The AMP Research Legacy, Part II

Chapter 6

Throughout the 1990s, AMP Researcher founder Horst Leitner concentrated on ameliorating the mountain bike by developing the popular AMP Research full-suspension bicycles. Characterized by Leitner's progressive four-bar eloquent front-fork stamina design "Hort Link," with rear-suspension and the first cable-hydraulic bike front disc-brake, the start was indicative of what was to come. In addition, AMP Research produced analogous Mercedes-Benz bicycles that were endorsed through the Mercedes-Benz company, Europe, and the United States.

As common knowledge would have it, AMP Research continued to license and patent various innovative designs that created a world renowned name brand in the automotive trade. It's remarkable that a company developed from the initiative of one individual, influenced the world of automotive accessories so much. With Lund International now at the controls, AMP Research is still making its mark. In fact, Lund International is no baby to the automotive world, so acquiring AMP Research was a very clever move.

All AMP Research products have always been sold with a list of benefits. For example, the Automatic Running-Board features include a plethora of goodies. This exceptional running-board design gives a glimpse into the simplistic, eloquent design of AMP Research.

The running-board functions due to an emphasized aluminum-extrusion, which is effortlessly able to hold-up an amazing 600lbs each side. The running-board construction is broad and flat permitting secure footing with every step. When the Automatic Running-Board lowers, they extend ten to twelve inches, allowing the driver and passenger a secure step whenever they enter and exit the vehicle. Because of the non-slip finished surface and flawless operation, the running-board works perfectly in any climate, whether snow, rain, or ice, deployment is always immaculate.

Additional features incorporate an elongated arm, which is sold separately and will offer an extra two-inches of height for lifted-trucks. Each Automatic Running-Board is equipped with illuminating LED lights, permitting easy vision in dark surroundings. The running-boards are concealed beneath the vehicle for total ground-clearance and operate with both front and back door use. In addition, each running-board is equipped with an adaptable light-kit, enclosed clasp to prevent corrosion, weather resistance, pressure sensitivity, and pinch-proof technology. This is an example of what AMP Research offers when any of their products are purchased. Though features and extras will differ, the idea is to show that the company understands the needs of their customers and makes certain that all bases are covered, including guarantees and warranties.

Just before the end of 2011, the company moved to a larger 55,000sq ft location in Tustin, California. This made it possible for AMP Research to produce more products for the demand in the automotive market. Moreover, the new space awarded the company the much needed openness that comes with expansion of creativity and concepts. It was a fantastic move that proved very successful for the AMP Research. When a company is continually working on new and better products for their market, it brings a satisfaction to customers because they feel the company hears them and cares about what they need. This is what AMP Research presents, and what "they really are." Flexibility, purpose, quality, and concept are the criteria for each product AMP Research produces. Whether securing a load with the practical Bed-XTender or entering a pickup with the AMP Research well made running-boards, everything is made to work effortlessly with long-term quality guaranteed.

Equipping a vehicle with such top-quality innovate products makes life easier and this is what AMP Research is all about, making the lives of their many customers easier when it comes to using their SUVs, pickups, or heavy-duty vehicles There are no publicity stunts when it comes to AMP Research products. It’s a straightforward business that just works! When an automotive business or consumer seeks to purchase automotive accessories, they want to buy from a company that supports their products and AMP Research has never slacked in this department. The brand by itself stands for top-quality around the world in the automotive and bicycle industry.

It all boils down to this. When the populace comes across a company that can really deliver on their promises, that company builds a reputation and secures patrons for the life of the company. AMP Research products are authentic, well designed products that are not produced just for aesthetic viewing. They genuinely function in an extraordinary, yet simple style. Because of the talent at mastering easy solutions to complicated automotive issues, and each time someone uses a running-board, or lug a heavy-load, they benefit from the superb design of their AMP Research purchased product. Consumers and businesses alike realize that they have come upon a product with the most dynamic, technological expertise in the automotive world. AMP Research is a true leader that leaves a legacy of accomplishment, openness, and the desire to make the automotive world better market for consumers.

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