AMP products are very easy to install and use, but should you run into any trouble with them, AMP Research Tech Support is available for your peace of mind.

For convenience, AMP Research Tech Support is accessible online. Just visit their web site, click on the applicable tab, and you'll be presented with a number of topics for concern with the corresponding description as to what to look for and what specific repairs you can do to answer the problem. If you can't seem to find what you're looking for in the web site, or if you have other concerns, the AMP Research Tech Support is also available through a toll-free hotline.

AMP is a trusted name when it comes to truck accessories. Proudly carried by ElectricStep.Com, AMP Research products include the Power Step, Bed X-Tender, and the Bed Step. These products are made from lightweight materials and sturdy materials. As with any product, all Amp-Research products also carry warranties. To avail of warranties, read and understand all accompanying policies for validating and invalidating conditions.

Choosing a product

Because AMP products are truck accessories made by truck people for truck people, you can be assured that they will be well suited for your vehicle. For the best level of ease and convenience, you can choose to have all Amp products, the Power Step, Bed X-Tender, and Bed Step, installed unto your vehicle. However, there might be instances when you don't need the Bed X-Tender but just the Power Step and the Bed Step. In some cases, you may need the Bed X-Tender but not the Bed Step. In choosing a product, keep in mind what your needs are. To help you out, understand the purpose of your vehicle. Is it simply for home use? Is it for business? Is it for both? Understanding what purposes your vehicle holds can help you determine which AMP Research products to buy. All AMP Research products are made with your needs in mind so whatever needs you might have, there is sure to be one that can address it.

AMP Installation

Before installing any product, read through particular guidelines first. This will help you properly mount any AMP product, and consequently ensure your safety as well. While AMP Research instruction guidelines are simple enough to understand, it is highly recommended that you instead leave the installation to a professional. Professional installers are familiar with a wide range of products and as such, already know how to install anything unto your vehicle. Insist still, though, that an installer, even though professional, reads through installation instructions just to be sure. If after installation, the AMP Research product you are using is having problems with its functions, you can refer to AMP Research Tech Support online or by calling a toll-free hotline.