Automatic Running Boards

SUVs and pickups are large, bulky vehicles. Trying to get into the driver’s seat can be a bit tricky. In fact, gymnastics comes to mind when trying to step-up into pickups and SUVs. This type of situation increases the possibility for you or your passengers to have an accident, like tripping or falling, when entering and exiting your vehicle. If you are searching for a remedy for getting in and out of your heavy-duty vehicle, Automatic Running Boards are the answer. The dependability and sensibleness afforded by a quality pair of Automatic Running Boards cannot be undervalued.


Completely powered and illumined, Automatic Running Boards withdraw underneath the underside of your vehicle and protrudes outward automatically when necessary. This helps to keep the Automatic Running Boards invisible when they are not being used, leaving your vehicle’s appearance in tact. In addition, Automatic Running Boards are entirely lit-up with a built-in LED light structure. This helps you to see where your feet are being placed regardless of how dark your surroundings are.

The advantage of having the LED lighting is something you will be thankful for. It not only enables you to see where you place your feet, it also allows you to see in dark areas; therefore, making your environment just that much safer. If Automatic Running Boards are a piece of automotive accessories you haven’t given much though to, it’s time to consider whether you are getting all you can out of your vehicle. Keep in mind that Automatic Running Boards are sleek and stylish looking, and will not interfere with your vehicle’s overall appearance.


Well-designed Automatic Running Boards can be found at various automotive retailers that sell trucks and SUVs. The design of Automatic Running Boards is simple. An electronic indicator from the vehicle’s door sensors alerts the running boards to protrude to a comfortable stepping-height in just a few seconds. Powered by an enclosed motor that can be fastened quickly underneath the vehicle, the Automatic Running Boards extends when any door, whether it’s the driver’s or passengers side, is opened.

Automatic Running Boards robotically obey the signal in place to make it work effectively. The running-boards instantly retracts when the door is closed to a compact concealed area in back of your vehicle OEM rocker-panels without relinquishing ground. Automatic Running Boards are full-length, and compatible with all doors, front and back, driver and passenger.


The Automatic Running Boards drop down up to 6-inches, which is considered a comfortable stepping height. Here are a few more features about the Automatic Running Boards that makes them so special:

  • All Automatic Running Boards come with vivid LED lights, giving you instant light when required
  • Protrudes downward automatically when any door is opened and retracts when any door is closed
  • Conceals beneath your vehicle when doors are shut for total ground-clearance
  • Operates well with front and backdoor manipulation, drivers and passengers
  • Automatic Running Boards kit includes two-steps, weatherproof motors, wiring harness with controller, and LED light-kit and hardware
  • 6.25 inches of additional broad step is produced with extruded aluminum along with an super durable powder-coat that includes a no-slip textured surface
  • Brawny, cast aluminum-alloy arms permit the Automatic Running Boards to come down up to six-inches to a easy stepping height when a door opens and withdraws back beneath your vehicle when any door closes
  • All Automatic Running Boards include integrated light-kit, covered fasteners to resist oxidization and a heavy-duty, weather resistant, pressure-sensitive, pinch-proof technology motor to guarantee security and functionality for many years
  • Each Automatic Running Board can maintain at least 600lbs per-side and tested for resistance against climate changes
  • Extension-arm, sold separately, is available to supply an extra two-inches of height for lifted trucks.


Automatic Running Boards are especially built to withstand various temperatures and harsh weather conditions like snow and mud. With quality weatherproofing, there is no need to be apprehensive about electrical-components becoming vulnerable and ultimately damaged due to abrasive weather conditions. Moreover, with a 600lb load-capacity per step, Automatic Running Boards are built to stay in place.

With a dependable structure and backed by a 3-5 year guarantee from the manufacturer, Automatic Running Boards are built from materials that last; therefore, you can be sure your running-boards won’t breakdown due to heavy usage, that’s what they are made for!

Today’s Automatic Running Boards are the best ever built. Sharp designs with climate proof finishes, makes the Automatic Running Board worth every cent of investment that you put into them. Their hardy functionality, sleek design, and ease of use makes Automatic Running Boards an appealing proposition for anyone who owns a heavy-duty vehicle and in need of easy entering and exit assistance from their truck or SUV.


Automatic Running Boards are non-stop mechanisms that are "good to go” after continued use. Quality materials such as extruded aluminum, make Automatic Running Boards a sure bet for an investment on your truck or SUV. In many ways, Automatic Running Boards are a must-have. They are the most practical thing for your vehicle outside of a roof!

The main purpose of Automatic Running Boards is to supply you with the ease you need to get in and out of your vehicle. Since this is a movement that definitely be performed, running boards are the only way to make it more comfortable. For example, stepping in and out of a high-clearance vehicle can affect your back and physical agility, running boards help you to lessen or completely avoid such situations. In fact, Automatic Running Boards can help to assuage such physical discomfort in a matter of seconds.

The automotive industry has never been the same since the introduction of Automatic Running Boards. It seems like such a sound piece of equipment should be automatically installed on high-clearance vehicles. There is simply no-way to operate a heavy-duty vehicle effectively without the assistance of Automatic Running Boards. Installing running boards on your vehicle should be just as natural a decision as putting one foot in front of the other when walking. The design is sleek, the look is modern, and they last a lifetime, what more do you need? Not very much!

Running boards are meant to assist passengers in entering and disembarking from highly elevated vehicles like trucks and SUVs. As the name implies, this car accessory is a panel that covers the whole length of a car's entrance and exit point. Also, running boards use a variety of technological advancements. One popular example of a technique applied to this product is automation - that is, Automatic running boards.

How Automatic Running Boards works

The automatic running board is a self-operating contraption attached under the car or near its lower body. You will never need a remote control or any other manipulating device to make automatic running boards function. Why? Because they have sensors integrated in the vehicle's factory doors. These tintors send out electric signals that the automatic running boards recognize. Once it is received, the boards will either retract or lower itself. When the door opens, the automatic running boards will extend itself to the ground. It will return to its folded state once you close the door.

Another convenient feature of automatic running boards is their one-time installation feature. Since the device does not need constant setting up and the boards do not need to be removed from the car, it saves your time and effort. With the benefits of automatic running boards, many manufacturers offer these items in their itinerary. And one of the popular choices is the AMP Research Power Step.

AMP it up

Also known as Powerstep, the aforementioned brand was conceptualized with groundbreaking research and technical capabilities. These automatic running boards draw their strength from the fact that they have been thoroughly tested based on human physical attributes. In their official site, the members of AMP Research explained the ergonomic approach that they have adopted especially when working on the Powerstep.

Specifically, they looked for subjects of varying age, heights, and weights to test the sturdiness and determine the most suited rise of their automatic running boards. Their work resulted to a running board that can resist up to 600 lbs. and an extended length of 10" to 12". Aware of the different weather conditions that any outside car accessory would undergo, the AMP Research team then subjected their automatic running boards to extreme temperatures: from +200°F to -40°F. Hence, consumers can be assured that the wear-and-tear that their Powerstep would inevitably endure will not put them in compromised situations because the contraption will just fall off or stop functioning completely.

When purchasing the Powerstep automatic running boards, remember that a three-year warranty package is already included, so you are protected against minor damages. However, the Powerstep Return Policy is very strict -you cannot return an unit that has been with you for more than 30 days, and if the unit is not anymore in its original packaging.