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Amp Research Bed Extender, Getting more usable length from your pickup's cargo bed has always been the dream of the working class men and women who use their everyday trucks for recreation and work. The AMP Research Bed Extender and Parts are made of the highest aluminum material on the market. Its strength and durabilty has lasted over the years and continues to be the leader in automotive technology.

AMP Research

AMP Research Power Step brings the truck to you; making entry to the vehicle much easier physically for you as well as your passengers. With an average drop of 11-13" (depending on application, SUV's are generally less than a full size truck) getting into today's truck is a breeze with the Power Step running boards installed. Not only are they a functional product, but they are aesthetically pleasing as well, that is if you can see them. Depending on the application the step is all but invisible to the same person that will notice your static step bars hanging off the side of your truck, and the lower those get the less ground clearance you have when travelling off road on a camping trip, not to mention the mud and other debris encountered when driving off road. With the AMP Research Power Step you will not have to worry about any of the negative aspects of a static step bar.

While the AMP Research Power Step may deploy up to 13" down and out from the vehicle to provide an ergonomic and user friendly step height to enter and exit the vehicle, it retracts back up to the body of the vehicle which allows the vehicle to retain its designed ground clearance, also keeping the top of the steps much cleaner than static step bars. Certain applications (due to clearance under the truck) will not be seen at all until a door has been opened, other applications (due to clearance restrictions) will sit just outside the lower rocker panel of the truck giving it a clean smooth custom rocker panel look, and it hides all the spot welds and "Ugly" parts of the truck that do not need to be seen.

An often overlooked feature of the AMP Research Power Step is the fact that if you open a door to deploy the Power step (in about a second and a half) and keep your foot on the board as you close the door, you now have a handy "Built in" step stool on both sides of your vehicle, very handy for cleaning of the vehicle and Power step as well as loading items on roof racks. When you are done, just open the door to reset the Power step close the door and the step will retract in 2-3 seconds nice and tidy to the bottom of your vehicle.

The Power step also employs an "Anti-Pinch" feature built into the controller module. It allows you to keep the board deployed with the door(s) shut, but also prevents physical injury as well as damage to the step itself. When the controller "Senses" resistance whether deploying or retracting, it will cut the power to the Siemens or Bosch/CRH motor to prevent damage to persons or property. The Power step also includes four LED lights mounted at each linkage assembly for use at night and during inclement weather making the step visible for safe entry and exiting of the vehicle regardless of light or weather conditions.

Power Step Manufacturing

Power Step Manufacturing, AMP Research Power Step is made in Tustin California with 99% domestic materials and all American workers, the 1% Canada (BASF) and Germany (Bosch) AMP Research developed the first "automatic" deploying running board and have been improving it ever since then.

AMP Research Power step "Linkages" are all high purity aluminum treated with black anodize Mil Spec and a Teflon coating to seal against Mother Nature. Each Power step linkage pivots on precision ground 303 stainless steel bearing shafts that ride in Igus or Glacier Bearing proprietary bushings for low maintenance and durability in any weather conditions. Linkages are made vehicle specific not just a "one size fits all", so there are NO modifications to make when installing the Power step running boards.

AMP Research Power step "Board" is a single piece "Extruded Shape" with reinforcement ribs and a channel to accept the new optional Stainless Steel Strip to dress up the look of the board when retracted. Once the board has been extruded from 6063 aluminum it heads to the powder coat shop to have the textured black finish baked on to it at 400 + temperatures for durability and safety when using the Power step in day to day life. Each side can support up to 600lbs of weight, and the board itself is wider and flatter than any other side step on the market today.

AMP Research Power step "Wire Harness" is designed and built to be used in conjunction with the "Factory" wire harness already installed in the vehicle. Color coded wires coming from a nine pin plug make all your electrical connections, including the LED lights. The nine pin plug snaps into the "Controller" that is specially made for AMP Research, power is applied from the vehicle battery, and the door switches activate the Power step to deploy or retract automatically triggered by the opening or closing of the door.

The Power step Running Board by AMP Research comes with everything you need to install on your vehicle in an afternoon in the driveway with some pretty basic tools. No cutting, no welding, no guessing and very detailed instructions with pictures and everything. They even include "Helpful" installation tools where required, and use Posi Taps for connections so there is no need to splice and/or solder wires during the install, they are shock and weather proof and very easy to use. 100% made in America with domestic materials and a 5 Year Warranty on every single part of the Power step it really is the only choice when it comes to comfort, style, and durability when you are in the market for a solution to make the entry and exit of your vehicle a more pleasurable experience.