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AMP Research is a US auto accessory manufacturing design company, located in Irvine California. They conceive, construct, and market products created to enhance the functional mechanisms of SUVs, light trucks, and cars. AMP Research has an adage that sums up in a few words the true purpose and goals of the company. The words, "Innovation in Motion" captures the essence of what AMP Research brings to the automotive industry since its inception in 1980.

An original research and supplier of exclusive car and truck accessories for GM, Chrysler, Ford, Hyundai, Nissan, Kia, Mazda, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Mercedes-Benz, and Suzuki, AMP Research is the pioneer of sleek quality accessories for those who not only get more use out of their vehicle, but AMP Research's products enhance vehicles as well. Their product designs in now way intrude on the appearance of the trucks and SUVs they equip.

Automotive accessory products manufactured and designed by AMP Research includes the BedStep, PowerStep, Moto X-Tender, Bed X-Tender, and Alloy Fuel Doors all trademarked by the company.

AMP Research the Beginning

Commencing the industry innovative 1980s four-stroke ATK-motocross and off road motorcycles that foreshadowed the current leading four-stroke apparatus, to the inimitable AMP Research and full-suspension bikes of Mercedes-Benz in the 1990s, to the present SUV accessories and pickup trucks, each AMP Research concept has been envisaged, created, and industrialized by Horst Leitner, AMP Research's extraordinary founder and proprietor.

Leitner was born in a tiny township in the vicinity of Salzburg Austria in 1942. He became the number-one off-road motorcycle champion, competing in the winning for gold medals in the punishing International Six Days Trial, in addition to competing in the F.I.M. Motocross World-Championships in Europe, along with securing the Austrian National Motocross-Championships.

Following the completion of his engineering degree in Graz Austria, Leitner undertook the demanding endeavor of ameliorating the suspension mechanics of the motorcycles he competed with. His hard work emanated into a number of valuable automotive accessories such as the AMP-Link chain torque removers and the A-Trak, developments that significantly escalated the travel quality, performance and managing of on and off-road motorcycles including ATVs later on.


AMP Research Continues Through Leitner's Vision

It is little wonder the AMP Research has become the giant that it is today. Hort Lietiner is a perfectionist and professional at heart; therefore, it is no revelation that AMP Research is the leading pioneer in their field. After moving his family to Southern California, the hub of the motorcycle trade and residing in a motor-home in Tustin California, while developing his company, ATK Motorcycles. ATK automaton had an enormous influence on the blueprint of off-road motorcycles during that period with their distinctive combination amalgam of four-stroke muscle, level chain-torque liberated suspension and electric jump. ATK was the leader in four-stroke motocross during the 1990s and an ATK contraption was the victor in the renowned Barstow to Vegas off-road desert competition. Others competing in the identical race were Husqvarna, Yamaha, and Honda.

Throughout this time, Leitner designed and engineered transmission and braking systems for Polaris snowmobiles, along with a sweeping 125cc motocross motorcycle prototype for KTM. This brought about the present connection free rear-suspension on the current KTMs. In addition, Leitner concocted the EZ-Pull clutch apparatus for Harley Davidson motorcycles decreasing clutch exertion by 50 percent via an elementary latch-on unit. Eventually, Leitner sold his stake in ATK-Motorcycles to focus on AMP Research automotive, motorcycle, and bicycle parts.

AMP Research Mountain Bikes

Leitner concentrated on revolutionizing the world of mountain biking in the 1990s, which brought to fruition the now celebrated AMP Research full-suspension bikes. Epitomized via Leitner's innovative four-bar expressive front fork, and the earliest cable-hydraulic bicycle front-disc brake, and eco friendly Horst-link rear suspension, these lightweight, 100% aluminum bicycles created the criterion for mountain bike technology today. In addition, now under the name of AMP Research, Leitner also produced comparable Mercedes-Benz bicycles that were advertised using the Mercedes-Benz franchise in Europe and the United States. In due course, Leitner permitted the Horst-link technology to be utilized by Turner and Specialized Bicycles, which is the structured base of their full-suspension mountain-bikes.

AMP Research Automotive Modernisms

AMP Research is a company that has elevated the look, style, and functionality of automotive accessories. It is no surprise that AMP Research is the big seller that it is today. With a line of unique automotive enhancement, the company has maintained a reputation for excellence and ingenuity. From as far back as 1998, AMP Research directed its main efforts towards the automotive world. Here are a few of the products that AMP Research has designed and produced for the automotive industry.


The AMP Research Bed X-Tender for pick-up trucks is designed of tubular-aluminum and glass toughened resin-connectors that elongate the cargo space of the bed of trucks above the folded down tailgate. This permits truck owners to completely utilize the area, with the tailgate lying down, with the help of the Bed X-Tender. In addition, the Bed X-Tender designed by AMP Research can be tossed forward for sorting storage while the gate is up, with the adaptability of removal for hauling larger cargo bits and pieces. In 2009, the launch of the AMP Research Moto X-Tender, with an interesting inclined back-design, which permits extra space in compact pick-ups for ATVs, motorcycles, and additional longer cargo.


The AMP Research PowerStep supplies a running-board retractable-truck step using a patented, aerodynamically engineered-linkage and electric-motor. The AMP Research PowerStep expands when a vehicle door is ajar, and withdraws when the doors are closed. More than 30,000 PowerSteps were sold by 2010, both via multi-step allocation in the automotive after-market and line-fitted OEM parts under the AMP Research name.


AMP Research produced a way to make getting in and out of a pick-up a lot easier. The BedStep is a smartly designed retractable step for trucks that moutns to the bumper-frame attachments at the back corner of the truck. The BedStep can be extended downward with the toss of a foot to make it easier to climb up or down from the pick-up bed, in addition, the AMP Research BedStep withdraws after use. In 2011, AMP Research launched the BedStep2. This new side step for pick-up truck mounts on either-side, right behind the cab, supplying a quicker, simpler, and safer route to gain entry to toolboxes and various other equipment and goods in the bed.


AMP Research launched a freshly recreated and enhanced tailgate extender and cargo holder called the BedXTender HD in 2011. This design is the strongest, most hard-wearing produced BedXTender until now, with new torque-resilient composite uprights and patented rounded-rectangle tubes.


AMP Research and Leitner created an aluminum fuel filler-door for OEM to utilize on the Mitsubishi-Eclipse, a modernization that was additionally used by Ford on the Hummer H2, Jeep Wrangler, Dodge Challenger, Bullit Mustang, Kia Soul, Hyundai, Ram, and Mazda MX5.

After 200, AMP Research moved to a 40,000 square-foot engineering, R and D, management, production, and manufacturing unit in Irvine, California. AMP Research relocated to a bigger 55,000 square-foot facility in late 2011 in Tustin, California. Presently, AMP Research holds more than 45 US and international-patents for bicycle, motorcycle, automotive, and other inventions.

AMP Research Continues with Innovativeness and Quality Products

Earlier in 2013, AMP Research got together with Motorz to launch an exclusive competition called "The AMP Research Great-American Giveaway." By way of this special contest, entrants were requested to supply information concerning an ideal American who has a pick-up truck and goes pass the "call of duty" to serve loved ones, friends, their district, or the country in general. The winner receives an AMP Research PowerStep system and an option to receive three more qualifying products from AMP Research.

Of course, AMP Research received tons of outstanding entries and it was tough deciding who would be the winner. The winner was chosen because of their extensive volunteer work, the way they use their truck, and the advantages that AMP Research products can supply in making their life and the winner's volunteer work a bit better. The prize was an AMP Research PowerStep and BedXTender HD. AMP Research states "the competition was created to enhance the lives of truck owners who take pride in helping others."

Other recent happenings with AMP Research include a BedStep flip-down bumper-step that makes it easier and safer for truck owners to access their truck bed. The new-fangled BedStep from AMP Research is created to specifically fit 2009 to 2013 Ram-1500 truck with dual-exhaust.


The AMP BedStep makes it easier, safer, and more secure for those getting in and out of their truck bed when loading goods. The AMP BedStep is a hands free operation just by the slight push of one's foot and with a minor tap, the BedStep hides away, never to reveal itself again until needed.

Features include a high-traction composite step-pad, big enough for two big-boots, superior strength aluminum-alloy design that holds up to 300-pounds and a military spec, anodized/Teflon coated-finish that resist decay, in addition working effectively with the tailgate undone or closed, leaving the truck owner's hitch-receiver free for towing. Additionally simple latch-on installation utilizing the truck's factory bumper-frame mounting points makes the BedStep a fantastic winner with truck owners everywhere. The AMP Research BedStep three-year warranty doesn't hurt either!

AMP Research does quite a number of shows and events throughout the year. Some of the shows AMP Research participates in are the Truck Fest that takes place in Dallas, Texas; Ontario, Canada; and Denver, Colorado and other well-known states like Florida and North Carolina. Other venues include the Off-road Expo in Pomona California and the SEMA SHOW in Las Vegas.


The innovative products and inventions by AMP Research are simple but a necessity. It boggles the mind how such a straightforward contraption can make a world of difference! It seems that anyone with the right amount of creativity and patience could create the same thing; however, it takes more than ideas and the means to create them. AMP Research includes an intense amount of sensitivity into each product they create. The very simplicity of each product proves that they think of their customers first. With unbeatable quality, endurance, and reasonable prices, AMP Research has reached a pinnacle of success that many marvel at.

The engineers at AMP Research are skilled and experienced. They take the everyday situations of vehicle drivers and solve the puzzle of everyday conditions that may confront such drivers. With such ample space to create and produce the very products that put them at the top of the automotive industry, it is clear that the thought process that goes into every product at AMP Research is geared towards nurturing innovative ways of making things easier for their many customers.

With so many companies that utilize products from AMP Research such as Chrysler, GM, Doge, Nissan, Honda, and more, proves how much a company like AMP is needed in the automotive industry. With products like the BedStep and the Bed X-Tender, 45 international patents for numerous inventions on automobiles, bicycles, motorcycles, and more, along with certifications, AMP Research has proven its staying power.

The fantastic pioneering team at AMP Research is committed to discovering new and simple, functional solutions to the most pressing problems. By merging common sense with mechanical wizardry, the products of AMP Research turn out to be unmistakably practical, useful, and stylish. However, AMP Research goes beyond the designing wonderful products, they also utilize the best quality materials that can withstand the most stressful weather conditions. Rain, snow, mud, ice, and any other climate conditions cannot thwart the effectiveness of Amp Research products. You would think they have some type of magical material that cause their products to resist any wear 'n' tear; nonetheless, the products from AMP Research last, and last, and last. Therefore, you receive well-built products that are well worth the investment!

AMP Research is constantly going to work on developing innovative and improved products that escalates vehicles to another sphere, a new level of functionality and adaptability. Whether hauling your cargo, extending the bed of your truck, making it more convenient to get in and out of your vehicle, or if you just want to show-off the new contraptions your truck or SUV has, AMP Research has the product to make you feel proud about your wise choice to improve your vehicle. When it comes to outfitting your vehicle with superior quality and innovative long-lasting accessories, AMP Research is the company that will make your life easier by making your vehicle more functional, stylish, and easier to utilize day to day.

The motto 'Innovation in Motion', says a lot about AMP Research. Founded by motocross champion Horst Leitner in 1980, AMP Research holds at least 45 United States for innovative accessories. When it comes to the perfection and manufacture of quality truck accessories, there is simply no stopping AMP Research. Founder Horst Leitner's remarkable 4-stroke motorcycle engine from the 1980s is to this day the industry standard. Leitner's legendary mountain bikes with Mercedes suspensions changed everything about biking. AMP Research is dedicated to providing America with high quality, well made truck and van accessories. They lead the world in the design and manufacture of truck and van accessories.

AMP Research builds a light weight yet sturdy truck step for every type of truck or van. PowerSteps™ are available for all Dodge, Ford, Chevrolet, Cadillac, Hummer, General Motors and Nissan trucks. ElectricStep is proud to be a fully authorized dealer of the entire range of AMP Research products, including the PowerStep™ for all American and foreign-made trucks and vans. Once your AMP Research PowerStep™ kit is installed on your high-profile vehicle, getting up into and down out of your truck, bus or van will be easier than ever. If you're good with tools and have a few spare hours this weekend, you may be able to install your own AMP steps. You are invited to visit our facility in Irvine, California, at 400 West Cypress Avenue. If you have any questions about the PowerStep™ or any other quality AMP product, please give us a call at 323.276.2999. We look forward to meeting you.