Amp Research Product's

For most truck owners and motorcycle enthusiasts, a vehicle is never complete without the added functionality of AMP Research products. These accessories maximize the use of the vehicle and answers most dilemmas faced by truck owners.

AMP Research

AMP Research is a renowned producer of high-quality truck and motorcycle accessories. The people behind this company are committed to providing functional and elegant innovation to suit the concerns of today's truck owners. AMP Research products have been attracting attention ever since the company came out with its first line of accessories more than twenty years ago. To date, their products are still a work in progress, continuously looking for simple answers to complicated vehicle-related questions.

AMP Research products reflect the company's philosophy that the most difficult problems have the simplest but elusive solutions. The company continues to look and develop innovations that would add functional convenience to trucks and motorcycles.

Bed x-tender

First released more than ten years ago, the bed x-tender works to automatically add two feet to your truck bed's length. It is still a work in progress; the recent developments include a QuickLatch feature that makes it easier to install and remove from all angles. This AMP Research products is made of high quality 6000 series aircraft aluminum which makes it durable and strong enough to work as a bench. With the bed x-tender, you'll be able to haul longer cargo such as motorcycles, ATV's and camping gear.

Bed step

The bed step is another innovation that allows for conveniently accessing your cargo from the back of the truck. This is one of the latest AMP Research products to hit the market this year. Its ribbed, Teflon coated platform can support up to 300 pounds of weight and is specifically designed to prevent slipping during the wet weather.

Power step

Another one of the AMP Research products that answers height issues is the power step. This is usually attached underneath the passenger doors to provide a running platform so kids and smaller people can easily climb into the vehicle. With this innovation, even vertically-challenged people can own and use a truck efficiently.

Power Clutch

AMP Research does not offer truck accessories alone. It has also introduced revolutionary motorcycle accessories such as the Power Clutch. This product eases the effort required to pull in a motorcycle's clutch lever by 50%. Its hardened gears rotate on sealed bearings and it's outer shell is made from high-quality aircraft aluminum.

Easy installation

The best thing about AMP Research products is that they're really easy to install. All it takes is twenty to thirty minutes of your time and some of the common tools that you must already have. They're purely bolt-on projects that can be assembled even by novice mechanics like the most of us.

These products are available in specific specialty shops and online truck accessory websites. Electric Step is a renowned online retailer of AMP Research products.