AMP Research PowerStep Electric Running

AMP Research is very well aware of the ins-and-outs that you might go through when entering and exiting a high ground clearance vehicle. Getting in and out of your SUV, Jeep, or heavy-duty vehicle should not be a chore. That’s why the company created the AMP Research PowerStep Electric Running Boards to enable you to step with confidence when using your vehicle. The electric powered running board automatically extends when your vehicle door opens, and retracts safely out of sight when the door closes. The unit offers improved ground clearance, ameliorated aerodynamics, and adds a modern sleek appearance to your truck. Besides the AMP Research PowerStep Electric Running Boards eye-catching design, the device provides all-season performance and celebrated reliability, which has set the standards for the running board industry as a whole.


Well, the story is one of innovative genius and hard work. AMP Research, now a division of Lund International, is headquartered in Tustin California. This is where the company engineers, designs, and manufactures the AMP Research PowerStep Electric Running Boards. In fact, everything is not only designed and produced in the United States, AMP Research even uses resident California headquartered suppliers for every part and for services not carried out in-house, except for the electric motors that are obtained from a German company.

Because of the revolutionary concepts of AMP Research, the automotive industry witnessed pure perfection of artistic veracity allied with technological expediency. The company was established via humble origins by Austrian moto-cross racer Hort Leitner. The Horst-Link Suspension took mountain biking to a completely new level and gave Leitner the opportunity and financial means and valor to start AMP Research. Constructing ground-breaking automotive accessories and creating one of the best known mountain bikes in the industry, was only part of the passage to success for AMP Research. Though presently owned by Lund International, AMP Research still holds its original name and ingenuity. The company is still a leader in a number of automotive components and AMP Research PowerStep Electric Running Boards is one of them.


The AMP Research PowerStep Electric Running Boards quality and workmanship are just what the automotive industry should expect from such a renowned company like AMP Research. The Electric PowerStep Running Boards are meticulously designed, tough, stylish, and uncomplicated. Lightweight, notable, and easy to secure to any SUV or truck, this type of running board is a winner and there is no question as to why. For instance, the surface of the running boards are textured. This makes it easy to step on and off without slipping. Actually, the AMP Research PowerStep Electric Running Boards can support a heavy weight of hundreds of pounds! Keeping in mind just how lightweight the electric running boards are, it’s actually amazing.

When it comes to the AMP Research PowerStep Electric Running Boards you will find:

  • Full strength extruded-aluminum boards with die cast produced aluminum-linkage assemblies
  • Light weight and sturdy
  • Quick to extrude once the vehicle door is opened
  • Hinges are manufactured from stainless steel
  • Height and width is designed for comfortable use once deployed
  • The motor of the AMP-Research PowerStep Electric Running Boards halts functioning in case of unfamiliar objects getting trapped when the running boards are closing due to the anti-pinch feature
  • Door sensors makes the AMP Research PowerStep Electric Running Boards run smoothly
  • The running boards can hold considerable weight and work flawlessly in a mixture of climatic conditions
  • Every kit comes with left and right side running-boards assemblies, OEM quality wiring-harness, mounting hardware, control module, and thorough installation guide.
  • Improved ground clearance and increased aerodynamics for your vehicle

AMP Research PowerStep Electric Running Boards are a dream come true for heavy-duty truck, SUV, and Jeep owners. No other powerstep running board, nerf bar, or tube step can equal the ease of use of the AMP Research brand.


The AMP Research PowerStep Electric Running Boards have been tested and authenticated. There’s no doubt that they are built to last. Genuine testing situations in numerous terrains have proven that the powerstep running boards are designed to perform flawlessly through all elements such as snow, ice, dust, mud, dirt, and any other climate conditions you can think of.

These lightweight, yet sturdy running boards incorporate die-cast linkage mechanisms constructed with aircraft quality aluminum, black anodized and Teflon coated for superb decay protection you will find on the market today. Accurate, stainless steel hinge points and bearings assure smooth action. In addition, the AMP Research PowerStep Electric Running Boards motor is developed and tried for reliability, along with maintenance free functioning for many years.


One of the key reasons why heavy-duty truck owners buy AMP Research PowerStep Electric Running Boards is for comfort. It can be a hassle getting in and out of a vehicle that’s a few feet off the ground. Therefore, any one who has purchased the PowerStep Electric Running Boards have been satisfied with their choice. This is because there are no false claims made when it comes to any AMP Research product. AMP Research products retain their quality and appearance even after repetitive use. AMP Research is a brand that can be trusted.


AMP Research PowerStep Electric Running Boards are made to fit most full-sized SUV models and trucks niether domestic or imported. A few recognized vehicles appropriate for the PowerStep Electric Running Boards include GMC Sierra, Chevy Avalanche, and the Nissan Titan. Undoubtedly, the AMP Research brand running boards are an innovative apparatus built for the automotive accessory market and much desired by heavy-duty vehicle owners everywhere.


If there is any automotive accessory that is a necessity for heavy-duty truck owners, it’s the AMP Research PowerStep Electric Running Boards. An automotive accessory that is practical, sleek, and reasonably priced that incorporates above standard quality is what AMP Research offers. Purchasing the powerstep electric running boards is certainly a "step-up” in the right direction. It’s an investment worth making!