AMP Research Power Step

AMP research power step is the one that has got designed and also in building exclusively for meeting the needs of the truck owners who have excess needs. AMP research power step can be considered to be included in the truck so that your truck looks attractive, inviting and also functional. The power step from AMP is a great invention and it can get extended by its own when the door is opened. It provides you with kind of convenient and safer way for stepping into the cab of the truck without any kind of issues. When the doors are closed this power steps retract very smoothly. There is no need for you to worry about ground clearance as they really streamline to vehicle. This is the product that is even available with the warranty of 5 years. This is the best way through which you can easily get maximum benefit out of your truck. Most of the individuals face major issue in climbing up the truck which can easily be solved with the help of this product as it is capable of providing greater comfort to the individuals when they are stepping into the cabin of the truck. This is the product that can really make your truck look awesome and delivers good performance irrespective of the weather. The reliability of this power step is also much appealing. There are many things that you need to know about this product so that you can make the decision whether to use this for your truck or not. It can easily be used for making the process of climbing to the truck really much comfortable.


The power step from AMP is the product that got invented, designed and manufactured in America. This is the product that has gone through ling term in various driving conditions before it got launched in the market. This is the product that is capable of performing flawlessly in dirt, mud, dust, ice and snow. This is the product that is light weighted and also can be really a good and solid board. This is the kind of the components can be made used for the purpose of choosing the aluminum and aircraft quality. This is the product that is PTFE coated and also can be black anodized for the purpose of better corrosion. It can provide with trouble free use with great precision and also better hinge points made out of stainless steel. Electric motor of high quality can be designed for testing for providing operation that is maintenance free and also highly reliable.

The AMP power step is available with automatic power deployment. There is an LED light system that is available with it integrated with the power step. This is the product that is made out of aluminum alloy and has got better strength too. This is the power step that has got military specification finish applied on it for resisting corrosion. This is the power step that s also PTFE coated. The stainless steel of high precision is meant for better stability. The bushing that is available with this power step is the one that is self lubricating and also maintenance free so that it can provide good performance in all the weather. The aluminum steps are extruded along with the internal ribs of the full length for the purpose of better support, rigidity and solid stiffness with better texture. The finish that is used with it is power coat for providing better durability and also grip. It has got load capacity of 600 lb in each side. The wiring harness, drive system and OEM quality- electric motors are all weatherproof. This is the power step that makes use of safety technology that is pinch proof and pressure sensitive. This is the product that has got about 5 years of warranty which is for 60,000 miles of usage. This product is built in America and there is also a trim of stainless steel available with it optionally to be used. The trim can be used only with the extrusions of running board that is of new style available with the end cap and single bolt. It is possible for you to easily find the power step for jeep, ford, dodge, Chevrolet or cardillac from the market which is from the brand AMP. Truck can be made much comfortable with this product from AMP.


Fuel cost is a topic that is widely discussed as the cost of the fuel is getting hiked in a great way. Weight and aerodynamics are such major factors that can have influence over the fuel efficiency and the truck owners are finding out ways for reducing these things. The research power step from AMP is capable of reducing both along with maintaining safety and convenience associated with the running boards that are of full length. The weight of the vehicle can influence the consumption of fuel. The research power step from AMP is the product that has got much reduced weight. It is very less compared to other aluminum steps available from other brands and so can provide with much effective results.

The AMP power step can be useful for improving comfort and safety of the vehicle automatically. It makes it much easier for the individuals to open door and get into the vehicle. When the door is closed it get retracted automatically to rocker panels and thus there is no need for dragging as it need to be done with stationary running boards that are traditionally available in the market. This is the product that is available in the market in the form of factory option from 2003. It is possible for you to make use of other manufacturers and ford for deploying when doors are opened. This is something that is meant for tucking and running in the case of the vehicle. It is possible for you to use the AMP research power step with great comfort as it tuck back the vehicle’s body when the door is closed.