Amp Research Steps

Stepping in and out of your truck should no longer be a difficult task at all if you have AMP Research Steps installed. Most trucks come with the traditional running boards that are permanently fixed to a high position and very close to the body. Of course that is done in an effort to maintain good ground clearance, which in turn defeats the very purpose of having them in the first place. However, that problem can be easily solved by installing the AMP Research Steps which automatically extend immediately you open the door and retract after closing it. That makes it very safe and convenient for you to step up into your truck, and also avoids any issues related to ground clearance and aerodynamics. Stepping into your truck’s bed for easy access to cargo is also much faster and easier with AMP Research Steps installed. Whether you like to do that from the sides or with the tailgate open, it would simply be a breeze for you.

AMP Research Power Step

Manufactured in America, these AMP Research Steps feature the most pragmatic and clever design in the automotive industry. They not only make it faster, safer and easier for you to step up into your truck, but also help maintain the profile of your vehicle as they appear only when needed for stepping in or out. The steps are designed to last and provide optimal performance even under very difficult off-road driving conditions. That is where any traditional running boards wouldn’t be considered an option.

Since the Power Steps are automated, they rely on your trucks sensor door sensors. Immediately you open the door of your truck, the step will extend to let you comfortably step up inside the vehicle. As the step extends out, an LED light system usually illuminates it. The LED light automatically goes off in 5 minutes if you still keep the door open. As soon as you enter into the truck and close the door, the Power Step automatically tuck way to the body. It wouldn’t easily be noticed after retracting, so your truck will not suffer the appearance of any hanging running boards.

The technology which the AMP Research Power Step utilizes leads to many benefits you might not immediately think about. By retracting and tucking up to the body of the truck where they are hardly seen, the steps are not likely to come closer to any object because there is good ground clearance. That is even more important if your vehicle has a long wheelbase as that can make its center come even much closer to obstacles especially when driving over bumps. A truck with a short wheelbase wouldn’t be at a disadvantage to such an extent, but it would still require the automatically functioning steps if it is still high enough to make it uncomfortable to enter inside.

Another important benefit of installing steps that retract and tuck up under your truck’s cab is related to aerodynamics. While your truck is moving there wouldn’t be much air resistance. That does count when it comes to the fuel efficiency of the truck. The AMP Research Steps are also made of the aircraft-quality type of aluminum so that they can be lightweight. That too will help improve the gas mileage of your vehicle.

The die-cast aluminum material making the Power Step and linkage components is also coated with Teflon. That gives it the maximum protection it needs against corrosion. The bearings and the hinges are made of stainless-steel for the same reason. Even the electric motor used to make the system work is heavy duty and works for decades without any need to maintenance. Every part is designed, properly tested and proven to provide reliable performance under any expected conditions. With the steps AMP Research makes in the USA, you can drive your truck in any real-world conditions. You wouldn’t mind when driving it in mud, snow, dust and many other tough off road conditions.

Most trucks come from factories with their entry points or any steps present at a high position. Many people wouldn’t find it comfortable to enter into the trucks. If your age is 50 and above, that would even make things worse. You might still want to make your truck look more aggressive or ready for off highway driving conditions. That will require larger tires and a suspension lift, which will further raise the entry point of the truck. In such a situation, you would even be at a greater need of the AMP Research Steps. Any other type of steps especially the hanging running boards would only be working against what you would want to achieve in the first place.

Before you purchase any steps from AMP Research for your truck, make sure you let the seller know the year of your vehicle model. For some old vehicle models, the seller might need to provide additional diodes normally not included in a standard kit which contains the parts. After your purchase, you should not only get high quality components but also clear instructions to make the installation job easier for you. You can have the installation done by experts because that will take the shortest time. However, you can still choose to do the job yourself as the instructions are always simple enough. It can take a little bit longer, but you will still manage to do it.

Watching videos that show how to install AMP Research Steps makes it a breeze for most truck owners to do the job themselves. AMP Research does provide such videos and so do many automobile experts online. If you own Ford and Chevrolet trucks, you will find plenty of videos to help you out with the installation of your AMP Research Steps. With some trucks minor cutting might be necessary during the installation of the steps. You might want to have the job done by an expert if cutting or any other aspect of installation seems complicated for you.

Side Bed Steps And Tailgate Bed Steps

The reason why you would invest into any truck is to be able to carry cargo. That would even be very important if you do it for a business on a regular basis. Whatever situation applies to you, as a truck owner you would expect to carry cargo from time to time if not regularly. You will therefore need AMP Research Steps that can allow you to access the bed of your truck effortlessly. Side bed steps are usually installed on the sides from where you can step into the cargo area, while tailgate bed steps provide the same access from the rear end. These are very useful because without them it can be very difficult to step into the bed area of your truck especially when the tailgate is open.

It is undeniably a big challenge for any aged or sick persons to enter or exit trucks with highly positioned beds. Even kids might find it difficult to do the same. If you use your truck for business, you certainly want to reduce the time it takes to load or off-load cargo. In all these scenarios, as a truck owner you would definitely need to consider the installation of bed steps. They would certainly make it easier for anyone to use your truck.

In addition to ease of use and convenience, a bed step will also provide a safety benefit. Even for a healthy person, stepping into a very high bed area of a truck can put a lot of strain on the knees as well as the back. Repeatedly doing the same over a long period of time can result to some health related issues or injuries. Investing into the AMP Research Steps can therefore go a long way in preventing many potential problems. The investment can as well end up saving you a lot of money.

AMP Research designs high quality bed steps made of die-cast aluminum coated with Teflon to make sure corrosion doesn’t occur. The design is simple and instructions are provided tom make installations easier regardless of whoever does it. It takes a significantly shorter time to finish the installation of a bed step than the installation of running boards or steps for entering into the cab. However, the model of your vehicle will also be a determining factor. Tell the seller the year of your vehicle model before purchasing the bed step so that any known installation issues cab be addressed.

Although the bed step will not function with automation, it is still designed in a simple but a clever way to simplify its operation. You will simply need to use you foot to flip it down or up. That puts the step into a position where you can easily use it. When it is flipped up after use, it allows good ground clearance. No obstacle can easily come into contact with it. Like the steps into your truck’s cab, the bed steps are also designed to last. Even though a 5 year or 60,000-mile warranty is provided for the AMP Research Power Steps, the side or tailgate bed steps come with a 3-year or 36,000-mile warranty. That is still an impressive warranty record in the industry for any similar product. Whether you drive in snowy, icy, muddy or dusty off-road conditions, your AMP Research Steps will still be long lasting.

With the high quality engineering standards that AMP Research guarantees on its truck accessories, the bed access steps function flawlessly. They are also lightweight but very sturdy at the same time. Each of the bed steps can support loads weighing up to 300 pounds. The pivot pins are made of stainless steel which not only protects against corrosion but its stability remains rock-solid for years. Installation for most vehicle models is always a breeze as it may require use of bolts with no holes to drill. The English installation manual is always easy to follow while everything is made in the USA.

Important considerations

Since 2003, AMP Research Steps and their technology have been factory options at least for Ford and other manufacturers licensed by AMP. With such recognition and reputation in the automobile industry, you therefore want to consider investing in them over other types available in the market. It is important to have considerations like how the appearance of your truck will be after installation of the steps. You do not want steps that will hang on your truck and interfere with its profile. That is why the steps from AMP Research are designed to retract and hide under the cab. Even the bed steps are flipped up after use for the same reason.

Before installation of any steps for your truck, you also want to make aerodynamic considerations. If all the running boards and bed steps will remain hanging from your truck, that would mean a lot of hair resistance will be experienced. Those are the kind of issues that any car manufacturer in modern times would like to avoid as much as possible. It wouldn’t therefore make any sense to invest in steps that would contribute to the same issues. AMP Research Steps only extend when needed and then retract to remain hidden. They will therefore maintain the aerodynamics of your truck as intended by its manufacturer. That does help in maintaining fuel efficiency which is always an important consideration.

Ease of use and convenience are very important considerations when investing into steps for your truck. You want to be able to enter into your truck’s cab or access the bed where your cargo is stowed without experiencing any discomfort whatsoever. Safety is also important for you and everyone who will be using your car. So investing in steps that will have features designed for such considerations will be very important. AMP Research offers the best of such products that currently exist in the market. Do your research and read reviews to help you make the right decision.

Durability is an important consideration because after investing in the steps you want them to last. That is why AMP Research Steps are made of high quality materials and so are all the components included in the kit. After installation, your steps can last for decades and that would save you a lot of money at the end of the day. Consider your vehicle model year, and whether you can do the installation yourself or will have it done by experts who are more experienced.