality and usability came first. With unmatched quality, fortitude, and sensible pricing, AMP Research was able to combine all of the aforementioned attributes in a way many companies fail to achieve.

Skilled engineers, a congenial team, and loads of experience is what made AMP Research products, along with the brilliance of Leitner, so commonsensical and popular. The need for automotive accessories that could be purchased and used by the everyday layman was part of the AMP Research concept. Accomplishing such a task is no easy feat. The thought that goes into creating products with the purpose of making things easier for consumers that actually work is extraordinary. Today, consumers have so many choices of products they have no need for. AMP Research created and manufactured products that fulfills a need for consumers in the automotive industry.

After moving into a new facility to create and produce products, AMP Research was able to expand their inventiveness as well. Research was geared towards nurturing new ways of bringing innovative products to the fore without sacrificing practicality and quality.

Many established companies have used products from AMP Research. Companies such as Honda, Nissan, GM, and Chrysler, and others, have all had the benefit of using the no-nonsense automotive creations that AMP Research offers. Products like the Bed X-Tender, BedStep, and Powerstep, to name a few, are favored around the world. Below are products, both older and newer ones, created by AMP Research that are still heavily used today.

MOUNTAIN BIKES: During the 1990s, Leitner began his adventure in innovation by taking on the world of mountain bikes and developing the now celebrated full suspension-bikes. Typified by the innovative four-bar enunciating front-fork energy efficient and world famous Horst Link rear-suspension with the foremost cable/hydraulic bike front disc-brake, the mega lightweight completely aluminum bicycles created the criterion for today's mountain bike technology. In addition, AMP Research created comparable Mercedes-Benz bikes that were advertised via Mercedes-Benz dealerships in Europe and the US. Eventually, Leitner sold his Horst-Link technology to Specialized Bicycles.

BED-XTENDER: The year was 1998 and AMP Research shifted its main focus to the world of automotives. The AMP Research heavy-duty truck Bed-XTender for pickups, is a structure of aluminum and glass fortified resin-connectors that elongates a truck's cargo area permitting truck drivers to totally utilize the space with the tailgate in the horizontal arrangement. The Bed-XTender can be tossed forward for separate storage areas when a truck’s gate is up. Moreover, it can also be taken away to make space for bigger objects. In 2009, the MotoXTender with a distinctive angled back design, permits additional space in compact pickups for motorcycles, ATVs and extended cargo.


POWERSTEP: The PowerStep running board supplies a running-board withdrawable truck step incorporated with a patented, motion sensitive engineered linkage and electric-motor. The PowerStep appears when a door is opened and withdraws beneath the vehicle for additional ground-clearance. In addition, it decreases aerodynamic pull when doors are shut. Over 30,000 PowerStep retractable steps were sold by 2010, through multi-step allocation under the AMP Research brand in the automotive aftermarket and as line installed OEM-components on GM and Ford vehicles.

BEDSTEP / BEDSTEP2: BEDSTEP and BEDSTEP2 makes getting in and out of a pickup easier and less strenuous. The BEDSTEP is a smart retractable truck-step attached to the bumper or frame additions on the back corner of a pickup. This practical mechanism can be extended down with the tap of a foot to make access to stepping into or down from the truck quick and simple. The device recedes beneath the back bumper, virtually disappearing after use. The AMP Research BEDSTEP2 began delivery in 2011. It was a newly designed side-access step for truck beds that affixed on either side right behind the cab offering a quicker, simpler, and more secure means of accessing objects in the truck bed.

BedXTender HD was introduced in 2011. It was a completely redone and ameliorated cargo enclosure and tailgate extender. This product is the strongest, most hard-wearing produced till now, with patented rounded rectangular tubes and innovative torque resilient


This competitive styled aluminum fuel filler door for OEM usage on the Mitsubishi Eclipse, a pioneering design additionally utilized on the Kia Soul, Hyundai, Mazda MX5, Jeep Wrangler, Ram, Fiat 500, Dodge Challenger, Hummer H2, and the Bullit Mustang.

The inventive team at AMP Research is dedicated to finding new and practical solutions to the most pressing automotive dilemmas. By combining rational with superb mechanical skill, the aforementioned products from AMP Research are the "rock stars" of automotive accessories. Not only that, they are useful, sensible, and easy on the pocket. Something else fantastic about AMP Research products is that they use top-quality materials that can endure the most severe weather climates. In other words, the AMP Research products function regardless of mud, snow, rain, ice, or any other weather conditions. They are built to last. This way, AMP Research customers purchase well designed products that are built to last a lifetime and well worth the investment.

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