AMP Research

AMP Research is an innovator of design and automotive technology. The company has gone far beyond the call of duty and created the best in running boards, bed steps, truck bed-extenders and more. Revolutionary design with precision is what AMP Research is all about. In fact, AMP Research recently added the BedXTender HD™. This ground-breaking truck extender was selected by Truck Trend Magazine as a leading contender in the best new products classification during the 2012 SEMA show. No matter which item you choose from the AMP Research collection, you can be sure of receiving a quality product.


Austrian engineer and motocross champion Horst Leitner has always been the type to be at the top of his game. Innovative ideas and tenacity has been a part of his character, which of course led to the success of AMP Research. Leitner’s motor sports company ATK, manufactured countless improvements in motorcycle suspension, transmission, and braking during the 1980s. Nonetheless, through the 1970s, Leitner took his talent for engineering genius and began working for Mercedes-Benz and other European automotive and motorcycle companies.

Horst was an inspiration in developing motorcycle design. He devised suspension developments that gave bikes the power to go faster and farther through difficult terrain with ameliorated control and safety. Presently, motocross bike racing still benefits from the brilliance of Leitner’s suspension designs.

Eventually, Leitner moved his family to Southern California, the center of mountain biking in the 1990s. He was determined to take his acquired knowledge of motocross and utilize it to unravel engineering challenges presented by the new two-wheeled sport.

Not too long after, AMP Research manufactured a huge amount of new products. The initial hydraulic-cable actuated disc-brake, a linkage front-fork, and the renowned "Horst Link,” a sensational and unique rear-suspension design.


AMP Research utilized the "Horst Link” on their bike for several years before selling the system to Specialized Bicycles. Specialized amalgamated the design into their Future Shock Rear, FSR, group of full-suspension bikes. From then on, the Horst Link has been the foundation of their off-road product line. Moreover, this revolutionary idea is licensed to numerous manufacturers and felt by many to be responsible for the transformation of full-suspension mountain bikes following its release towards the end of the 1990s. Even now, the "Horst Link” is utilized at length on everything from cross-country racing bikes to full-scale downhill rigs.

Because of the attributes of the design, various manufacturers have compensated Specialized Bicycles licensing fees in order to use the "Horst Link” on bikes ready for the market in the U.S. There have been smaller businesses who have decided that rather than pay licensing fees, they would produce their own imitation of the fabulous "Horst Link.” A few have had success; however, the effect is yet to be known since the patent for the "Horst Link” expired in mid 2013.


AMP Research took the mechanics and appearance of automotive accessories to the next level. The many products designed and created by AMP Research have a modern day appearance, are easy to operate, and well priced. Here are several of the most well-known AMP Research products designed for the automotive industry:

AMP Research BedXTender HD

AMP Research launched the newly designed BedXTender HD in 2011. The mechanism was newly designed with an ameliorated tailgate extender and cargo-holder. The new BedXTender is the strongest, most heavy-duty design on the market. The newer model includes innovative torque resilient composite uprights and rounded rectangle tubes.

AMP Research Bedstep/BedStep 2

AMP Research devised a means of making it easier for owners of heavy-duty vehicles to have access to their truck‘s bed. The BedStep is a uniquely designed contraption with retractable steps for trucks that mount to the bumper chassis attachments to the back corner of the truck. The BedStep can be extruded with the tap of the foot; thereby, simplifying the process of climbing up or down the pick-up bed. Flawlessly, the AMP Research BedStep withdraws after use.

AMP Research PowerStep Deployable Running Boards

The AMP Research PowerStep offers an efficiently manufactured running board that is a retractable step created with a patented, aerodynamically designed linkage and electric motor. The PowerStep extends when a door is opened and withdraws with the door is closed. More than 30,000 PowerSteps have been purchased by satisfied consumers via the line-fitted OEM parts under the AMP Research brand and multi-step allocation in the automotive industry.

AMP Research BedXTender

The AMP Research BedXTender for heavy-duty trucks is produced from glass and tubular aluminum casehardened resin-connectors that extend the cargo area of truck beds, making them more usable and practical. Truck owners can conveniently use the bed space with the tailgate opened, while the BedXTender makes sure that items remain in place. Moreover, the BedXTender designed by AMP Research can be pushed forward and transformed into another useful and practical apparatus. AMP Research presented the MotoXTender in 2009. The MotoXTender incorporates a uniquely designed inclined back that permits extra space in compact pickups for ATVs, motorcycles, and other long cargo.


Lund International knows a winner when they see one. The company took over AMP Research and has made it clear that they intend to keep the same quality and craftsmanship that AMP Research is known for. AMP Research innovative products will be under the brand "Innovation in Design” but still known as AMP Research. This section was created specifically for the AMP Research collection.

All products designed by AMP Research along with any future activities, will continue to be meticulously executed by the same AMP Research team. The proprietorship of AMP Research has been changed, but the resourcefulness and uprightness has not been compromised. Actually, AMP Research is a positive addition to the various products that Lund International currently distributes in the automotive industry. They include products such as fender flares, window deflectors, and floor liners to name a few.

Lund International was business wise and clever enough to choose a company that is built on a solid reputation for perfection, and AMP Research fit the bill perfectly! The automotive industry has lots to be grateful for due to the innovation of AMP Research products. With the Lund International and AMP Research combo, the automotive industry is sure to advance as AMP Research continues to revolutionize the industry.