Amp Research Step

If you had an AMP Research step, getting up into and down out of your van or truck would be a whole lot easier. It's great to have a high profile truck, especially if you use it off road or on construction sites. AMP Research manufactures a range of wonderful truck accessories.

There is an AMP Research step for virtually every type of truck or van ever made. AMP PowerSteps™ are available for Dodge, Ford, Chevrolet, Cadillac, Jeep, Hummer, GMC and Nissan trucks. ElectricStep is proud to be an authorized in-stock dealer of the entire range of AMP Research step products. AMP PowerStep™ power running boards are a sensational product made right here in America. AMP running boards take the hard work out of climbing up into and down out of any high-profile truck, bus or van. All PowerStep™ power running boards are made from the highest quality aircraft aluminum, so you know they're built to last. An AMP Research step as attractive as it is useful. AMP Research truck steps add an element of safety and comfort to any truck. With a set of AMP Research truck steps, the steps stay out of the way until you need them. When not in active use, AMP Research truck steps are tucked away under the truck.

When you attach an AMP Research step to your high-profile vehicle, climbing up into and getting down is as easy as taking a step on your stairway at home. When AMP Research designed these running boards, measures were taken to make certain the steps deploy at the precise height for human ergonomic comfort. AMP Research power running boards allow kids, pets and passengers to climb up into the cab of your truck with ease. Of course, AMP Research steps and powered running boards also make it easier for you. Have questions about installing or using your new boards? Our number during west coast business hours is 323.276.2999.