AMP Research Unauthorized Dealers

Our commitment to providing superior automotive products is, and has always been, the focus of our business. Only officially authorized AMP Research dealers are allowed to sell Amp Research products. Amp Research products come standard with a factory-backed warranty, which will only be honored if the products are purchased through Authorized Retailers, Dealers or Distributors. If you obtain a AMP Research products from an unauthorized dealer, your warranty will not be honored and we cannot offer you the assurances of quality and satisfaction afforded by purchases made through Authorized dealers.

If you are uncertain about purchasing from a specific dealer, before you purchase,
please contact AMP Research directly at 949-221-0023.

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Be cautious of sellers on Amazon and eBay.

Amazon, eBay and any other resellers who sell through these online market places are not Authorized Dealers of AMP RESEARCH Products. If purchasing our products directly through Amazon, eBay or retailers within their networks, your factory warranty will not be honored.

Avoiding Unauthorized Dealers

Be Aware of Unauthorized Dealers!

Products sold by unauthorized dealers are not purchased from AMP Research; instead they are typically acquired from a host of other sources. Due to the nature of the goods sold by unauthorized dealers and their business practices, products sold by unauthorized dealers are not entitled to AMP Research warranty coverage.

Additionally, many of these unauthorized dealers change names and locations frequently so they cannot be reached to solve customer problems. Other sites simply go out of business. Furthermore, as many of our products are typically designed to fit a specific Make, Model and Year of vehicle, the application data that is essential to ensuring that the correct product is sold, is continually updated by AMP Research and is only supplied to our Authorized Re-sellers.

We are using our best efforts to prohibit these companies from taking advantage of consumers, but these practices still exist. To ensure that you receive the quality products and service that you are entitled to when you purchase AMP Research products, it is important that all your purchases of our products be made only through an authorized dealer.

How do I determine if a dealer is authorized to sell AMP Research products?

We continually maintain a list of Authorized AMP Research Dealers.
When in doubt, contact us directly at 949-221-0023.

ElectricStep is an Official Authorized Shipping Center

What happens to my warranty if I purchase through an unauthorized dealer?

Any AMP Research product that has been purchased from an unauthorized dealer or if the original factory serial number has defaced or replaced in any way will not be honored or serviced under the existing AMP Research limited warranty policy.

The dangers of purchasing non certified products: 

Amp Research products sold by unauthorized dealers sometimes are purchased on a secondary "gray" market and can be damaged, defective, refurbished, stolen or even counterfeit.

It's not uncommon for such dealers to deny responsibility for product/support issues. Beware that if we are unable to validate the original purchase date and ownership, your warranty will not be fulfilled.

Avoid repairs through unauthorized dealers

Unauthorized dealers may attempt to provide warranty service by repairing products themselves. Repairs made by an unauthorized dealer may not meet AMP Research Limited standards due to the use of inappropriate parts or untrained personnel.