AMP Research Plug and Play

AMP Research, now a subsidiary of Lund International, has taken their innovative expertise to the next level. The company has added a practical and really cool modification to their Powerstep Automated Running Boards, by shortening the electrical installation process to simple Plug and Play that cuts installation time by roughly 90 minutes.

The AMP Research Plug and Play couldn't be easier. The new electrical integration is designed to operate by simply plugging in the running-board. It offers a factory wired resolution minus the need to go through the hassle with factory wires. It's the usual AMP Research innovative brilliance with the customer's needs always at the helm of any of their pioneering products.


Easier installation is the biggest factor that makes the AMP Research Plug and Play device so magnificent. This less complex system is the latest option for AMP Research Steps. The actual installing of the Plug-and-Play is straightforward on the majority of vehicles.

AMP Research has taken on the task, and superbly so, by making changes to the Powerstep with the up to the minute Plug and Play wiring harness. The installation process is made clear cut as the gadget easily plugs into a truck, SUV, or heavy duty vehicle's OBDII port.

The harness still permits usage of the port for diagnostic-tools, programmers, or additional types of accessories that demand contact with the port. Basically, the diagnostic port links the controls of the Powerstep to the computer structure of the vehicle. The AMP Plug and Play harness is vehicle specific and removes the requirement to correctly find and make a connection with the factory wiring loom. This makes way for completion for installation of the AMP Research Powerstep in a faster time and doesn’t require the annoyance of taking apart the dash or door panels.


The Sierra and the 2014 1500 Silverado are the initial applications to use this groundbreaking technology. Moreover, if the OBDII port is in use at the time, the Pass Through Harness makes available an additional port at the linkage point. Other applications include Chevrolet and GMC. Ford and Dodge applications will also become users of the AMP-Research Plug and Play device.

It shouldn't take long for even more vehicles to jump on board. By taking automated running boards to the next level of inventive sophistication, and simplifying the whole process to a mere Plug and Play, AMP Research has been able to advance an automotive accessory with simple concepts and ingenuity. The pioneering Plug and Play technology makes installation a breeze and that’s what makes additional vehicle manufacturers eager to try this fantastic new system. It's simply cutting edge refinement as its best.


Lund International Holding Company acquired AMP Research in 2013. The match couldn’t be more lucrative since Lund is a pioneering marketer, manufacturer, and designer, of branded automotive-aftermarket accessories itself. The company already carries a complete range of accessories for passenger cars and light trucks, along with vehicles in the heavy truck classification.

The Lund company's products incorporate hood shields, Vent visors, fender flares, floor mats, storage boxes, tonneau covers, and running boards, to name a few. Moreover, the company offers the automotive industry the widest selection of functional body and exterior products that supply consumers with a means of customizing and personalizing their vehicles. Therefore, it's natural to assume that such a company is capable of continuing the excellence, quality, and workmanship of the AMP Research name. They proved it with the AMP Research Plug and Play device!

The promise was to maintain the same team, stationed in Tustin, California, that has carried AMP Research to its phenomenal success thus far. With AMP Research already a pioneer and leader in automotive accessories with products like the PowerStep, Bed XTender HD, BedStep, and BedStep2, it was an easy fit for Lund International and the merger has worked out brilliantly. In fact, the company has named the AMP Research line  Innovation in Motion. A beautiful appointment for a truly trustworthy and innovative company. The present Tustin location will remain the primary manufacturing center.


With so much advancement in technology today, it's no surprise the AMP Research would take the lead in a practical, revolutionary device that makes using trucks and other heavy vehicles more comfortable. The revolutionary Plug and Play wiring system has cornered the market for easy installation and made the PowerStep an easy device to integrate due to the Plug and Play mechanism.

The PowerStep with Plug and Play breaks down the electrical assimilation to just plugging in. It offers a factory wired retort without the need to become entangled with any wires! In fact, so many devices today have been adapted to be utilized with vehicles simply by plugging into one port or another; the Plug and Play innovation was right on time. Whether using a mobile phone, iPad, iPhone, iPod, or any other device, vehicles have been designed to accommodate just about every device you can think of, so why not automotive accessories.

The AMP Research team agrees that, Innovation in the automotive industry and leading in various product categories and new product developments, are the foundations of the company; this revolutionary technology brings the PowerStep to a whole new level. The bar has been raised set yet again in the industry by the superb team at AMP Research. This is the latest instance of AMP Research under the new leadership of Lund International, who has continued with the genius that has made the company so great! A focused effort to refine and develop new products that meet or surpass consumer's expectations is something AMP Research is no stranger to.


The Plug and Play Pass Through Harness is lightweight weighing approximately 6.1 ounces. It is a smooth, two pronged contraption that is reasonably priced. Installation is easy and cuts down installation time for up to 90 minutes. The device is compatible with at least 20 vehicles.

The AMP Research PowerStep itself deploys for comfortable stepping in and out of your vehicle. The PowerStep is designed for rugged driving conditions and is supported by a 5 year 60,000 mile warranty.

AMP Research PowerStep immediately extends when the door is opened, and withdraws safely from view once the door closes. The AMP Research PowerStep design is known for its sleek exterior and slip proof finish.


AMP Research has been an innovator in the automotive market for several decades. Under the helm of Lund International, the company remains a leader in the automotive accessory industry. With the technology of the Plug and Play device, AMP Research has once again made something simple into a marvel that is practical and much needed by consumers with trucks, SUVs, and other heavy duty vehicles. The motto, Innovation in Motion, has once again proven the best adage that signifies the AMP Research company perfectly!