Amp Research Led Light Kit

Accidents can happen even when a vehicle is at rest, such as a misstep when boarding on or off the cab. The latter is quite a frequent incidence especially in trucks, which have high ground clearance. If you find yourself or family members having this minor accident over and over again, you may want to consider equipping your truck with the AMP Research LED light kit. This extra feature of the AMP power step lights up the said power board, giving you guidance as you step in and out of your truck. This lowers the risk for missteps as well as provides you with lighting coverage in difficult and dark roads.

How it works

The AMP Research LED light kit is a set of four low profile light-emitting-diodes (LED) lights which are installed at the downside of the AMP Research power step. Installing these lights is easy as all you need to do is mount them under the Power Step using the supplied adhesives and fasteners, and then plug the provided wiring harness into the existing power module of the Power Step and you are ready to go.

The AMP Research LED light kit automatically lights up when the Power Step is lowered as you open your truck door, staying lit for five minutes or until you close the door again. This gives you and the rest of your passengers ample time to load or unload of the vehicle safely even in pitch darkness.

AMP Research Product Line

AMP Research is a company dedicated to inventing and manufacturing quality and durable truck accessories. Their goal is to provide simple answer to several of the complex problems that have haunted man for years.

More importantly, the guys at AMP Research are truck people themselves and as such understand the needs of the truck people that they make products for. Aside from the AMP Research LED light kit and the Power Step, the company also manufactures the Bed Extender and BedStep among others.

Best product source

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