Amp Research Bed X-tenders

The AMP Research bed x-tenders has been one of the best innovations to hit truck owners and dealers alike. This truck accessory has been around for almost ten years now and a huge number of customers have attested to its durability and excellent functionality.

AMP Research

If you haven't gotten your own AMP Research bed x-tenders and you're still struggling with the dilemma of how to carry huge cargo, then now is the best time to get this innovative accessory. Invented and manufactured by AMP Research, you are assured that you're getting the best in truck accessories from a renowned name in the industry.

AMP Research is the brains behind the AMP Research bed x-tenders and a host of other innovations like the bed step and power step. It has been around for more than twenty years and was founded by people passionate about trucks and motorcycles. The company is committed to offering the best products that answer the specific needs of their discerning customers. They work under the philosophy that most complicated problems can be solved by simple solutions. This is precisely reflected in their AMP Research bed x-tenders.

Innovation + common sense

The AMP Research bed x-tenders makes is innovative and sensible all at the same time. To solve the dilemma of increasing truck bed space, this accessory allows you to make use of your lowered tailgate and secures any long cargo such as motorcycles, ATV's and camping gear. With this innovative attachment, you can drive away rest assured that your things are secured at the back of your truck.

Recent developments

Over the years, the AMP Research bed x-tenders has gone through several developments, each one designed to add convenience to this indispensable product. These days, the accessory comes with Quick Latch mounts for improved attachment and removal. They make the bed x-tenders easier to attach and remove without sacrificing the strength of the product. It is still made of lightweight series 6000 aircraft aluminum tubes which makes this accessory strong enough to be used as a bench.

Increased efficiency

More and more customers are vouching for the high quality in AMP Research bed x-tenders. It has become a must-have for a lot of truck owners in the US. After all, this product enables you to add two feet to your truck bed's length. It makes hauling bigger cargo possible without the extra cost of getting a bigger truck. The AMP Research bed x-tenders definitely maximizes the potential of your truck bed for your cargo-haul needs.

If you're interested in acquiring your own AMP Research bed x-tenders, it is available in most specialty shops. There are also websites that distribute the product. Electric Step is one of the best and renowned retailer of AMP Research truck accessories.