AMP Research

AMP Research has always been an innovator and pioneer in the automotive accessories industry. The aim of each product created by AMP Research has been meticulously executed using the latest in technology making various vehicles like cars, trucks, and SUVs more functional, easy, and sleek. Recently, AMP Research turned over the reigns to Lund International, a company well known in the automotive industry. With the acquisition of AMP Research, Lund International hit on a "goldmine" of automotive engineering genius.


Through the innovation of AMP Research, the world of automotive accessories was exposed to the true concept of artistic integrity aligned with technological practicality. Amp Research was founded via modest origins by Austrian moto-cross racer Hort Leitner. After moving to the United States and settling in California in 1980, Leitner plotted, planned, and produced the beginnings of AMP Research. Building ground-breaking automotive accessories and designing one of the most sleek and ingenious mountain bikes ever sold was just part of the journey to success for AMP Research.

During the 1990s, Leitner focused his interest on improving the mountain bike, creating the much celebrated AMP Research full-suspension bikes. Typified by Leitner's avant-garde four-bar articulating front-fork, energy smart Hort link-rear suspension, and the earliest cable-hydraulic bicycle front disc-brake. This feather light, 100% aluminum bicycle introduced the standard for mountain bike-technology today! In addition, AMP Research produced comparable Mercedes-Benz bicycles that were promoted via Mercedes-Benz franchises in the US and Europe. AMP Research went on to license and patent numerous innovative designs that made their mark on the automotive industry. It's amazing that such a company was developed from an idea that influenced such a popular and much needed industry. With Lund International taking over the helm, AMP Research has released a group of products into the company's hands that are sure to continue to impress and revolutionize the auto industry.


AMP Research products like the BedXTender, PowerStep, BedStep, BedStep 2, and Running Boards, have made AMP Research a pioneer, which is no easy feat to accomplish. For example, the new Bed-Xtender is a new-fangled truck extender that was chosen by Truck Trend Magazine as a number-one contender in the best new products classification during the SEMA Show in 2012. Though this particular product was selected from the AMP Research collection, anything manufactured by AMP Research has been a top trendsetter in the world of automotives.


Lund International took advantage of a fantastic opportunity when they purchased AMP Research. They vow to maintain the same quality and workmanship that AMP Research so painstakingly fashioned. AMP Research products will be renewed via the "Innovation in Design" series of Lund International. The products created and produced by AMP Research, along with future endeavors, will continue to be carefully managed by the same AMP Research team. The proprietorship of AMP Research may have changed hands, but the integrity and ingenuity that built the company will remain.

AMP Research products will actually complement the many products that Lund International currently offer in the automotive world such as fender flares, side window deflectors, and premium floor liners to name a few. It is a natural progression for Lund International to take on such a prestigious company like AMP Research. Being in the same industry certainly helped, but being in the same class of that industry is a bonus!

The announcement was made in October 2013 that Lund International had acquired AMP Research. The broadcast seemed to come from "out of the blue." However, a company like Lund International is sharp. The acquisition of AMP Research was certainly in the works for quite some time. Even though details were not forthcoming about Lund's takeover of AMP Research, it was a surprise but probably not so surprising. Lund International is a leader themselves and a marketer of automotive aftermarket accessories for a complete assortment of heavy-duty trucks, passenger cards, and light trucks.

By establishing the "Innovative in Design" series, Lund International is placing themselves in the stratosphere of the automotive world. With AMP Research in the mix, one fantastic clever designing team in the auto world was simply joined with another.


AMP Research is an exclusive supplier of sleek, modern, and practical car and truck accessories for Mercedes-Benz, Suzuki, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Nissan, Toyota, Fiat, Chrysler, Kia, Hyundai, GM, and Ford. The company also holds an astounding 45-international and US patents for automotive, motorcycle, bicycle, and numerous other inventions.

What makes AMP Research so remarkable is their straightforwardness and ease combined with a keen eye for innovation topped with a measure of practicality. Multifaceted automotive problems ideally have clear-cut solutions. Here is where AMP Research "outshines the competition." The products AMP Research develops seem effortlessly overt, somewhat common; but no other company designs them like AMP Research does! Products from AMP Research are created as a "natural extension" of what is already available. Their designs are always one-step ahead. It"s as natural as putting one foot in front of the other when walking. AMP Research creates "common sense" products. AMP Research has never sacrificed quality, and each item is built to endure various weather conditions as well. Furthermore, they are actually manufactured to be "used" everyday without relinquishing quality.


AMP Research consistently focuses on developing innovative products that make their many customers' vehicles more functional. Though Lund International has taken over the company, the same AMP Research refinement and dependability will be available. Whether storing your objects using the versatile Bed X-Tender, or entering your heavy-duty vehicle via the AMP Research PowerStep, serviceable products for the automotive industry are what AMP Research has managed to master. Not only that, each product comes with its own guarantee/warranty.

Equipping your vehicle with first-rate pioneering products from AMP Research makes using your vehicle for work or play much easier and amiable. If you are looking for quality automotive products to buy from a company that backs-up what they manufacture 100%, then AMP Research, now part of the Lund International "Innovation in Design" series, is the answer. The name "AMP Research" alone has stood for the best one can buy for heavy-duty vehicles. Let Lund International, through their "Innovative in Design" series; carry you to the next level of the AMP Research saga. A new era has begun for the AMP Research legacy. One that is sure to be as exciting and innovative as the past.