AMP Truck Steps

These days, it seems that pickup truck beds are becoming higher and higher, making it more difficult to reach a trucks bed. Take into account the humungous tires and lift-kits, and truck owners will literally require a ladder to be able to use their truck properly! However, AMP-Research has the solution with the AMP Truck Steps. This clever bumper-mounted step grants truck owners easy access to their bed, no matter what the height.

It’s an easy step-up with the AMP Truck Steps. All it takes is a light tap of the foot, and the steps deploy for service. After use, simply flip the step back up. The steps use meticulous bearing pins and rigid cast aluminum-hinges for a flawless operation, immutable support, and lifelong maintenance free service.

AMP Truck Steps are designed for watertight performance under any weather conditions. The complete step is anodized black and powder-coated with Teflon creating an above standard unit that resists corrosion. The glass-reinforced slip resistant resin step-pad provides a safe stepping surface whether the climate is rain, snow, or even mud. What’s more, it attaches on to the vehicle’s existing mounting holes via the truck’s bumper and frame in less than ten-minutes. There’s no drilling and no adjustments, it’s really cool!


The AMP Truck Steps automatically extends to a comfortable stepping height in less than one second. It automatically retracts and invisibly waits until the next time it is needed. This type of truck step can protrude further down and outward than the usual running board, side-step, or nerf bar, making them the simplest and most non-problematical to get access to high-clearance or lifted trucks, SUVs, and Jeeps. The AMP Truck Steps system incorporates a low-profile integrated LED light display, zero maintenance, and self-lubricating bushings to guarantee endurance through any type of weather.

Electronically triggered by the truck’s factory door sensors, AMP Truck Steps extend by a rugged-motor attached invisibly under the rocker panels. The AMP Truck Steps are constructed of the best OEM quality materials. Their extruded aluminum-stepping surface with full-length interior ribs for robust stiffness that can handle up to 300 pounds. Moreover, they are equipped with anti-pinch safety guards to avert steps from closing on obstacles.

AMP Truck Steps take convenience to a whole new level. Not only due to their functionality, but they look cool too. Their appealing black finish adds to the overall attractiveness of the unit. AMP Truck Steps are a good investment because they work, they look good, and they make truck owner’s feel good. Not only that, they are economical as well. They last a lifetime under various conditions, so truck owners will be sure to get their money’s worth.


Trying to get to objects in your truck bed can be a daunting task, leaving you exhausted and frustrated. In fact, it’s a long stretch from the cargo section to the ground, and the possibility for mishaps like trips and falls are very real. Getting objects from the back of your truck should be easy and quick, and should never be a safety concern. This is why the AMP Truck Step is the perfect solution. The AMP Truck Step makes using your truck more sensible and comfortable.

This well-designed AMP Truck Step offers additional support for tasks like reaching for toolboxes or grabbing things in the truck bed. These tasks can be carried out safely and securely minus any need to lean dangerously too far over or bending the body in awkward positions in order to reach a particular object.

Constructed from high quality aluminum-alloy and stainless steel, AMP Truck Steps are tough and made to last regardless of how often they are used. When purchasing AMP Truck Steps, truck owners know they are making the right move and spending their money wisely. It’s simply an investment that has the benefit of being a safety feature, and convenient as well.


Makes it easy to reach objects and items in high truck beds Mounts beneath the truck’s bumper at the corner of the pickup-bed Extrudes with the tap of a foot and retracts afterwards After retraction, the AMP Truck Bed is invisible Side mounted construction offers truck bed access without sacrificing a truck’s hitch.

  • Non-slip composite, glass reinforced step-pad provides secure footing, regardless of the weather conditions
  • Fantastic stable stainless steel pivot pins
  • Anodized and Teflon coated for decay resistance
  • Mounts in under 10 minutes when utilizing existing holes in the truck’s bumper/frame
  • 3 Year/36,000 mile warranty
  • Built and designed in the United States


The AMP Truck Step has been vigorously tested and proven reliable in real world conditions. This means whether traveling off-road, through gravel, mud, snow, rain, or ice, the AMP Truck Step will function flawlessly. This wonderfully functioning tool is impeccable in its performance. The light, yet strong material components are the best on the market for truck beds. These components are made from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, black-anodized and Teflon coated for superior decay protection. Accurate, stainless steel hinge-points and bearings guarantee smooth action. The hard-wearing mechanisms of the AMP Truck Step is designed and tested to supply dependable operation for years to come.


The AMP Truck Step is an energy saver as well. It is well-known that SUVs and trucks do not get very good gas mileage in comparison to other types of vehicles. Aerodynamic drag and weight are crucial variables that unswervingly influence economy and how much mileage truck owners can get from their vehicle. The AMP Truck Step is designed with those considerations in mind, while continuing to provide the optimal functioning of the step for everyday usage when grabbing things out of truck beds.


A decrease in the general weight of your truck will help to ameliorate fuel economy. AMP Truck Steps weigh 10% to 20% less than the usual OEM running-boards or aftermarket steel tube steps.


AMP-Research designed the truck steps in order to help truck owners get more use out of their vehicle. Sturdy construction, quality materials, and a wonderful price makes the AMP Truck Bed a great choice for any truck owner whether on the road or parked in the family driveway. Getting items out of your truck bed should not be a chore. That is why the AMP Truck Step is such a good buy, it makes using one’s truck that much easier. It’s certainly worth the investment too!