AMP Research Power Step

Is getting into your truck like climbing a mountain and getting out just as strenuous? Actually, tackling a mountain may be less challenging, as you will have support to make your climb and descent easier and more accommodating. This is why AMP Research designed PowerStep, an automatic, electrically powered running-board, that magically appears and disappears when opening and closing the doors to your vehicle.

PowerSteps are the ideal solution for trucks and SUVS. They make climbing into and stepping out of your rig a breeze, improves ground clearance and aesthetic appeal, and your vehicle’s aerodynamic properties.

Designed specifically for heavy-duty vehicles, some lightweight trucks, and SUVs, PowerSteps provide a step-up into a more convenient way of utilizing your vehicle. What’s more, you won’t find such reliability in most other aftermarket automotive accessories. Not to mention the all-weather steadfastness and construction that place AMP Research running-boards into a category all their own!

How You Benefit From the AMP Research PowerStep

Improving the performance and functionality of your truck or SUV, along with enhancing the aesthetic appeal, are two reasons why the AMP Research PowerStep is such a wise investment. There are plenty more! These cleverly designed electronically operative running-boards are much like a mechanical servant: there when you need them-out of your way when you don’t.

What’s more, you retain ground clearance while driving which makes your driving experience much more relaxing and pleasant. The PowerStep is designed with optimum safety as a priority. In addition, if the running-boards detects any type of friction when withdrawing, the boards will automatically descend again to expunge the obstruction.

The AMP Research PowerStep is unmatched. You would be hard-pressed to find a nerf bar or tube step that functions with such simplicity. It’s as easy as opening and closing your door. Immediate and unagitated stepping in-and-out of your vehicle without sacrificing ground clearance is a given. The PowerStep extends and retracts flawlessly. How much easier can it get?

PowerStep Construction

Constructed from hard-wearing, rugged aluminum and a broad level stepping surface, the AMP PowerStep is a must have for safety conscious truck and SUV owners. Passengers also benefit from the simplicity and upmarket design of the PowerStep which requires no manipulation on their part when exiting and entering your vehicle.

The PowerStep expands 10 to 12 inches and provides a steady, standard platform that holds up to 600 pounds! A state-of-the-art compatible LED light network adds the additional functionality that one comes to expect from the sleek automotive accessories designed by a company like AMP Research.

Set against harsh atmospheric forces, the AMP Step stands the test of time against low to high (at least 200°F) climate conditions. The running boards also provide assurances against the harshest weather for those grueling outdoor escapades.

Rounding off its exceptional engineering, the AMP PowerStep incorporates an optional plug-and-play apparatus (only for specific models) that employs an installed electrical harness that plugs right into your OBD-II port to charge the step. This is a fantastic advantage. Why? Because it saves a good deal of time. Removing door panels and splicing into the factory wires can be an arduous task, but with these running-boards the labor is no longer required. Furthermore, the easy accessibility of the pass-through harness allows unhindered access to your OBD-II port, even when the PowerStep is connected.

Here’s the deal; the AMP Research PowerStep is a dream aftermarket accessory for any heavy duty truck or SUV providing additional comforts and undaunted appeal. The specially designed PowerStep from the award winning manufacturer AMP Research, is an attractive and much sought after addition for big rigs, smaller trucks, and SUVs.

PowerStep Features:

  • PowerSteps automatically extend and contract when doors are opened and closed
  • Step extends 10-12” in 1 second, providing immediate accessibility
  • Fashioned from high-strength aluminum
  • Able to hold up to 600 lbs
  • Includes a heavy-duty motor with anti-pinch technology
  • Boasts an integrated LED light system
  • "Plug-and-Play” system saves installation time
  • Available pass-through Harness allows full access to the OBD-II port when utilizing the Plug-and-Play system
  • AMP Power Step Running Boards are covered by a 5-year/60,000-mile warranty
Investing in an AMP Research PowerStep system creates a more functional, dependable, and compliant vehicle.

The AMP Research PowerStep is a smart choice for any heavy duty vehicle or SUV. Due to the PowerStep’s durability, innovative technology, and ergonomic construction, it’s in a class of by itself.

Feel free to contact one of our representatives for additional information about the AMP Research PowerStep. We’ll be glad to assist you.