Amp Research Power Step Reviews

If you go to various online sites, you will find a massive amount of AMP Research Power Step Reviews. In fact, many reviews about this product are a natural outcome of its distinctiveness, quality, and usefulness. The AMP Research Power Step is a magnificent step onward in running-board practicality. With a fully automated design that expands outward and withdraws hidden underneath when doors are opened or closed on a vehicle, gives the AMP Research Power Step Reviews top rankings amongst its competitors. You see, the AMP Research Power Step gives users an easy, handy stepping apparatus without sacrificing ground clearance or the vehicle’s appearance.

The AMP Power Step offers a superior wide stepping surface that is more accommodating and safer than ordinary nerf bars or running-boards. Moreover, they are produced from sturdy aluminum for a 600-pound carrying capacity. The Power Step has been tested in various weather conditions and temperatures from 200-degrees Fahrenheit to 40-degrees below zero, in order to prove the unit’s durable performance. In addition, select models incorporate the "Plug and Play” feature. This feature permits you to control your running-boards via your vehicle’s OBD-II port. It’s a handy mechanism as there is no wire splicing, no taking away of door panels, and because it includes a pass-through harness, you will hold on to access to your OBD-II port.

AMP Research Power Step Review

According to AMP Research Power Step Reviews, the company’s power steps are the most advanced and valued steps in the step/running-board industry. With the cleanest, high-tech and ergonomic design ever, these power steps have revolutionized the way people get in and out of their heavy-duty vehicles. The Power Step includes an electric motor assembly and a hinged design that permit’s the steps to fold-up and tuck against your vehicle’s frame when driving and then immediately unfold into place when the vehicle is parked or unlocked.

As descriptions and reviews state, as soon as you are in your vehicle and shut your doors, the steps fold-back beneath the truck so that you can benefit from ameliorated aerodynamics while driving while ensuring your vehicle retains its much sleeker, clean appearance than other conventional side-steps and running-board assemblies. Keep in mind; AMP Research Power Steps are some of the most robust, high-quality steps on the market today. The AMP Research Power Steps are the ideal solution for entering and exiting your heavy-duty vehicle, especially if it’s assertively lifted and/or running bigger wheels or tires.

Here are a few AMP Research Power Step Reviews from actual users:

"I put my AMP Research Power Steps on my 2012 Dodge Ram. They work beautifully and are extremely durable. The steps really move faster than the identically designed steps that are on other vehicles. They are simple to install, the instructions are clear, and they are easy to wire.”
John from Indiana

"Gives my truck that clean look”
Brandon from Ohio

"It simply can’t get any better! I had OEM power-steps on my Chevy Suburban and they were really cool. After I upgraded to a diesel-pickup, I ordered it minus the factory steps with the Power Step in mind. The price was more; however, they are really the best OEM quality products, and it’s obvious that they are precision engineered to endure. They are practically silent, real smooth, and they are engineered to perfection.”
Ronald from Milwaukee

"Installing the Power Steps on my 2014 Ram 2500 Mega-Cab was
pretty much straightforward with only a minimal amount of drilling. The only drilling had to do with the rivets and for the light-wires to pass through the pinch welds. These are minute holes, nothing awkward. The mechanical essentials of the installation was easy enough; however, the electrical installation on the newer Ram was a bit thorny because you are required to tap into wires beneath the dash. Be ready to work your muscles after twisting yourself underneath the dash for a while. Nevertheless, you can’t possibly find a better product. Keep in mind, you will need to take time for installation, perhaps spread it out for a few days, if possible. It will certainly be worth the time and effort, the Power Steps are absolutely gorgeous!”
Jim from Florida

The AMP Research Power Step Reviews Bottom Line

The AMP Research Powered Steps are designed exceedingly robust, and capable of resisting the toughest applications and severest weather conditions. The boards themselves are produced from aircraft quality die-cast aluminum fixed with a powder coating and Teflon finish to withstand damage, decay, wear-and-tear, and fading. Each step is delivered standard with stainless-steel pivot-pins and full-length interior ribs to manage exceedingly heavy weights.

The electric designed motors that permit the step to fold and unfold are totally weather resistant and come with a complete wiring-harness for linking into your F150’s electrical system. The steps incorporate built-in LED lights for safety lighting when stepping in and out of your vehicle. They are even supported by an awesome 5-year/60,000 mile Limited Warranty from the AMP Research company. Each Power Step package includes two side-steps, wiring, hardware, and an instruction manual.

The AMP Research Power Step features in a nutshell:

  • The Power Step is designed to extend outward and withdraw out of sight when doors are opened and closed
  • Boards protrude 10 to 12-inches for a comfy, natural feeling when stepping
  • The Power Step is produced from superior strength aluminum
  • Can withstand weights up to 600-pounds
  • AMP Power Step bars extend completely in as little as one second
  • Motors are weather resistant and hard-wearing
  • The Power Step works flawlessly in heat, snow, ice, and harsh weather conditions
  • Optional "Plug and Play” feature permits the device’s manageability from a distance via your vehicle’s OBD-II port
  • Generous warranty

If You Want The Best Power Steps On The Market, It’s A No-Brainer

Maybe at first, the price of the AMP Research Power Step seems a bit high; however, when you consider all the niceties that come with the unit, what it does, and how it can improve your driving and riding experience in your heavy-duty vehicle, the price is actually reasonable. After all, the goal of the Power Step is to make getting in-and-out of your vehicle easier without negotiating your vehicle’s clean look or ground clearance. If you are not concerned about any of these things, and you are not in the market for the best, quality, power steps you can find, then these steps are not for you. However, if you are in the market for the best, it’s a no-brainer. As one AMP Research Power Step satisfied reviewer stated, "These steps look awesome.” If you are in the market, go for the Power Step by AMP Research, you won’t regret it!