Introducing The AMP Research PowerStep XL

AMP Research has managed to outmaneuver the competition once again! The company has designed a fresh adaptation of the PowerStep running board. The PowerStep XL is the new kid on the block designed with all the specs of previous AMP Research running boards with an additional boost. The PowerStep XL performs faultlessly in any weather conditions. Constructed with sturdy running boards and long-lasting die-cast linkage mechanisms, the PowerStep XL is a dynamo that makes access to lifted trucks seem like childs play.

An Essential Step In Innovative Construction

If you have difficulty getting in and out of your lifted truck there is a solution. The answer is a device that can assist you with your needs without going too deep into your budget, a gadget that won’t disfigure the sleek design of your vehicle, and something long-lasting. The solution is the AMP Research PowerStep XL. This automatic, electric powered running board is especially constructed for lifted trucks. The XL is integrated within a custom rocker rail emitting a homogenous look and presenting a three-inch lower berth for effortless adaptability when stepping in and out of your vehicle. What's more, the three-inch drop offers additional sturdiness when the PowerStep XL retreats.

The PowerStep XL is an amazing uncomplicated gadget which is one of the reasons why it is so much in demand. By merely linking the boards and connecting the wiring harness into the vehicles OBDII port, you're all set. In addition, the XL still retains features from previous running board models such as extending and withdrawing automatically and smoothly along the vehicle's rocker panels. By winning the esteemed honor for Best New Exterior Accessory in 2014 at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, the AMP Research PowerStep XL proves its awesomeness and signifies what you can and should expect from a top quality product designed by AMP Research and manufactured in the United States. The PowerStep XL is the best in its class.

PowerStep XL Features

The AMP Research XL lowers three additional inches than the first PowerStep making it easier to step in and out of your lifted truck. An exterior rail is also featured; however, it's not as modest as the initial PowerStep but just as effective and sleek. Other features include:

  • Constructed from hard wearing 6063 Marine grade aluminum
  • Provides a three-inch lower surface for stepping
  • Low-profile integrated LED light system
  • Automatic power functioning running boards-rail designed from three-millimeter thick-temperate steel
  • Veneered in a dapper black finish
  • Die-cast aluminum-alloy parts with an anodized and PTFE coat
  • Precision stainless steel pivot pins for uninterrupted steadiness
  • Fully welded integrated bracket operation strong enough for up to 600 lbs
  • Weather resistant, OEM quality electronic motors, wiring harness, and drive system
  • No hassle maintenance, self-lubricating bushings for rugged terrains and climates
  • Especially designed for lifted trucks
  • Super convenient automatic lowering mechanism for effortless exiting and entering

AMP Research PowerStep XL Extra

Extra Convenience and Safety Nets

Besides making entering and exiting lifted trucks easier, the PowerStep XL running boards operate just like your own private genie. They appear when required and go back into hiding when no longer needed. This aftermarket accessory aids with diminishing air resistance and improving fuel consumption for outstanding aerodynamics. When not in use, the integrated rock-rails protects your truck from extreme terrains and climates. The AMP Research PowerStep XL is the definitive answer for convenience and practicality for lifted trucks.

Leading Edge Technology

Brawny and constructed to resist extreme temperatures and moisture, the PowerStep XL is dedicated to flawless performance in any environment and extends in under one second. The XL is unmatched! An enterprising veneer with black anodized PTFE Teflon creates a persona of modernistic and up-to-the-minute design complemented by a superior durable surface. AMP Research assembled the PowerStep XL from top-quality materials like advanced 6063 marine grade aluminum, stainless steel points, die-cast component linkages, and bearings that provide full functionality and unbeatable performance. LED lights offer extra safety in low lit areas. Operating along the same lines as a smartphone or top-notch computer, the PowerStep XL picks up any impedance when extending, and adjust itself by lowering the apparatus once more to allow the obstruction to be removed.

Its All Verified.

There's no need for second thoughts when it comes to purchasing the AMP Research PowerStep XL. Inconvenience is a predicament you won't experience because the PowerStep XL is designed to deal with the best and worst conditions. Dependability is key as the XL is an absolutely reliable and dedicated apparatus. Airtight against the unpredictability of nature, this PowerStep’s anti-pinch component is configured with safety in mind. There's no question that the AMP Research PowerStep XL is a sophisticated gadget built on strength and totally amazing!