Amp Retractable Running Boards

Are you tired of banging your shins on your factory installed truck steps? Have them removed and install AMP retractable running boards in their place. PowerSteps are activated when you open your truck door. They present themselves at the perfect height and stow away when you're done with them.

If you drive a truck, you know how tough it is to get up into your seat through the front or side door. It is a hard enough task for someone in good shape with long legs, but what if you or your passenger is not so endowed? If you are overweight, disabled or you simply want to enjoy easier access to your driver side or passenger seat, we offer a fine solution: AMP retractable running boards. Do you have kids or dogs? Children and pets often experience problems getting in and out of trucks and vans because of their short legs. AMP retractable running boards make life easier for every person or pet who climbs up into or down out of your truck cab.

When you install AMP retractable running boards to your high-profile vehicle, climbing up into and getting down is as easy as going up or down a step on your stairway at home. When AMP Research designed retractable running boards, measures were taken to ensure the steps deploy at the perfect height for human comfort. AMP Research running boards allow kids, pets and passengers to climb up into your truck with ease. Of course, AMP Research steps and powered running boards make it easier for you, too. No special skills are required to install AMP steps. Order yours today, and you could be enjoying them by this time next week. Do you have questions about installing or using your new boards? Call ElectricStep at 323.276.2999 during west coast business hours.