Automatic Running Boards Steps

Heavy-duty trucks and bulky vehicles are tricky to get in and out of. Actually, it takes quite a bit of maneuvering to comfortably enter and exit vehicles that are a certain height off the ground. Without the proper assistance, accidents are likely to happen. If you are looking for a surefire way to get in and out of your SUV or truck, Automatic Running Boards Steps is the solution. The assurance and practicality granted by a quality pair of Automatic Running Boards should not be underestimated, they really do fill a void for SUV and truck owners.

Automatic Running Boards are the idea means for expediently getting in and out of a vehicle with high ground clearance. Not only that, Automatic Running Boards look sleek, modern, and sensible on your vehicle. They actually add value to a vehicle by making them more useful as well. Automatic Running Boards smoothly handles your daily needs for entering and exiting your vehicle without being an obstruction. Automatic Running Boards improves your vehicle’s overall functionality too.


The main reason why people buy Automatic Running Boards is to make it more secure, easier, and comfortable when getting in and out of their vehicle. No one who has purchased Automatic Running Boards has been disappointed. Automatic Running Boards are built to last. They keep their quality and appearance even after repeated use. A good solid pair of Automatic Running Boards will live up to their name.

Running boards immediately come into affect as soon as someone places their foot on them. Manufactured from anodized-steel parts and extruded-aluminum, Automatic Running Boards are unsurprisingly corrosion resistant and designed to resist the pressures of everyday usage. In fact, just the weatherproofing alone makes Automatic Running Boards a worthwhile investment. They function smoothly even under the harshest conditions.


The step functioning of Automatic Running Boards works thanks to a highlighted aluminum-extrusion that is easily capable of holding up to an astounding 600-lbs each side. The running boards design is wide and flat allowing for secure foot positioning. When the Automatic Running Boards are lowered, they protrude 10-12 inches, granting driver and passenger a safe step when entering and exiting the vehicle. Due to their non-slip textured surface, in snow, ice, rain, or any other weather conditions, the Automatic Running Boards will deploy flawlessly. Other features include:

  • An extension-arm that is sold individually is available to supply an additional two-inches of height for lifted-trucks.
  • Each Automatic Running Board comes with bright LED lights, allowing users to see in the darkest areas
  • Hides underneath your vehicle when doors are close for complete ground-clearance
  • Functions superbly with front and rear door usage
  • Each Automatic Running Board easily holds a minimum of 600-lbs each side and is tested for pliability against numerous weather conditions
  • Robust, cast aluminum-alloy arms allow Automatic Running Boards to lower up to six inches to a comfortable stepping position when a door opens and disappears beneath the vehicle when the door closes
  • Every Automatic Running Board comes with an adaptable light kit, encased fasteners to withstand corrosion, climate resistance, pinch-proof technology, and pressure sensitivity
  • Automatic Running Boards extend downwards when any door opens and retracts when the door is closed
  • An additional 6.25 inches of broad-step is generated with extruded-aluminum together with a fantastic hard-wearing powder finish that incorporates no-slip technology
  • Automatic Running Board kits consists of wiring harness and controller, weather resistant motors, two-steps, LED light and hardware


The exceptionably designed Automatic Running Boards lives up to what they are designed to do, which is making access easier for SUV and truck owners. Due to the quality weatherproofing, electrical components that help guarantee that Automatic Running Boards operate smoothly, and are not exposed or damaged because of rough weather conditions. These running boards are designed to perform flawlessly when carrying out their duty.

With a reliably built structure and supported by a 3-5 year warranty from the manufacturer, Automatic Running Boards will continue to do their job long after the warranty has run out. They are built for a lifetime; therefore, purchaser’s can take pleasure in receiving their money’s worth even though Automatic Running Boards are soft on the wallet.

Modern Automatic Running Boards are the best on the market today. Sleek designs with climate proof veneers, makes Automatic Running Boards a sure bet for those concerned about their budget because they are designed to operate uninterrupted and for many years to come. Anyone who owns a heavy-duty vehicle is really missing out if they don’t install Automatic Running Boards on, it just makes sense to have them. Besides, the automatic functioning of this type of running board keeps them out of place until needed, so they don’t take away from your vehicle’s design or value in the least!


Automatic Running Boards are made to fit most full-sized SUV models and trucks whether domestic or imported. Well-known vehicles that can use Automatic Running Boards include Nissan Titan, Chevy Avalanche, and GMC Sierra to name a few. Unquestionably, Automatic Running Boards are a ground-breaking accessory used and needed by the automotive industry.


The automotive industry has been revolutionized by Automatic Running Boards. It seems that a sensible automotive accessory like Automatic Running Boards would be automatically installed on every high-clearance vehicle! It seems impossible to own such a vehicle without the assistance of Automatic Running Boards. Their practicality and safety makes running boards a necessity for just these types of transportation.

Installing Automatic Running Boards on a vehicle should be an automatic thought when purchasing a truck or SUV. It should automatically come with the territory. The sophisticated design does not distract from a vehicle’s overall appearance so there is really no excuse not to have them. In fact, Automatic Running Boards should become mandatory!

If anything is worth investing in for vehicle safety and enhancement, it’s Automatic Running Boards. An automotive accessory investment for heavy-duty vehicles that is sensible as well is not easy to come by. Installing Automatic Running Boards is the cleverest thing any SUV or truck owner can do. Just think of installing Automatic Running Boards as a "step-up.” It’s an investment you will be glad you made.