AMP Research

AMP Research is a trailblazer in high-tech design for automotive accessories. The company’s reputation is based around making mediums like heavy-duty vehicles such as SUVs and trucks more comfortable and easily accessible for drivers and passengers. AMP Research creates sleek, forward thinking automotive technology with practical applications.

A grand collection of truck steps, running boards, truck bed X tenders, full suspension bikes and more, has created notoriety and recognition for this brilliant company and placed them at the top of their game. Trend Magazine calls them "a crowning contender in the best new products class.” during the 2012 SEMA Show. Whatever you need to snazzy up your heavy-duty vehicle with practical up-to-date adjuncts without appearing ostentatious, AMP Research can fill the void.

Exactly Who Is AMP Research?

Well, there are a number of ways to answer that question. AMP Research is a US auto accessory manufacturing design company, located in Irvine California. The company conceives, constructs, and markets products designed to enhance the functional mechanisms of SUVs, light trucks, and heavy-duty vehicles. AMP Research has an expression that sums up in a few words the true purpose and goals of the company. The words, "Innovation in Motion” captures the essence of what AMP Research brings to the automotive industry since its inception in 1980.

An original research and supplier of exclusive car and truck accessories for GM, Chrysler, Ford, Hyundai, Nissan, Kia, Mazda, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Mercedes-Benz, and Suzuki, AMP Research is the pioneer of sleek quality accessories. Customers not only get more use out of their vehicle, but AMP Research products ameliorates vehicles without intruding upon their performance or appearance.

Automotive accessory products manufactured and designed by AMP Research include the BedStep, PowerStep, Moto X-Tender, Bed X-Tender, and Alloy Fuel Doors, all trademarked by the company.

The founder of AMP Research is Horst Leitner. Leitner, who was born in Austria, commenced upon revolutionizing the automotive accessory industry in the 1980s. He created the four-stroke ATK-motocross bike and off-road motorcycles that foreshadowed the current leading four-stroke apparatus. This led to the inimitable AMP Research and full-suspension bikes of Mercedes-Benz in the 1990s, to the present SUV accessories and pickup trucks.

So, what really makes AMP Research so special besides its pioneering founder and distinctive engineering concepts that make heavy-duty vehicles more compliant? For one thing, the company has a knack for solving complex automotive problems with simple solutions. They look for the simplest form of automotive accessory assistance for heavy-duty vehicles that lead to flawless functionality. Products are uniquely functional topped with practicality and creative rational. Quality is never sacrificed. AMP Research automotive accessories are known for their durability while meeting the demands of their many demanding customers, making their lives easier simultaneously. That’s why you want to be sure that you are getting a genuine AMP Research product, and is the foremost provider of AMP Research products today.

Why ElectricStep.Com Makes The Difference carries authentic AMP Research products. No cutting corners, no third or fourth parties, and no shady deals. ElectricStep offers excellent customer service and maintains the respect and integrity that a company like AMP Research requires. With such a worldwide reputation to maintain, there is no room for errors. What’s more, via ElectricStep other dealers who desire to carry AMP Research products, are given a seal of approval once they have been extensively scrutinized to make sure that the AMP Research superior quality and standards are clearly recognized and will be upheld. Therefore, only the most experienced and estimable retailers and installers are allowed to promote and carry the AMP Research brand. Therefore, you can be rest assured when you purchase automotive accessories from that you are acquiring the actual product and not some imitation. Not only that, you are guaranteed the best price for sale with unmistakable quality!

Functionality and Style

When vehicle owners find a company that delivers what they promise, that company has a customer for life. AMP Research’s products are not hollow pieces created only for aesthetic appeal, they actually work in an impressive easy manner. Due to their ability to find easy solutions to multifaceted problems, every time a customer utilizes a running board, or haul a heavy load benefiting from the company’s sensible truck bed extenders, patrons know they have purchased a product from a company with some of the most progressive, technological expertise in the field. AMP Research is so "up on their game,” their products can be seen on stock-vehicles manufactured by Dodge, GM, Mitsubishi, Nissan, and Honda, to name a few.

For example, who can argue with AMP Research new BedStep2™ flip-down box side steps? Designed for trucks, the flip-down BedStep2 looks more like a computer keyboard than steps for trucks. The design is cool, sleek, and functional. One customer review quoted "the look on people’s faces is priceless,” whenever she gracefully let down the power-retracting running boards attached to her SUV. They are just awesome accessories that look good and no one refutes that claim!

The meticulous standards that AMP Research pledges are not limited to quality accessories, but visually pleasing ones as well. Putting together down to earth sophistication with sharp technically refined design is what makes the company tick. It is not easy to coalesce elegance with ruggedness, but they manage to pull it off with aplomb. Another thing, because their products appear so sophisticated, there is no need to handle them like eggshells. You can actually "use” their products the way they are intended without disappointment.

AMP Research Gives It’s Customers An Opportunity To Shine

Earlier in 2013, AMP Research got together with Motorz to launch an exclusive competition in the United States called "The AMP Research Great-American Giveaway.” By way of this special contest, entrants were permitted to provide information concerning a person they admire who has a pick-up truck and goes past the "call of duty” to serve loved ones, friends, their neighborhood, or the country in general. The winner would receive an AMP Research PowerStep system and an option to receive three more qualifying products.

Of course, the company received tons of outstanding entries and it was tough deciding who would be the winner. The winner was chosen because of their extensive volunteer work, how their truck helped them to accomplish their undertakings, and the way that AMP Research products helped with making their life and the winner’s volunteer work better. The prize was an AMP Research PowerStep and BedXTender HD. AMP Research states "the competition was created to enhance the lives of truck owners who take pride in helping others.

Other recent happenings with AMP Research include a BedStep flip-down bumper-step that makes it easier and safer for truck owners to access their truck bed. The new-fangled BedStep from AMP Research is created to specifically fit 2009 to 2013 Ram-1500 truck with dual-exhaust.

The AMP BedStep makes it easier, safer, and more secure for those getting in and out of their truck bed when loading goods. This automotive accessory tool is a hands free operation. With only a slight push of one’s foot and with a minor tap, the BedStep hides away, never to reveal itself again until needed.

Features include a high-traction composite step-pad, big enough for two big-boots, superior strength aluminum-alloy design that holds up to 300-pounds and a military spec, anodized/Teflon coated-finish that resists decay in addition to working effectively with the tailgate undone or closed, leaving the truck owner’s hitch-receiver free for towing. Additionally simple latch-on installation utilizing the truck’s factory bumper-frame mounting points makes the BedStep a fantastic winner with truck owners everywhere. The AMP Research BedStep three-year warranty doesn’t hurt either!

AMP Research does quite a number of shows and events throughout the year. Some shows include the Truck Fest that takes place in Dallas, Texas; Ontario, Canada; Denver, Colorado, and other well-known states like Florida and North Carolina. Other venues include the Off-road Expo in Pomona California and the SEMA SHOW in Las Vegas.

Other Great AMP Research Products Include:


The AMP Research Bed X-Tender for pick-up trucks is designed of tubular-aluminum and glass toughened resin-connectors that elongate the cargo space of the bed of trucks above the folded down tailgate. This permits truck owners to completely utilize the area, with the tailgate lying down, with the help of the Bed X-Tender. In addition, the Bed X-Tender designed by AMP Research can be tossed forward for sorting storage while the gate is up, with the adaptability of removal for hauling larger cargo bits and pieces. In 2009, the launch of the AMP Research Moto X-Tender, with an interesting inclined back-design, which permits extra space in compact pick-ups for ATVs, motorcycles, and additional longer cargo.


The AMP Research PowerStep supplies a running-board retractable-truck step using a patented, aerodynamically engineered-linkage and electric-motor. The AMP Research PowerStep expands when a vehicle door is ajar, and withdraws when the doors are closed. More than 30,000 PowerSteps were sold by 2010, both via multi-step allocation in the automotive after-market and line-fitted OEM parts under the AMP Research name.


AMP Research produced a way to make getting in and out of a pick-up a lot easier. The BedStep is a smartly designed retractable step for trucks that moutns to the bumper-frame attachments at the back corner of the truck. The BedStep can be extended downward with the toss of a foot to make it easier to climb up or down from the pick-up bed, in addition, the AMP Research BedStep withdraws after use. In 2011, AMP Research launched the BedStep2. This new side step for pick-up truck mounts on either-side, right behind the cab, supplying a quicker, simpler, and safer route to gain entry to toolboxes and various other equipment and goods in the bed.


AMP Research launched a freshly recreated and enhanced tailgate extender and cargo holder called the BedXTender HD in 2011. This design is the strongest, most hard-wearing produced BedXTender until now, with new torque-resilient composite uprights and patented rounded-rectangle tubes.


AMP Research and Leitner created an aluminum fuel filler-door for OEM to utilize on the Mitsubishi-Eclipse, a modernization that was additionally used by Ford on the Hummer H2, Jeep Wrangler, Dodge Challenger, Bullit Mustang, Kia Soul, Hyundai, Ram, and Mazda MX5.

AMP Research Is In A Class By Itself

With so many companies utilizing products from AMP Research such as Chrysler, GM, Dodge, Nissan, Honda and more, proves how much the company is needed in the automotive industry. With products like the BedStep and the Bed X-Tender, 45 international patents for numerous inventions on automobiles, bicycles, motorcycles, and more, along with certifications, AMP Research has proven its staying power, and customer reviews prove it!

One customer says, "These running boards are awesome. The entire design is well constructed with exceptional attention to detail. Instructions are clear and easy to follow. "

Another customer points out, "I installed my AMP Research Power Steps on a 2014 Ram 2500 Crew Cab Short Bed CTD truck. The steps I had before were uncomfortable. They were easy to see and it made my truck look too bulky and low. AMP looks great and is a great product. My truck looks good, and now my family has no problem getting in and out of it.”

"Nothing can touch this product. This is my second Power Step I’ve had and the one I had before lasted at least six years with no problems at all,” stated another customer.

Of course, the list of customer reviews can go on indefinitely, but let’s suffice it to say that "AMP Research is a company that has elevated the look, style, and functionality of automotive accessories. It is no surprise that AMP Research is the big seller that it is today. With a line of unique automotive enhancements, the company has maintained a reputation for excellence and ingenuity.

Outfitting your vehicle with top-notch pioneering products that make your life easier is what AMP Research, which is currently owned by Lund International, is all about. There are no gimmicks involved because everything they do is straightforward and genuinely work! If you are looking for automotive accessories to purchase from a company that can back up their products, you don’t have to look further. The AMP Research name alone stands for the best in automotive accessories around the world.

Whether corralling your load with the handy Truck BedXTender or stepping into your SUV with their inventive running boards, it’s a done deal, everything works with AMP Research products, and long-lasting quality is guaranteed!