AMP Research Running Boards

AMP Research is keen to offer the best to their customers. Moreover, they are aware of the difficulties that can hamper movements when you are getting in and out of your high-ground clearance vehicle. Entering and exiting your Jeep, SUV, or heavy-duty vehicle should be effortless. This is why AMP Research designed AMP Research Running Boards. These running boards help you to step with assurance into your vehicle. The electric powered running board instantly protrudes when your vehicle door opens, and withdraws effectively to an invisible position when your door closes. The AMP Research Running Board unit provides better ground clearance, improved aerodynamics, and adds a contemporary, sophisticated look to your vehicle. Outside of the running board’s appearance, the unit offers all-year-round performance and dependability. These features alone have placed AMP Research Running Boards at the top of the automotive accessory industry.


The mystique of AMP Research begins with discipline, concentration, innovativeness, and hard work credited to its founder, Horst Leitner. The company is now a division of Lund International headquartered in Tustin, California. In this highly intricate workspace, engineers, designers, and the manufacturing process itself takes place. This is where the AMP Research Running Boards come to fruition. Actually, the production is carried out in the United States. The company also utilizes neighboring suppliers for each part and for services not performed in-house, except electric motors, which are purchased from Germany.

Due to the innovational ideal of AMP Research, the automotive industry has been honored with the artistic authenticity and technological pragmatism of the AMP Research brand. The company was fashioned by Austrian moto-cross racer Hort Leitner. The Horst-Link Suspension gave the sport of mountain biking a huge boosts and bestowed Leitner with the opening and monetary backing to begin the AMP Research legacy. Structuring pioneering automotive accessories and creating one of the top known mountain bikes in the trade, AMP Research remains a leader in name and inventiveness. One of their key automotive accessories, the running boards, helped to place the company on the map of automotive accessory greatness.


Heavy-duty and bulky vehicles are awkward to enter and exit. In fact, it nearly takes the skills of a gymnast to effectively maneuver the ins-and-outs of vehicles with a certain amount of ground clearance. Minus the right assistance, mishaps can happen. If you are searching for a guaranteed way of getting in-and-out of your heavy-duty vehicle with a minimum amount of fuss, the AMP Research Running Boards are the way to go. The reassurance and expediency awarded by the AMP Research Running Boards is not to be underestimated, as they are actually a tremendous help to any heavy-duty vehicle owner.

AMP Research Running Boards are the perfect means for conveniently taking control of the way you use your Jeep, SUV, or heavy-duty vehicle. Not only that, the AMP Research Running Boards look great! The modern, modest, and effective design is a plus to the look of any vehicle.

Another point to consider is that the AMP Research Running Boards flawlessly make themselves useful without getting in the way of your day-to-day activities. These running boards ameliorate your vehicle’s general functionality as well.


The key reason why you might want to buy AMP Research Running Boards is to make your vehicle more secure, comfortable, and safer to use. Customers who have bought the AMP Research Running Boards have been satisfied because they know they have invested in a premium product. The company’s running boards are designed to last. They maintain their appearance and quality standards through daily performance. The AMP Research Running Boards are a great brand and that manage to live up to their stellar reputation.

AMP Research Running Boards quickly start doing their magic as soon as your foot is placed upon them. Produced from anodized-steel parts and extruded-aluminum, these running boards are predictably corrosion resistant and created to hold-up against the stress of everyday use. Actually, the weather resistant feature by itself makes AMP Research Running Boards a wise investment. They operate smoothly even under the most trying conditions.


OEM quality AMP Research Running Boards are manufactured from robust aluminum, which assures you that what you are receiving is a rock-solid lift and reliable surface when getting in-and-out of your vehicle. Moreover, the AMP Research Running Boards powder finish creates traction and has the power to support 600 pounds each side.

These running boards include aluminum-alloy components that are anodized and Teflon finished to prohibit corrosion. What’s more, a well-concealed LED light provides enough illumination to keep you from slipping during the nighttime hours. This much-needed feature will help you avoid mishaps in softly lit areas as well.

For sturdiness, the essential components like the wiring harness and drive system are weather resistant. The AMP Research Running Boards are coupled with maintenance free, self-lubricating bushing for optimum performance throughout the year. The running boards are mechanized for a number of diverse SUV and truck applications.

Because of their quality coating, the AMP Research Running Boards are exceedingly strong. The finishing provides great traction in wet and dry climates. Moreover, when put up against a weight of nearly 600 pounds, the running boards show no sign of giving-in, authenticating the authenticity of the running board’s weight capability.

Another thing is the sound. The AMP Research Running Boards function quietly when extending and withdrawing. The sound is just enough to inform you that the system is doing what it’s supposed to do. In addition, the two-second delay feature sustains the down-deployed position two-seconds following the closure of your vehicle door. This is created to allow you to conveniently shift from the front to the rear doors to pickup cargo, tools, shopping, or children from the rear seat.


The AMP Research Running Board is constructed from the best quality materials. The workmanship is second-to-none. In the world of automotive accessories, it’s no secret that AMP Research offers state-of-the-art running boards designed with the best in automotive technology. For example, the surface is textured making it easier to step on-and-off without slipping. In fact, the AMP Research Running Boards are manufactured to hold hundreds of pounds without fracturing. This is in complete contrast to the running boards lightweight. However, this simply proves how well AMP Research has used modern technology to their advantage.

AMP Research Running Boards Features Include:

  • Full strength extruded-aluminum boards with die cast produced aluminum-linkage assemblies
  • Light weight and sturdy
  • Quick to extrude once the vehicle door is opened
  • Hinges are manufactured from stainless steel
  • Height and width is designed for comfortable use once deployed
  • The motor of the AMP-Research Running Boards halts functioning in case of unfamiliar objects getting trapped when the running boards are closing due to the anti-pinch feature
  • Door sensors makes the AMP Research Running Boards run smoothly
  • The running boards can hold considerable weight and work flawlessly in a mixture of climatic conditions
  • Every kit comes with left and right side running-boards assemblies, OEM quality wiring-harness, mounting hardware, control module, and thorough installation guide.
  • Improved ground clearance and increased aerodynamics for your vehicle

AMP Research Running Boards are the perfect solution for heavy-duty truck, SUV, and Jeep owners when it comes to entering and exiting a vehicle. Experts agree that within the automotive accessory industry, the AMP Research brand running board is a product that is hard to beat. Whether it’s a nerf bar, a competitor’s running board or tube step, none can match the simplicity and straightforwardness of the AMP Research brand.


The AMP Research Running Board automation has been tested and authenticated as a well-made unit able to function under the harshest environmental conditions. The outcome is a meticulous mechanism that can perform through snow, mud, ice, dirt, and rough terrains. This very light, sturdy AMP Research Running Board design is built with a resilient, die-cast linkage machinery and built in the U.S. of aircraft top-rated aluminum, finished with a black oxide and Teflon finish for total oxidization protection. Top-quality stainless steel hinge-points and bearings guarantee trouble-free functioning. In addition, each part of the unit is manufactured and tested for dependability. The AMP Research Running Board is designed for maintenance free performance through many years of everyday use.


Out of control gas prices are always a hot topic. The price of gas fluctuates depending on a number of factors. When the price is high, it excessively hurts vehicle owners of SUVs, trucks, and other heavy-duty vehicles. Due to aerodynamics pull-and-weight are two crucial aspects that effect fuel efficiency. Owners of large vehicles are always on the lookout for ways to reduce the variables.

The AMP Research Running Boards has a beneficial affect on vehicles. For example, due to their lightweight, the running boards are not a negative influence on gas mileage. Actually, because they are produced with superior strength aluminum, the running boards are 10-20 percent lighter than normal OEM running boards or aftermarket steel-tube steps.

AMP Research Running Boards work flawlessly while ameliorating comfort and safety. The running board is designed to operate within a matter of seconds when your vehicle door sensors are triggered. The running boards automatically retreat after the door closes, removing the drag created by traditional stationary running boards. The AMP Research brand running boards are aerodynamically advanced partnered with faultless execution.


The AMP Research Running Boards are designed with an aesthetic appeal offering customers a distinctive and technologically advanced option. Nevertheless, during the beginning of the millennium is when commercial manufacturing of the AMP Research Running Boards came to fruition. The first OEM application of the AMP Research brand running board technology was the 2003 Dodge-Ram pickup truck.

Different from former pickup trucks that were used mostly for agricultural and construction purposes, today a minimum of 25% end-users buy pickup trucks primarily for business. Similarly, before SUVs were used largely for work; however, today innumerable consumers purchase SUVs for business, vacations, and for their expanding families. Baby Boomers are an increasing segment of the population in the U.S. This group has a lot of buying power worth approximately $40 billion.

Baby-Boomers with families represent a potential target for the AMP Research Running Board, as safety is crucial to this age group. Because of the functionality of the AMP Research brand running boards, little-ones have it easier getting in and out of vehicles with a high-ground clearance. Parents feel better about loading their children into vehicles with running boards as well.

Furthermore, women are apt to feel more confident due to the reliable construction of the AMP Research Running Boards. Today, women are driving heavy-duty vehicles as well. Women are entrepreneurs, CEOs, and helping to raise a family; therefore, the right transportation is essential. For example, a woman with a business may need her SUV to transport supplies to customers or to drive her family around. Running boards are great for women because not only are they practical, they look good too!


On the whole, AMP Research Running Boards are an authentic product designed exclusively to better the driving experience of heavy-duty vehicle owners. The design is sleek, the materials are top-quality, and the price is right! This is why AMP Research brand running boards are at the top of the automotive accessory industry.

If you are in the market for a set of well-designed, beautifully manufactured running boards to assist you with your day-to-day activities, AMP Research Running Boards is the brand to buy.

AMP Research has proven that quality materials, good design, great price, inventiveness, and practicality are a winning formula. The AMP Research Running Boards are what consumers look for when it comes enhancing their heavy-duty vehicle. AMP Research supplies consumer’s needs by producing exceptional products and consistently setting new industry standards. If you are looking for running boards sincerely designed with you and your daily needs in mind when it comes to your heavy-duty vehicle, AMP Research Running Boards are a worthy investment!