AMP Steps

You’ve purchased a lifted vehicle, and now you are trying to figure out a way to comfortably get in and out of it. Sure, you can use the handle to pull yourself up to get into the cabin, and if you are the strong type, this won’t be an issue. However, for family members like young kids or older people, it can wreck havoc on their agility. The best, most economical, and simplest solution is AMP Steps Running Boards.

The amount of choices for off-roaders searching for ways to easily gain access to their lifted vehicle has made AMP Steps Running Board the leading name in running boards for high vehicles. Step options in the aftermarket for SUVs, Jeeps, and trucks have put AMP Steps Running Board in the lead in the aftermarket industry. Other brands can’t compete mainly because they hang quite low under the frame of the vehicle, thereby creating a possible rubbing-dragging problem when out and about. For example, having a step running board or slider that could possibly attach onto ruts and rocks while on the road seems more like a step in the wrong direction, which may cause untold problems later on.


OEM quality electric-motors by AMP-Research are made from sturdy aluminum, which guarantees a solid lift and dependable surface when stepping in and out of your vehicle. In addition, the AMP Steps Running Boards are powder finished for traction and has the strength to support 600-pounds each side.

The AMP Steps Running Boards incorporate aluminum-alloy components that are anodized and Teflon-finished to decrease deterioration. Moreover, a well hidden LED light offers stark illumination during nighttime hours. This feature will help you avoid any missteps in dimly lit areas.

For toughness, the integrated components, like the drive system and wiring harness are weather resistant. The AMP-Research American designed and produced steps running boards come with maintenance free, self-lubricating bushings for year-round performance. The AMP Steps Running Boards is mechanized for a variety of different SUV and truck applications.

Due to the quality coating, the AMP Steps Running Boards are extremely sturdy. The finishing on the boards supplies fantastic traction in wet and dry climates. In addition, when put to the test with a weight of approximately 485 pounds, the AMP Steps Running Boards showed no sign of weakening, verifying the legitimacy of the steps running boards weight capacity.

Because the AMP Steps Running Boards are electronically controlled, the sound of the boards deploying and retracting let’s you know that the system is working perfectly as intended. Another great feature is the two-second delay, which maintains the down deployed position two-seconds after a door is closed incase you move from the front to the back doors to grab cargo, groceries, or your children from the backseat.


Overall, the AMP Steps Running Boards are a genuine vehicle accessory that is thoughtfully crafted while at the same time, providing easy access for lifted vehicles. It’s also a sleek design that adds style and practicality to any heavy-duty vehicle. With superior design and construction, the AMP Steps Running Boards is definitely one of the best steps to enter the market. If you are in the market for a pair of well crafted, supremely manufactured mechanisms to help you get in and out of your vehicle, the AMP Steps Running Boards are something worth checking out.