Amp Research PowerStep Xtreme

It’s no secret that driving over rough terrain has its challenges. Fortunately, unique and dynamic companies like AMP Research, who are leaders in the field of the automotive aftermarket industry, have devised the ideal solution. The much-needed self-propelled product PowerStep Xtreme was created to get the job done in grueling climates. Arctic temperatures, heavily graveled roads, mud, regardless of the turf the AMP Research PowerStep Xtreme have you covered.

Designed For Perfection

The well-designed AMP Research PowerStep Xtreme lives up to its name. Following x-treme testing under real-world driving environments, this ergonomic running board passed each difficulty with flying colors. Designed from quality lightweight durable components and sturdy die-cast linkage apparatuses along with stainless steel hinge points and bearings, the PowerStep Xtreme running board is in a class by itself. Never mind the top-notch electric motor and black-anodized finish that illustriously enhances the thickness of the natural oxide layer of the metal surface. The long-lasting electric motor is unrivaled when it comes to dependability providing minimal, if any, maintenance for years on end.

PowerStep Xtreme Functionality

There are no complicated procedures to comprehend. The AMP Research PowerStep Xtreme is a high-powered automotive electric running board that automatically extends when the door opens and disengage after closing. It’s just that simple! In addition, this modernized gizmo leaves your vehicle untouched. In other words, the design of your truck or SUV will remain as sleek as ever, unencumbered by the PowerStep Xtreme installation. What’s more, LED lights come into action once the running boards are deployed. Great for situations where there is little to no lighting.
Constructed for convenience, the PowerStep Xtreme also offers a feeling of safety. Heavy-duty vehicle owners take pleasure in the running board’s sturdiness and dependability. AMP Research never fails to disappoint. With a groudbreaking design built around dynamic style, the PowerStep Xtreme is the ideal appendage for any heavy-duty vehicle. Totally practical, easy to assemble, and totally compliant, the Power Xtreme has everything required for security in rugged climates.

PowerStep Xtreme Highlights

Fabricated from industrially advanced die cast aluminum alloy components, the AMP Research PowerStep Xtreme is formulated for long-lasting service. Military-spec exterior to prevent corrosion together with extended aluminum inner ribs, the Powerstep Xtreme is not only an accessory for your vehicle, it’s an investment! Features include:

  • Flawlessly performing electric power with dual motor drive
  • LED illumination
  • Designed to tackle the most extreme weather conditions
  • Superb traction, all-weather performance
  • Hard wearing quality texture powder coat veneer
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Designed from superior die-cast aluminum
  • Automatic extension and withdrawal with no loss of ground clearance
  • OEM advanced attributes, wiring harness, drive system
  • Designed and manufactured in the United States; backed by a 5-year 60,000 mile warranty

The Ground Breaking PowerStep Xtreme Is Fundamental

The genesis of AMP Research begins with Horst Leitner known for the "Horst Link,” an innovative four-bar linkage suspension system. As the architect of the PowerStep Xtreme running boards and other automotive aftermarket accessories, Horst instinctively knew something was missing in the heavy-duty vehicle industry. The inception of the PowerStep proved to be nothing less than engineering ingenuity and revolutionized the aftermarket automotive industry. Leitner discovered that running boards were frequently attached too high or too close to the vehicle, preventing uninterrupted easy accessibility to the running boards themselves. That’s why, the PowerStep Xtreme was designed via ergonomic analysis. Assessments included the participation of a diverse group of individuals who assisted with shaping the most applicable height and extension resulting in the consummate running board design.
Not a moment too soon, the PowerStep Xtreme running board became part of the AMP Research family of celebrated automotive accessories built to last and always in demand. Designs are sleek, sophisticated, fully functional, and economically sound.

AMP Research Remains On-Top

The AMP Research PowerStep Xtreme is designed and built in North America. The fine tuned, electric powered running board provides the ideal solution for drivers contending with tough terrains and difficulty entering and exiting their vehicle. Adding to the running board’s appeal, friends, family members, and work colleagues will find PowerStep Xtreme a fantastic convenience for stepping in and out of any heavy-duty vehicle. The self-loading, electric-powered running board is much like a reposeful valet. Appearing when needed and disappearing after fulfilling its responsibility. While out of sight, the PowerStep Xtreme retains the vehicle’s sleek appearance. No protruding bits-and-pieces hindering flawless functionality. It’s all about convenience, and performance.

The PowerStep Xtreme is an amazing automotive accessory. Not only is this running board cleverly designed, it’s a wise investment that gives years of service with little to no maintenance. In regard to decking out trucks, SUVs, or any heavy-duty vehicle and taking them to the next level, the AMP Research PowerStep Xtreme is the answer. Your vehicle becomes more serviceable, sleek, and functional on a regular basis. AMP Research is the ultimate in automotive accessory design. By continuously advancing the technology to make vehicles more proficient and operable, AMP Research PowerStep Xtreme remains on top of the automotive industry.