AMP Research Power Step

As a better and smarter way of getting in and out of your heavy-duty vehicle, the AMP Research Power Step supplies the means for easy entry and exiting by simply opening your truck or SUV's door. Once the door is closed, the power step will instantly disappear, while your vehicle maintains its present, sleek appearance. The lightweight AMP Research Power Step is "robotic" in a way. The power step completes each movement precisely without much impetus on your part. In addition, you will feel quite secure because the power step can hold up to 600lbs of weight on each side!

The anti-pinch technology keeps the AMP Research Power Step in place, and hinders it from moving. This factor alone is enough to help you feel confident enough that your power step will do what it is supposed to do, which is to assist you with getting in and out of your vehicle with ease and without impediment. Installation couldn't be easier. The power step includes clear instructions, an electronic control-unit, and wiring harness.


An AMP Research Power Step is a very popular heavy-duty vehicle accessory, available for most styles of trucks and SUVs, on the market today. Just think of power steps as a good buddy that never fails you. A friend that is always there in time of need, never asking anything in return. One thing is for sure, once the AMP Research Power Step is installed, you will wonder how you ever did without it! Requiring very little maintenance, there's little surprise why the AMP Research Power Step is a favorite with truck and SUV owners.


One of a kind in the power step automotive genre, AMP Research Power Step is designed with superb materials that are built to last. When the power step protrudes, it is closer to the ground and wider, more so than other steps, especially those that are stationary. Stationary steps take away from your vehicle's appearance. In addition, they are more vulnerable to extreme climate conditions.

Toyotas, Nissans, Lincolns, Jeeps, Hummers, Fords, Dodge, Chevy GMCs, and Cadillac, all have the possibility to incorporate the AMP Research Power Step magic. Prestigious brands have much more at stake; therefore, it is little wonder why they have selected AMP Research Power Steps as their power step choice.


Safety wise, the AMP Research Power Step includes an anti-pitch function that safeguards truck and SUV owners from injuring themselves. In a matter of 1.3 seconds, the AMP Research Power Step is at your beck and call. Furthermore, the power step only projects on whichever side the door is opened. This is precisely why the AMP Research Power Step is seen as innovative and distinctive. It saves energy and is ergonomically designed, this way heavy-duty vehicles receive the most functionality out of the power step without being wasteful. The power step only makes itself known when the door is opened. Other than that, no one knows its there! In fact, this saves users from dangerous situations. Since the Amp Research Power Step is not consistently protruding, it saves drivers from parking accidents, because the vehicle will retain its true width, and users do not have to worry about mistakenly tripping on the power step.

The AMP Research Power Step is only there when you open the door. Afterwards you step on it, and later it's gone. It's even better than a pet because it comes automatically trained! The AMP Research Power Step has additional components that can be installed as well. For instance, two-inch extension arms are available. These steps will operate identical to the regular power step; however, they are two-inches closer to the terrain for elevated trucks and jeeps.


AMP Research Power Steps are manufactured to use pressure-responsive, secure technology. Stupendous ability, along with quality materials and matchless functionality, the AMP Research Power Step is a worthy investment. They are foolproof, workable power steps unperturbed by other "copies" that don't hold-up to their promises. AMP Research Power Steps include simple features that carry a lot of weight. Power steps are designed to make it easier for you to get in and out of your heavy-duty vehicle, and this is exactly what they do. In fact, due to the AMP Research Power Step advanced technology, you would be hard-pressed to find any other power steps that can compare!

By installing the power step on your vehicle, you are adding something that every heavy-duty truck owner desires. They want safety, expediency, and something with good quality that suits their budget! The AMP Research Power Step fits the bill and then some! AMP Research made sure that their power steps are prudently priced, thereby, attracting many customers who would otherwise not be able to afford such a much-needed tool. Power steps look smart, and they function that way too!

  • Automatic powered deployable running boards
  • Modestly incorporated LED light system
  • Powerful, die-cast aluminum-alloy mechanisms with an anodized and Teflon finish, and heavy duty veneer to resist corrosion
  • Precise stainless-steel rotating-pins for firmness
  • Super low maintenance, self-lubricating bushings for idea any climate performance
  • Projected aluminum-steps with total length internal-ribs for superior compact stringency and support with a superb-texture powdered coat buffed for the highest grip and resilience
  • 600lb weight capacity on each step
  • Weather resistant, OEM-quality charged motors, drive-system and wiring harness
  • Pressure receptive, pinch-proof secure technology
  • Made in the USA
  • 5 year/60,000 mile-warranty

The steel trim kit upgrade tools are designed for those who still have older styled extrusions and desire a complete replacement for their AMP Research Power Step. The kit includes 79-inch stainless steel trim-strips, along with 79-inch up-to-date step extrusions and modernized end caps.


Research Power Step designs are produced from the best materials in order to give the best performance. Stainless-steel trim looks sleek and stylish; however, the materials were not selected for appearance alone. These materials are durable enough to withstand harsh conditions.

The newer AMP Research Power Step stainless-steel trim is now well-matched to the newer style step-extrusion. These new styles trims add vivid inflection to your power step exterior rim. The quality line-grain finish helps to make certain every step is secure and slip-proof. If anything, the AMP Research Power Step is a smart investment for any heavy-duty vehicle. The power step is designed for comfort and convenience and AMP Research has unequivocally accomplished that.